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JUICERS AUSTRALIATestimonials - reviews

What our customers are saying...
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Caveat: The following unsolicited testimonials, reviews, comments and feedback from customers and the general public, are simply
a glimpse at the communications in which we deal with on a daily basis, and are not necessarily the views of JUICERS AUSTRALIA.

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2018, August. Richard Edmunds, Cranbrook, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"Thanks for supplying such great juicers! [LifeSpring juicer] "

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2018, May. D. Landon, Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia.
"Thanks for the prompt reply and the two locations for details. They answer my question very and give a full picture of the juicer's [LifeSpring juicer] capabilities..."

Greenpower Juicer

2018, May. James H., Dunsborough, Western Australia.
"Hi team,
We purchased replacement parts form you for our Kempo GreenPower juicer [re GreenPower Juicer] (as email trail below).
We were so impressed with the service and quick delivery..."

Wonder Mill Grain Mill

2018, May. Elaine Symonds, Queensland, Australia..
"I bought a whisper mill [Wonder Mill Grain Mill] from you and am pleased with it. So I was wondering can you recommend a meat mincer hand operated?"

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What our customers are saying...
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Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, December. William W., Australia.
"have received the unit [Ionmax Ion330 Air Purifier] in a fairly quick time frame and have set up the unit and I am sleeping a lot better at night."
Zumex MultiFruit ZU2012 commercial juicer - review / testimonial

2017, November. Amanda Mcmillan, Wellington, New Zealand.
"Oh !!! Well would help if one reads the booklet !!! Ha. Ha. ��

All sorted and thank you very much for replying so fast.

Still haven't made a juice yet [Zumex MultiFruit ZU2012 commercial juicer]. May have a juice party instead :)

Thanks again!"

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2017, November. Toni Rutter, Tumbi Umbi, Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.
"Great product [LifeSpring juicer]"

Vita Juicer - review / testimonial

2017, October. Peter Teeth, Christchurch, New Zealand.
"awesome! my juicer [Vita Juicer] is the only appliance I would have a funeral for. thank you for all your help."

[JUICERS AUSTRALIA: in relation to a part enquiry.]

ReViber Plus Elite exercise vibration plate - review / testimonial

2017, October. Angus MacFarlane, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia..
"I bought the ReViber Plus Elite a few months ago.

My wife and I both use it and my wife loves it. Her upper thighs and bottom area have all became smaller and tighter and she has more strength overall.

I was enjoying using the ReViber Plus Elite for the first 1-2 weeks, but then my feet began to hurt immensely. I have serious fallen arches and have to wear inserts so that I can walk. Sadly I used the ReViber less as it was just too painful.

My wife encouraged me to get back on it and to place my feet closer together on the foot plate, and give the slim plate a chance. So I tried it again and it wasn't until today that my wife asked if I still get sore feet using the ReViber machine, when I realised that I am using the maximum settings and getting NO PAIN at all!

I have to admit that the ReViber Plus Elite really does work, even with semi invalids like myself. All I had to do was back off a bit and allow my muscles to build up with continual use, and after only a few months use my feet and legs are so much stronger.

It really works. Thank you."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, September. Jason G., Australia.
"Amazing worked better then expected [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier]
I keep my air filter in my room as I am a heavy smoker
Very easy to use and has everything you could want in it
The light on the top even turns from blue to green to red depending how toxic the air is very good for me when smoking it lets you know
I feel like a can take a deep clean breath of air"
Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, September. Graeme E, Australia.
"A useful little unit [Ion330 Air Purifier] that works well in both bedroom and car."
Vita Juicer - review / testimonial

2017, September. C. D, New South Wales, Australia.
"..I am taking the trouble to contact you because I value very highly this Juicer [Vita Juicer.] It is incredible . I am a disabled man with restricted mobility.

I would go as far to say that the Semak Juicer has kept me alive. It certainly has facilitated weight loss and helped me avoid becoming sick with cold & flu during Winter. I'd be lost without it...

..This machine means that much to me..."

Champion Juicer

2017, September. Fred Dolteny, Western Australia.
"Thanks for the promt delivery [Champion Juicer]

Really impressed with how well the juicer works. Love it! Thanks again."

Steel Kleen stainless steel cleaner

2017, September. Dennis Clark, Goodna, Queensland, Australia.
"..One tablespoon [Steel Kleen] and a few hours later just a little bit of stubborn scale in the bottom...."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, August. Ruth E., Australia.
"THank you for this - it seems to work well - but I had difficulty wit registration RE UV HEPA Air Purifer [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier]"
Coway JuicePresso Juicer parts

2017, August. Mia Rankin, Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia.
"Easy web site and realistic prices!,,, 😆 [Coway Juicepresso parts]"

Ionmax Ion Dehumidifier 2017, August. Andrea E.
"This is an efficient, quiet machine [Ionmax Ion610 Dehumidifier.] We love how it's drying out our home Happy"
Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, August. Glen H., Australia.
"The latest Ionman Breeze Ion 420 was for an elderly friend. However I bought my own around six months ago and I am very happy with it. I would like to see the filters reduce to a more affordable price as being retired and have to rely on my superannuation and money really doesn't grow on trees. Thanks. Glenn."
Amazing Alkaline Water Flask

2017, August. Mr Gabriel H, Fitzgibbon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"It's about the Amazing Alkaline Flask replacement parts. I'd be very unfortunate to throw away that amazing metal part. Can I send it to you so you instead and get a new filter for 10% off for example?"

Wonder Mill Grain Mill

2017, August. Phil Eglinton, Paraparaumu, Kapiti Coast, New Zealand.
"Wow! Great service,it's [Wonder Mill Grain Mill] arrived already.

Thanks, Phil."

Steel Kleen stainless steel cleaner

2017, August. Coral Paterson, Allambie Heights, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thank you..

...New Steel Kleen arrived and works as usual."

Ionmax Ion Dehumidifier

2017, July. Donna M.
"Easy to order and product [Ionmax Ion610 Dehumidifier] arrived very quickly - thank you. The product will be a gift so it hasn't been used yet. Happy to do further review once I have some feedback - sure it will be great!"

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2017, July. Robyn Downing, Adelaide, Australia.
"I bought a Lex Sun Elite Mk2 juicer 4 years ago. I use it a lot, the juices taste delicious and refreshing and the machine runs well.

Unfortunately I unknowingly threw the juicing nozzle out in the compost! Please can I purchase one new juicing nozzle. If you could let me know the price and they best way to place an order that would be fantastic thanks.

Have there been any upgrades to the Auger or the Mincing Cone since 2013 that would be good for me to consider ordering at the same time?"

Samson Juicer upgrade to LexSun Juicer

2017, July. Anita Chan, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.
"Thank you for your prompt reply. Your first suggestion to put a bit a pressure or vegetable oil to fit my original Auger into the new Drum [Samson Partial Upgrade Kit] worked and now I have a workable juicer! I have already juiced this morning & it was great to see it working so silently & smoothly.

Thanking you again."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, July. Katherine L., Australia.
"The air is noticeably fresher since using the Ionmax Breeze." [Ionmax Breeze Ion420 Air Purifier]
Wonder Mill Grain Mill

2017, July. A. Duhan, Ashfield, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thanks Anne, you guys are best at customer service!!! [Wonder Mill Grain Mill]

Kudos on you."

LexSun / Samson Juicer

2017, July. Lois Gray, Albany, Western Australia.
"Hi there thank you for prompt response to my order..

...My trusty juicer [LexSun / Samson 6 in 1] has been very faithful over these past years and delighted to be able to replace cap with thanks."

Ionmax Ion Dehumidifier

2017, June. Evaluna.
" Wow!

Man, I only have the dehumidifier [Ionmax Ion610 Dehumidifier] since last Thursday 15 turned it on 1 hour later the entire internal environment changed for ever! this amazing thingy works wonders! I recommended to all my friends and patients! Thank you ;)"

Genie High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller

2017, June. Anonymous, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Thank you for your phone call this morning. I really appreciate all your time and personal attention to my request, along with all your e-mails etc.

In writing this, I wish to explain one thing. I got used to really poor customer support and service from many service providers / sellers and in turn, I got used to approach support requests with a lot of scepticism, anger and aggression.

I certainly apologise if my email came off as extremely aggressive, but again, thank you so much for your phone calls, patience and assistance in explaining the matter more clearly each time I contact you.

Even though I never read the Important Tips as I should have done, which further lead to my aggression, I am happy to say it was a really nice surprise to get immediate response from your staff and willingness to support me.

I did as you suggested and plugged the water distiller [Genie High Speed Mk3 White Countertop] in without water, and sure enough, after about 2 minutes it turned itself off as you said it would... leaving a bit of a nasty smell, but I guess that is to be expected. After several minutes of cooling down, I poured in tap water and then realised that there was a few minutes delay before the water distiller could be started again due to thermal protection etc. I'm back at work now, so when I get back home I will continue with the cleaning cycle as per the Important Tips / Instructions, which I should have followed in the first place to save causing all this stress for everyone.

Thanks again for your your time and assistance. All the best!"

Ionmax Ion Dehumidifier

2017, June. Freda.
Couldn't believe how much moisture is coming out of the air . Our old semi really benefits from having this running [Ionmax ION Dehumidifier]"

Ionmax Ion Dehumidifier

2017, June. Dianne S.
"Quick delivery, just before the rain came! [Ionmax ION Dehumidifier]"

Ionmax Ion612 Dehumidifier

2017, June. Cindy L.
"Excellent little machine!
We have really bad condensation problems in our ensuite which the ceiling fan can't do much for. So we bought the Ionmax [Ionmax ION612 Dehumidifier] after doing a bit of research into which dehumidifier would be best. We're not disappointed!
The amount of water left in the bottom of the machine after enjoying a long hot shower is amazing. Our walls are still wet after our shower, but by leaving the machine on for a while everything is lovely and dry. I no longer have to worry about mould forming anywhere. Can highly recommend."

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2017, June. Mr Mal Clark, Queensland, Australia.
"..Thanks for your help [Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 SS Countertop] on our phone call today.........Mal"

Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

2017, June. Mr Peter Staples, Otaki, Wellington, New Zealand.
"Thank you for all your efforts, the uninsured postage is fine thank you.... and yes, only 1 connector as I have a pair but one is slightly cracked so needs replacing [Divine 16L Water Distiller parts.]

Thanks again for your great communication and assistance. :)"

Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

2017, June. Leonard Anderson, Clontarf, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you your fast service is so nice. [Divine 16L Water Distiller parts] May God bless you all there.


Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller 2017, May. Rene Marzinger, Bella Vista, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Good morning JUICERS

Receive package [Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 SS Countertop] 5 minutes ago, Thank you...

..Thank you for your valuable contribution and information. Your time and effort is very appreciated! :)"

Divine HS Mk3 White Countertop

2017, May. Loris Ashton, Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you.. for all your help and thoughtfullness. You have proved to us that you run a reputable company and we will recommend JUICERS AUSTRALIA to all our friends. We were wondering if you do repairs on water distillers. Our older Divine [Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop Distiller] made a sissing noise and then it stopped. We drink a lot of water and could use 2 of them. Looking forward to hearing from you. May God richly bless you. Thanks again."

Ionmax Ion632 Dehumidifier

2017, May. Ivone Tan.
"Great Used at home to dry laundry + remove moisture from laundry room while the dryer is on
This dehumidifier works harder then my vacuum cleaner at home. I run it everyday to help dry my clothes and remove moisture at my laundry room while the dryer is on.
Interestingly, this unit helps with removing smell. Must be the negative ion. I love it. I use the big unit the IONMAX ION632 to dry my bathroom."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2017, May. Allison E., Australia.
"Really good." [Ionmax Breeze Ion420 Air Purifier]
Ionmax Ion632 Dehumidifier

2017, May. Ivone Tan.
"Excellent for Bathroom
Ionmax ION632 is awesome for my bathroom.
I leave it on timer for 2 hours after shower. It dries up the bathroom quickly + the towel :)
Amazing how much water it can collect.
Can't live without now!"

Ionmax Ion632 Dehumidifier

2017, May. Rosemary W.
"The product [Ionmax Ion632 Dehumidifier] is working just fine. Appreciation for responding to my request for advice when product was back in stock. Purchase and delivery pretty quick. Aust Post do not give much notice of actual delivery i.e. 6am that morning for delivery that day. More notice of actual delivery day and time would be better for consumers, when product delivery requires signature."

Steel Kleen stainless steel cleaner - Charcoal

2017, May. Rhita Taylor, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hi thank you for that, it's so nice to deal with a company that has integrity [Steel Kleen and Charcoal.]"

Divine HS Mk3 White Countertop

2017, May. Loris Ashton, Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia.
"We had one before and wanted the same brand again. [Divine High Speed Mk3 White Countertop]"

Ionmax Air Purifier

2017, April. Michelle M., Australia.
"I received my purifier [Ionmax Breeze Ion420 Air Purifier] today and it is amazing! It looks so stylish and the filters are already collecting a noticeable amount of fluff and fur. . (Cats live with me!). It's obviously working as I can already see what its collected after 5 hours of running it on high. The quiet mode is very quiet which is great for sleeping. The buttons on the front are very easy to use and I love the effectiveness of it!

I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants cleaner air and easier breathing!"

Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

2017, April. C. H., Cottesloe, Western Australia.
"We have had the 16L distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] for around 10 years and are very happy with it. ..."

Samson Juicer

2017, April. Mrs Anthea Kalajzich, Geraldton, Western Australia.
"I use my juicer [samson 6 in 1] a great deal and I like it."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2017, March. P. Williams, Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia.

Am glad to have experienced how my LifeSpring juicer really works. It's totally different to juicers I've used before.

'Solid' juice and dry pulp. Plus no engine noise only the auger chewing the carrots and apples.

I'm grateful for my purchase. It's very fine in it's design and mechanisms and produces top quality juice to drink.

Thank you for your earlier help and advice."

Ionmax Air Purifier

2017, March. Rachael, Australia.
"Awesome product!

Our family loves this product [Ionmax Breeze Ion420 Air Purifier] and we have used it everyday since we received it 1 month ago. We live in an apartment in a densely populated area with cigarette smoking neighbors and family members with dust allergies. This product purifies the air quickly and efficiently to allow us to breathe easily and feel refreshed. We highly recommend this product as it has improved our apartment living situation tremendously."

ReViber Plus Swift exercise vibration plate - review / testimonial

2017, March. N. Ross, Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand.
"Thanks for the quick delivery.

Must admit that the ReViber Plus Swift is actually much more effective than I thought. Like I thought it would be quite good; but the vibration plate is actually soooo much better than I could have imagined.

Easy set up, fun to use. I use it while I'm watching TV and I am losing weight and gaining muscles again. It's really incredible!

I can feel it working because it creates various itches in various places on my body, but in a nice way.

I have flat feet / fallen arches, and it really hurt my feet for the first few turns on the machine - which had me worried; but after only a few weeks of use, my feet and legs are much stronger and it does not hurt anymore!

The various programmes are great to try out too. Amazing machine, absolutely amazing! The music that comes with it is good too. Thanks again.

Oh, and you are also most welcome to use my review if you want, but no personal details please."

Ionmax Ion632 Dehumidifier

2017, March. Veronica T.
"I am very happy with the performance of the dehumidifier [Ionmax Ion632 Dehumidifier], but for me the noise is a real problem as I need to have it turned on frequently."

Vita Juice Juicer - review / testimonial

2017, March. Martin L., St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.
"Great service, and it arrived quickly - thanks.

The juicer [Vita Juice Juicer] is a bit better than i imagined it to be and is easy to set up and operate and easy to clean too - phew!

It has a tough / strong feeling about it, which I really like.

The Koreans really do know how to make good products!

Thanks again."

Genie Deluxe High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller

2017, March. Mr Ken P., East Cannington, Western Australia.
"Dear Service Department,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I must admit that I have heard so many people complain about service problems when a particular item was purchased through a Net site. Obviously, good prices and convenient availability are not exclusive reasons in the minds of people for purchasing goods from on-line sources, especially when break down or warranty issue may occur. Often times on-line purchase seems to be the only way to even obtain an item, which seems to be the case with water distillers.

So far, I wish to congratulate you on proving the myths about on-line purchase to be false simply by the rapid response to my on-line report to you about the electrical problem with the water distiller [Genie Deluxe Mk3 Countertop] I purchased through your on-line sales.

I will follow your advice and make contact with the Warranty/Service Department by phone.

Sincerely yours,

Ken P."

Angel Juicer

2017, February. Mr David Fitzgerald, West Busselton, Western Australia.
"Love my juicer" [Angel Juicer]

Samson Juicer

2017, February. Irene Baerken, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
"Hi. Received parts for Samson 6 in 1 today. Thank you. Don't know what the average lifespan of the 6 in 1 is, but I bought mine in 2002 and its still going strong."

Samson Juicer

2017, January. Celia Bolton, Grovedale, Victoria, Australia.
"Thanks for keeping this part available [Samson Juicer parts.]

This Samson 6 in one is so fantastic, still going strong after 13 years. We have made so much with it over the years."

Divine 30L automatic Water Distiller

2017, January. Mr Michael Gardner, Glass House Mountains, Queensland, Australia.
"I bought the 30 litre Divine water distiller from yous about 2.5 years ago. We love it. ANYWAY we are moving to canada, would like to know were i can get parts for it, as i want to change the moter over to a 110V. Please any help would be good

[JUICERS AUSTRALIA: The easiest solution would be to use a 2000 watt voltage converter: http://www.voltageconverters.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=VC2000W.]

Vita Juice Juicer - review / testimonial

2017, January. Cassandra Gray, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"I'm extremely happy with the Vita Juice Juicer that I purchased from you last year.

It's better than most cold press juicers that I have owned and I particularly love how easily the Vita Juicer juices soft fruits such as pineapple, which most other juicers struggle with.

Its easy to use, easy to clean and strong. My parents want one now too!

You sell great products. Thanks again!"

LexSun Juicer parts

2017, January. Betty Flaherty. Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
"Thank you for your quick reply [LexSun Juicer parts]
We have always found Juicers Australia's service and responds at a very high standard.
Again thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all the staff.

Kind regards
Betty Flaherty"

What our customers are saying...
Click here to share your testimony / product review

Ezy Kleen Stain Remover

2016, December. Dez Williams, Anna Bay, New South Wales, Australia
"Thank you,
Yes it is an amazing cleaning product [Ezy Kleen Stain Remover] and I use it often.

LexSun Juicer

2016, December. Danielle Velterop, Perth, Western Australia.
"I bought a LexSun Juicer a few years ago, it's great and makes lovely juice!"

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, December. Mr James Maxwell, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Australia.
"Loving the distiller [Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 SS Countertop] Cindy, hope you have a nice xmas, kind regards james."

Lexen Juicer

2016, December. Mr William Osmand, Sylvania, NSW, Australia.
"We have had our Lexen Juicer for approx 5 years. One of the best purchases we have made.

Thank you."

ReViber Plus Elite exercise vibration plate - review / testimonial

2016, December. Marina M, Townsville, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,

I recently purchased the ReViber Plus Elite from your website. This reviber really works, and in just a short few weeks it is already doing exactly what it said that it will do for me.

I have been soldiering on with a lower back injury from an accident, and being unable to exercise like I once did and I really felt that I needed something that would really give my body exercise and a good cardio type work out without the impact and pressure on my back.

I had seen these type of machines on TV and wondered if they really do work. I had even searched the internet and some chiropractors were saying about these Revibers and how they force the body's core muscles to come into balance. They also say that it help you achieve 97% results by activating muscle fibre tone with only 3% effort, that incorporates all three muscle types (slow twitch, fast twitch and super fast twitch.) Wow. I have been astounded at how quickly it tightened my muscles in my legs, hips and waist, and burn calories as if you were running some sort of long distance marathon run. I really liked the idea of only 3% effort to do all this stuff.

They also said that the revivers burns up the stress hormone cortisol and elevates your natural youth growth hormone. I like the idea of looking more youthful, especially after suffering from this back injury.

I had give it a lot of thought about using a treadmill, but when I read that this type of treadmill exercise mostly activates the slow twitch muscles and I like the science behind all three muscle types being activated at once. A three activation in one exercise sounded perfect to me and I really think that this stuff that scientists are telling us is true, to exercise on the Reviber is only 3% effort and 97% gain in muscle tone and calorie burn and I can even watch TV at the same time!

Well thank you Juicers Australia, I really love my ReViber and I now really, really love exercising."

LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer

2016, November. Mrs Glenda Cullen, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you, love this juicer [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer]"

LexSun Juicer parts

2016, October. Eka Chink Prayogo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia.
"Hi, i'd like to inform you, my order [LexSun Juicer parts] has arrived. Thanks JuicerAustralia"

LexSun Juicer parts

2016, October. Mr Hammond Ross Faggotter, South Australia.
"I overloaded it trying to juice Collard Green stems. It "blew" the cap off with a "bang" !! Otherwise, a fantastic machine !! [LexSun Juicer parts]"

Greenpower Juicer

2016, October. Ann Schurman, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.
"Oh - Thank you so much, and for the amazing speed of the reply AND the helpfulness [re GreenPower Juicer]"

LexSun Juicer parts

2016, October. Uwe Montree, Bangkok, Thailand.

order received in perfect condition. Just FYI. [LexSun Juicer parts]

And I wanted to let you know: I am using this Lexsun juicer heavily since so many years; almost every day. It's such a great machine. Love it.

Kind regards,


Vita Juice Juicer - review / testimonial

2016, October. W. Wallace, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia.
"I've got to say that the Vita Juice Juicer really is a great juicer!

I was looking for a cold press juicer that was robust, easy to set up and easy to use - and I have found it! It feels quite powerful and chomps up the carrots, ginger and everything else I throw at it with ease; turning it all into a rich, awesome tasting juice.

It [ Vita Juice Juicer] is very quiet and my wife likes the juicer too!

Even though our kitchen is very small, as the vertical juicer has a small footprint, my wife lets the Vita Juice Juicer stay on the kitchen bench permanently.

Thanks again for a really top product!"

LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 / Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0

2016, October. Alan O'Brien, New Zealand.
"I have owned one of your blenders [LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0] at least 3 years great time..."

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, October. Ms Francesca Mays, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"Looking forward to receiving the water distiller [Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 SS Countertop] and drinking pure water."

Divine HS Mk3 White Countertop

2016, September. Carmel Canfield, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
"..P.S. I can't wait to get back and use the distiller; exciting! [Divine High Speed Mk3 White Countertop]"

Steel Kleen stainless steel cleaner

2016, September. Mai Brown, Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia.
"very happy with my purchase [Steel Kleen.]"

Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop water distiller

2016, September. Ms Mary Szoredi, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"To Juicers Australia,

I would like to thank you for giving me some advice on the 25 May 2016 about my water distiller [Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop Distiller] and why it was leaking. My problem was that when I changed the water filter I obviously did not align the cup back into the right position, but since I followed the correct instructions, I haven't had any trouble since.

I am not sure now with another issue of how I can solve this other problem. How do you clean the dust out of the top part just under the fan (around the grill which I can see through) of the water distiller.

Otherwise everything else is going well and I'm very happy with my unit.

Thanking you for your help and advice."

LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 / Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0

2016, September. Melanie-Jane Keyte, Katanning, Western Australia.
"Great blender!!I received my Lexsun 2ltr blender [LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0] last week..."

Wonder Mill Grain Mill

2016, September. Steve Solomon, Exeter, Tasmania, Australia.
"Thank you soooo much. Excellent service. [Wonder Mill Grain Mill]"

Genie Deluxe High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller

2016, September. Bill de Steiger, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia.
"..PS.  It is the beautiful water [Genie Deluxe Mk3 Countertop] that we are enjoying, not the weather!"

Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

2016, August. Mr Paul Larsen, Cooroy, Queensland, Australia.
".. I did receive the destiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] in good order & it is working beautifully.

Thank you kindly,-"

Genie Deluxe High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller

2016, August. Mr Reg Ramm, Rockhampton City, Queensland, Australia.
"I purchased A water Distiller [Genie Deluxe Mk3 Countertop] many months ago. I'm very happy with it and I will be buying a lot more in the future. thank you."

LexSun Juicer parts

2016, July. Loretta Hundy, North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thanks... EnZed!! [LexSun Juicer parts]

Love you guys and gals!"

Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop water distiller

2016, July. Jeany Croft, Wardell, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi Guys.
Well I have had lots of wonderful use of my water distilled [Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop Distiller]
Sadly I recently accidentally broke the glass receiving container.
Would you be so kind as to tell me how much another container us please.
Thank you.
Sincerely, Jeany Croft.

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, July. Sharon Patten, Mundingburra, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"I have had a S/S Divine Mk 2 [Divine Ultra HS Mk2SS Countertop] for couple years. Love it."

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, July. Mrs Janine Clark, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia.
"I purchased my Divine Ultra HS distiller about 7 months ago. I absolutely love it. If everyone could see the scum & yuk that is left behind inside the distiller after each process is done, you would never drink tap or even bottle water again. I tried putting purified water in the distiller and there was still scum left behind. Scary stuff.

I have osteoarthritis in my knees and had a lot of fluid around the knee which made them extremely painful, it was difficult to bend my legs. Since drinking the water all the fluid and pain has gone. I can walk up steps with ease now instead of one at a time. My daughters achne has totally cleared up as well. A big thank you to JUICERS AUSTRALIA for humbly answering my countless questions. Anyone considering getting a distiller. Don't hesitate. Best investment ever for you and your family."

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2016, June. Mr Geoff Perston, Yarram, Victoria, Australia.
"Have just used my Lexen Juicer Mk3 for the first time, and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with its performance, and particularly with its surprisingly economical cost when compared to electric juicers. Its ease of assembly/disassembly, and simply a rinse under running water to clean all parts makes it a pleasure to use, and avoids wasting time brushing out/washing intricate electric blender parts such as microscreens etc. Highly recommended 9.5/10. —Geoff."

Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

2016, June. The Upton Family, Peterborough, South Australia.
"Thank you We brought the automatic 16 litre Divine distiller last year.

We all love it, it is big enough for the six of us and only costs the equivalent of running a dishwasher. (annual ave use) our skin is clearer, we feel less thirsty and I'm sure our liver, kidneys, and other organs are thankful we made the swap!!! Thank again."

LexSun Standard Mk1 Juicer

2016, May. Doug France, Mapleton, Australia.
"..Purchased [LexSun Standard Mk1 Juicer] ex-bris in aprox 09-10 & this being the first part it's needed, we can only express extreme satisfaction...

LexSun Mk1 Juicer

2016, May. Charlie and Simone Williams, Seaford, Victoria, Australia.
"We've had our LexSun Juicer Model No. DO-9001 [LexSun Mk1 Juicer] since May 2007. My husband uses this juicer nearly every day. He has consistently juiced for over 20 years. He is very thankful to have a good reliable juicer. Over the years we have continued to buy the parts as they wear out. So thank you for your service."

Amazing Alkaline Water Flask

2016, May. Michele T, Queensland, Australia.
"Received my water ioniser flask yesterday [Amazing Alkaline Water Flask.] Easy to use!

But I have a few questions:

> Do we have to drink all the 300ml straight away, or can we take all the time we want, because the water poured in a glass will not loose it alkalinity?
> Is it also what is called micro-clusterd water?
> Is the lid necessary during the process at all ?

That's all for now! :-))))

Best regards.

Genie Deluxe High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller

2016, April. Mrs Judi Bosel, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
"Our daughter and son both have these machines [Genie Deluxe Mk3 Countertop] and it will b cheaper than buying the Alkafill water we currently buy."

LexSun Juicer parts

2016, April. Mr Thomas Kovacs, Samford, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi there,

Payment was made via Paypal just now

thank you for sending [LexSun Juicer parts] as soon as possible please (my family is missing out on the great benefits of juicing) :)



Samson Juicer - LexSun Upgrade Kit 2016, April. Tracey, QLD, Australia.
"Thanks Juicers Australia,

I have just ordered my upgrade [Lexsun Mk1 Upgrade Kit] from the older style Samson juicer to the upgrade the LexSun Mk1.

I would recommend this juicer to anyone new to juicing right up to the everyday seven day a week juicer. The new juicers are just called a different name that's all. Well worth the small investment in your health. Extremely happy with the customer service.

Kind Regards,

Tracey Queensland."

Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop water distiller

2016, March. Janette Merrett, Ellalong, NSW, Australia.
"Hi there, I bought a Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop Distiller off you back in 2013 I think and I love it..."

Samson Juicer - LexSun Upgrade Kit

2016, March. Tracey Slotosch, Emu Park, Queensland, Australia.
"have used this company before. very prompt service - [Lexsun Mk1 Upgrade Kit.]"

Samson Juicer - LexSun Upgrade Kit

2016, March. Betty Hedgecoe, Hawker, ACT, Australia.
"I've finally worked out how to fix my juicer [old Samson Juicer] re Mk2 upgrade [Lexsun Mk2 Upgrade Kit.]
I didn't realize that I needed to replace the locking collar - but now is all fine.
I've used it and it works perfectly. The collar is a little bit stiff but, no doubt, will loosen up with use.
Thank you for your kind attention."

Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop water distiller

2016, March. Catherine Hannah, Carina, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"My son has one [Divine Ultra Mk1 Water Distiller] and said best thing he's ever bought"

Ionmax Air Purifier 2016, February. Bryan H., Australia.
"I have just purchased an Ion390 [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier]... and even on the first night after running the filter for four hours had one of my best night sleeps in a long time. Thanks."
Divine 16L Automatic Water Distiller

2016, February. Mrs Cheryl Bawhey, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Thank you for the advice [tracking details] – that's so useful!

Many thanks, looking forward to receiving our unit [Divine 16L Water Distiller.] "

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, February. Vicki Woodward, Nanango, Queensland, Australia.
"Thankyou, we are so happy with the Divine Ultra Mk2 Distiller.

We have concrete tanks here and it has made such a difference to the water quality..."

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, February. Anne-Marie Abell, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi There, I purchased a water distiller [Divine Ultra HS Mk2SS Countertop] off you about a month ago and I am loving it.

I need to know how often I should be running the clean cycle through it. Also how often should I be changing the coal stuff in the filter. Can you please advise??? Thanks :-)"

Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe - manual grain mill

2016, February. Mrs Mary Werner, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank You. My order [Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe] has just been delivered. What a fast delivery.

Thank You. Mary."

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, February. Mrs Janine Clark, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia.
After my last email concerning my water smelling and wasting 2 of my carbon filter bags, I started from the beginning by putting 2 cycles through the distiller [Divine Ultra HS Mk2SS Countertop] and using part of the second cycle to rinse the carbon filter which I did not do previously. It did not say that in my directions. Thank you so much for your advice.

Now for more good news, I have lost 5 kilos in 21 days. Unbelievable! Especially for me who could not stop eating, and my sugar cravings were out of control. Food was controlling my life. I am following the guidelines from a doctor from an Internet site who says to go through a curing (cleansing/detox) with distilled water, which is 2 glasses of distilled water on waking. 2 cups before breakfast. 2 cups mid morning. 2 cups before lunch. 2 cups afternoon. 2 cups before dinner and 2 glasses before bed. Long enough before so your not trekking to the toilet all night. This water is a God sent. Literally. It's taken my sugar craving away and my always hungry mind and stomach. I've been trying to lose weight for years. This is Mindblowing for me. And get this. I have done no exercise. I have osteoarthritis in my knees and hardly any cartridge in one. I can't walk or do a lot. This water has taken the inflammation from my knees and the pain has eased greatly. I just finished mowing my lawn with no pain. MIRACLE!! Usually I'm nearly in tears after mowing. My 15 year old daughter has lost weight and her bad acne that was on her face and back is gone, so she's ex tactic too! I'm so so happy. I got one for my older daughter and she loves it. My parents got one too after they saw the changes in me and they love it. The first 2 detoxing weeks weren't enjoyable with bad headaches, body aches and nausea but I kept pushing through and now I'm out the other side. The detox goes for 5 weeks and I'm at the end of my third week so I'll update you then. I'm hoping to lose another 20-30 kilos. YAY!! Obviously I'm not expecting to lose all that in 2 more weeks but that is my goal.

Thank you so much
Blessings to you all
Janine Clark."

Divine HS Mk3 White Countertop

2016, February. Mr N. Ross, Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
"Very impressed with my old Divine Standard Mk2 Countertop; but I like my new Divine HS Mk3 White Countertop much better!

The little improvements like 'smart cycle', faster distilling etc are great. Easy to use and looks great!

Good to be drinking water without Government sanctioned poisons in it!"

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, February. John, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,

I recently purchased a Divine Ultra HS Mk2SS Countertop and the water tastes great...

..I definitely underestimated how 'hard' or dirty my water actually was. I live in Brisbane and after the first two cycles to clean the unit through there was a large amount of scaling already - I was a bit shocked.

Thank you again for your time and information it was very helpful."

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2016, January. Mrs Janine Clark, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,
I received my distiller and absolutely love it [Divine Ultra HS Mk2 SS Water Distiller.] My dad just tolded me it might be good to put the water through a filter before I put it in my distiller. He thought it might prolong the life of the distiller. What are your thoughts on it
Thank you"

LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 / Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0

2016, January. Mrs Camille Morling, Patea, South Taranaki, New Zealand.
"Hi Guys,

Received my blender today [LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0], and it is SO GOOD!!!  just loving it to bits...

.. Thanks :)


LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 / Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0

2016, January. Mrs Camille Morling, Patea, South Taranaki, New Zealand.
"Thank you so much; my other blender is on the blink, and Im so happy to find one of these [LexSun Professional Blender 2.0 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0] at a great price :)"

Wonder Mill - excellent domestic grain mill

2016, January. Jeanne de Sales, Caper Burney, Western Australia.
"Just to let you know the mill [Wonder Mill Grain Mill] arrived well packed good condition and has been used already to bake my first loaf of bread!

Thank you for your prompt delivery...

Jeanne de Sales"

Wonder Mill - excellent domestic grain mill

2016, January. Jeanne de Sales, Caper Burney, Western Australia..
"Thank you for a prompt dispatch...have read the information provided and thank you...I watched a demo [Wonder Mill Grain Mill] before ordering it and I remember them saying turn on before adding grain! this reminded me yet again..thank you..
Cheers, Jeanne de Sales..

LexSun Professional Blender 1.5 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 1.5

2016, January. Lisa Pope, Kurralta Park, South Australia.
"Hi, purchased my blender [LexSun Professional Blender 1.5 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 1.5] in Nov 2014 and have loved using it almost daily..."

Divine 30L automatic Water Distiller

2016, January. Cazzie Pitsis, Mullaway, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi there
I purchased a 30 litre water distiller [Divine 30L automatic water distiller] from you 2 years ago and I love it and so do my grown children.
I am interested in purchasing a 30litre and 48litre water distiller for my children...

What our customers are saying...
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Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop water distiller

2015, December. Mr Mark Patton, Sawtell, NSW, Australia.
"im enjoying the water thanks." - [Divine Ultra Mk1 Water Distiller]

Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop water distiller

2015, December. Mrs Mary Szoredi, Park Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"It's good to have clean drinking water. [Divine Ultra Mk1 Water Distiller]

Thanking you."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2015, December. Mr Brett Wingrove, Perth, Western Australia.
"Sorry false alarm, Checked it myself and found that someone (who shall remain nameless) but looks a lot like my wife, turned the water off.

As a side note, we love our water distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] and it appears everything is working fine.

Your quick reply was amazing, thanks again, Cheers."

Divine 30L Automatic and Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop Water Distillers

2015, November. Mr Stuart Crick, Woongarrah, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Guys,

Awesome, super fast, ridiculous service, that arrived on a Saturday, totally unexpected. [Divine 30L automatic water distiller]


With the install of the PRE-carbon attached filter, it doesn't say exactly in the guide, but do I just cut a length of the supplied food grade hose say (4-6 inches) and make a connection to the Water Inlet Hole from the base of the filter.

Also I noticed in some videos/pics people had a hose from the Residue Drain Valve to employ the water out, I didn't notice one of these in the box, does it come with one? if not what would be the exact specs of this hose from a size and temperature point of view? I guess the local hardware store would have it if you don't sell them?

Had the countertop [Divine Ultra Mk1 Water Distiller] for almost 4 years, loving it, so looking forward to cranking this one up.


Ezy Kleen Stain Remover

2015, November. Robyn Freeman, Cooran, Queensland, Australia.
"I have the stainless steel Angel Juicer which makes great juice, but it was so hard to clean!

I spent ages poking a pin through the holes to clean the really small holes out, as the juice was backing up the chute and making a mess!

Then I came across your Ezy Kleen Stain Remover. Wow, it is incredible! I just soak the screen overnight in Ezy Kleen and water and in the morning it is like a brand new Juicing Screen and juices like a new juicer again!

What a marvelous product! Just wish i came across it earlier."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2015, November. Mrs Karen Buys, Yarram, Victoria, Australia.
"Firstly thank you so much for your prompt service.

I received my new juicer [LifeSpring Juicer] and have already been making lots of healthy juices for my family and I. Very impressed with quietness and easy clean up - just what I wanted :)

I feel rather silly but I can't seem to find out how to access the recipe e-book - as I gather that must be the one with instructions for Tofu frame and more delicious recipes!! Thank you."


It is a great juicer, I agree.

I have attached the recipe e-book for your convenience.

Happy juicing!

Kind regards,


Divine Standard Mk2 Countertop

2015, November. Mr John Johnson, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you.

I feel by now that the unit [Divine Standard Mk2 Countertop] is over 5 years old and has given excellent service."

Ezy Kleen Stain Remover

2015, November. Constant Chiew, Singapore.
"Thanks Anne for the excellent sales service. The Ezy Kleen came in today.

Much appreciated."

Greenpower Kempo Juicer

2015, October. Mr Damon Morris, Maylands, Perth, Western Australia.
"I went and picked up my juicer [GreenPower Kempo] after work. Thank you for sorting that out and I am looking forward to using it."

Wonder Mill - excellent domestic grain mill

2015, October. Norma Lewitzka, Glengowrie, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hi there

My WonderMill arrived today and I have given it a maiden run all went perfectly. I was really surprised how speedily it processed the grain into perfect flour. I am very impressed with the mill and also the efficiently of JUICERS AUSTRALIA processing the order.

Many thanks

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2015, October. Sharon Patten, Mundingburra, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"Love my distiller [Divine Ultra HS Mk2 SS Water Distiller]. Thank you..."

Samson Juicer - LexSun Upgrade Kit

2015, October. Mr Greg Wormald, Edinburgh North, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hi all,

The upgrade to the latest version LexSun (from my Green Bison DO 9001) arrived yesterday and once I had figured out the angle of rotation to mount the bracket on the motor unit, the conversion was really straight-forward.

The new version [Lexsun Upgrade Kit] is better, and it cleans easier too.

Thanks for the prompt service.


LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2015, October. YouTube Bish Fay.
"I must agree! it's [LifeSpring Juicer] so quiet to compare with other juicers :)"

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2015, October. John Doherty, Atherton, North Queensland, Australia.
"I am the proud owner of a Lexsun 'Multipurpose Juice Extractor' (Model Number DO-9001a) [Lexsun Elite Juicer]. In a recent move, I have lost the instruction/owner manual.

Is it possible for me to purchase another copy from you."

Greenpower Kempo Juicer

2015, October. Mr David Stonestreet, Heathcote, Sydney, Australia.
"I have the GreenPower Kempo which is going strong since I bought it from you in 2007..."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2015, October. YouTube Bish Fay.
"Great juicer! [LifeSpring Juicer] Better than i expected ! i can make a glass of juice in a minute and clean it too so fast ! that's what i'm after in a juicer, so friendly user and not bulky to store :)"

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2015, October. YouTube Csbr 17.
"Love this juicer! [LifeSpring Juicer] This helped me to lose weight since its so easy to use i always juice in the morning and sometimes before going to bed. Isn't noisy unlike other juicers i've tried. It juices just right leaving the pulp so dry. When i needed to replace a part after a year of using it, its so easy to order from the manufacturer, a day after i ordered, it arrived. Extremely worth my money!"

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2015, September. Kjirsten Trundle, Nerang, Queensland, Australia.
"As you know I recently purchased an Ultra Mk 2 water distiller from you and love it so much I would like to purchase another one..."

Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe review / testimonial

2015, August. Polly Burey, Saint Lucia, Queensland, Australia.
"Thanks very much.

It actually arrived this morning! [Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe]

Very quick delivery – thank you."

Genie Standard Mk2-S Water Distiller - water purifier

2015, August. Mr Marc Farrell, Midvale, Perth, Western Australia.
"Once you go distilled its very hard to do anything else! [Genie Standard Mk2]"

LexSun Professional Blender 2.0

2015, August. Mr Phillip Gregory, Miami, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"Hope it's [LexSun Professional Blender 2.0] better than those s__t Nutri Bullet."

Divine 30L Automatic Water Distiller

2015, July. Mrs Meghan Mastoros, Operations Manager, Podiatry Centre, Brisbane, Queensland.
"Good Afternoon,

We received our distiller [Divine 30L automatic water distiller] and is working fantastically, but I've misplaced the invoice.

I was hoping you'd be able to email me a copy of the invoice?

Appreciate your help and look forward to hearing from you."

Greenpower Kempo Juicer

2015, July. Mr Baden Holt, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"So glad you're supplying these parts! Thank you :) Greenpower rocks!"

Green Power Kempo Juicer

2015, July. Mrs Emmie King, Heywood, Victoria, Australia.
"LOVE my Kempo Greenpower Juicer and have used it daily since purchasing it in 2008."

Oscar Electronic Pty Ltd - Samson Juicer

2015, June. B. K. Heather, Frankston South, Melbourne, Australia.
"Very happy with my old Samson Juicer [Oscar Electronic Samson Juicer]"

Genie Deluxe High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller

2015, June. Mr John Murray, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thanks for the info, thought that was what it was for.

Also, found that the unit [Genie Deluxe Mk3 Countertop] is a good kitchen warmer when running, saves putting the heater on a cold and wet NSW winters day, as the old saying goes 'two bird`s, one stone.'"

Oscar Electronic Company LexSun Standard Juicer

2015, May. Joan Mackenzie, Yandoit, Victoria, Australia.
"...I have the cream and green one, am ordering for a friend so the display unit should be fine, otherwise the black.

thanks love my juicer [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer Ivory], had it now for over l0 years. x"

Oscar Electronic Pty Ltd - Samson Juicer

2015, May. Joan Yuinup, Yandoit, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.
"love my beautiful (old) samsung juicer [Samson juicer], will be ordering a new one [LexSun Elite Juicer] for a friend soon."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2015, April. Anonymous, Australia.
"It works well, stands in our bedroom & quietly does its job. The service from staff could not be faulted. I am very happy with it [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier.]"
Green Power Kempo Pro Juicer

2015, April. Mr Daniel Millar, Kirwan, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"The reason I'm buying this juicer [Greenpower Kempo Pro Juicer] is that I've had continual problems with the Angel juicers control panel."

Greenpower Juicer

2015, April. Mr Robert Cowan, Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.
"my Green power machine 7 years old going well..."

Green Power Kempo Pro Juicer

2015, March. Ms Catherine Pace, Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I have just had a very bad experience with a Hurom juicer (it did not perform as advertised) so here's hoping I have made the right choice this time [Green Power Kempo Juicer.]"

LexSun Professional Blender 1.5 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 1.5

2015, March. Ansonica Botham, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
"Got it   [recipe e-book]. Thank you. 

And my blender [LexSun Professional Blender 1.5 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 1.5] arrived today.  I can’t wait to go home and play."Smile!

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2015, March. Mr Antoni Tadic, Croydon Park, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hey I just wanted to leave some positive feedback so you can post it in the testimonial section as you deserve it.

I recently purchased an angel juicer 5500 and it is simply amazing. I had a few questions about the juicer and the staff at JUICERS AUSTRALIA always replied super fast, even on weekends. The juicer came before the estimated delivery time which was great. This is the first juicer I've owned and don't regret spending so much on it. It juices all the fruits and vegetables great and makes a great quality juice which tastes a lot better than previous juicers I've tried. I bought the extra attachments and love making sorbets and nut butters from it. I've also made some almond milk and it tastes so much better than store bought. All the pulp comes out super dry which shows most of the juice is being extracted. All in all, its a fantastic juicer and delivers what it promises."

Green Power Kempo Juicer KP-E1304

2015, March. Mr F. Wallace, Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
"I have owned many cold press juicers over the years, even ones that cost nearly 3 times the price (Angel Juicer) but my favourite is the Green Power Kempo Juicer.

I use it regularly and find that it is really easy to use and clean. I like how I can juice vegetables with one screen and soft fruits with the fruit screen, and can adjust the pressure with the adjuster knob. Also the mincing screen allows me and my wife to make all sorts of patties / sorbet etc as well.

It is quiet too which is important to us. And the juice - wow - it is delicious!"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2015, March. Mr David Isaac, Auburn, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hello, Thanks for the juicer… Working well. [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]

What do you recommend as a good quality water distiller?"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2015, March. Mrs Val Lamb, Yamba, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thank you. It's great. Sure is solid [ex display Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]
- like a brick!!!

Genie Deluxe Mk2 Countertop Water Distiller

2015, March. Mr Daniel Leahy. Australia.
"I purchased a genie deluxe 4l distiller [Genie Deluxe Mk2 Countertop] from you a couple of years ago.

Its a great product used daily sometimes more than once..."

LexSun Juicer

2015, February. Wendy Lamb, Kenridge, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
"You will not believe it but the part arrived! Don't give up on us just yet...

..Africa needs the Oscar Matstone [LexSun] Juicer! I will be launching a project to bring juices to township communities who are in dire need to healthy options as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs and unnecessary vaccinations."

LexSun Professional Blender - Omniblend V Pro Blender

2015, February. Mrs Kerry Puzey, Bellevue Hill, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you it did arrive the day I sent the email [LexSun Professional Blender - Omniblend V Pro Blender].

Just so you are aware there was no card left.

Really enjoying my new blender. It is fabulous :)"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2015, February. Mr Michael Jessup, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
"Returning customer. Absolutely enjoy the ongoing benefits of this machine [Angel Standard Juicer 5500 purchased April 2010.]

Nut making attachment is not so good [optional Blank Screen] - use it more for frozen banana making ice-cream etc. Postal delivery all good."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2015, January. Joanne F., Australia.
"I bought this [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier] recently for my lounge room and set it on auto as soon as setting it up. The machine indicated a good air quality at the outset so I was a bit unsure of whether it was working until my husband sprayed insect repellent in the room next door, which normally gives me asthma. In less than a minute the purifier indicator changed to poor air quality and ramped up it's speed. In no time at all it had cleaned the air and I did not feel any effects from the insect repellent. Impressive."
Ionmax Air Purifier 2015, January. Joanne F., Australia.
"Very Quiet! Happy with Ion330 [Air Purifier]

We bought this recently on the advice of our homeopath and set it up in our bedroom. I had been waking with headaches and stuffy nose and after just one night with the ionmax330 I woke feeling much more clear and refreshed. It is very quiet and unobtrusive and I'm very happy with it."

Divine 16L Water Distiller 2015, January. Mr Mark Hunter, Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi Guys, I found a tap washer the correct size and configuration at a local plumbing business. It had a plastic base but is almost identical in shape overall so I removed it from the tap washer and installed it into the drain tap... all back together and it 's working a treat once more.

It has taken me most of today to clean out the boiler tank and the dust bunnies from the fan and circuit board but we have water again (well, I think there is only about 2 litres so far but by morning...) We bought around 26 litres of distilled water from IGA to keep us going while we waited for the parts.

I believe we bought the distiller [Divine 16L] from you in 2010 and this is the first time it has had a problem, and we have always worked it pretty hard.

We use only distilled water for drinking, cooking, foot baths several times per week, I've been using distilled water for about 21/2 years in my home brew, and I make a double batch so that is around 45 litres right there and that is extra to our normal usage. So around that time it runs 24/7 for around a week. and it has taken that abuse for years.

Great machine. Again, thanks for the quick service."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2015, January. Mrs Bronwyn C, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I am loving my angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] that I bought in September.

However, sometime in the last couple of weeks, the silicone ring seal has gone missing. Would I be able to order another one of these ASAP please?"

Oscar Electronic Pty Ltd - Samson Juicer parts

2015, January. Ms Sheri Hutchings, Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia.
"..I bought my Samson juicer off you over 8 years ago when I was living in Brisbane. It was just as the Oscar juicers were coming out.

I am so happy that I got a Samson though. It has lasted such a long time. Parts are just beginning to wear now. Thank you. :)"

Oscar Electronic Pty Ltd - Samson Juicer parts

2015, January. Mr Ric Colclough, Maleny, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you and I hope you have a great new year [Samson Juicer parts.]"

Green Power Kempo Juicer KP-E1304

2015, January. Graeme Ferguson, Coolah, New South Wales, Australia.
"Our juicer is a KP-E1304 [Greenpower Kempo Juicer], purchased in 2005 and used almost everyday since."

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2015, January. Mrs Phelia Anderson, Lancefield, Victoria, Australia.
"Henson and Dunn families both reccomended you, they own Angel juicers.

However the Lex Sun [Lexsun Elite Juicer] fits my budget.

Looking forward to a Great Detox! Thanks."

What our customers are saying...
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Steel Kleen stainless steel cleaner

2014, December. Mr Patrick McAuliffe, Perth, Western Australia.
"Sample [Steel Kleen] supplied with my Genie MK 2 bought recently from your wharehouse...

Found product excellent!"

Genie Deluxe HS Mk3 SS Countertop Water Distiller

2014, December. Mrs Rebecca Karsten, Mt Gravatt East, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi.. Hope your Christmas shopping is going well! The new distiller [Genie Deluxe HS Mk3 SS Countertop] is going well!"

Divine Standard Countertop

2014, December. Mr Jeff Brook, Wakerley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"We have a divine water distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] and love it ."

Ionmax Air Purifier

2014, November. Bev F., Australia.
"I researched different air purifiers online and the Ionmax Ion390 was the best value for money with all the right features yet a small footprint for my home. The after sales service has been really good and I highly recommend this product."

Customer unhappy with eBay seller

2014, November. B.D, New South Wales, Australia.

Do you have the contact details of the australian distrubutor of angel juicers? Or the head office of angel juicers to get parts replaced under warranty.

As i purchased an angel juicer off the distrubutor from australia on ebay, and they are not answering my emails or calls.

Please if you can help in anyway of getting my angel juicer to work id be forever greatful as i spent so much money and now i feel lost at what to do as the fan has broken and only 1.5 yrs old.

Thank you in advance."


Thank you for your enquiry.

Yes our partners import and service Angel Juicers.

Sorry but we do not know who those E-bay sellers are, or how they obtain their juicers. We do NOT supply products via eBay, and we are not involved with any eBay supplier.

We cannot service warranty claims from customers who purchased elsewhere, as we would effectively be a free service agent for these eBay dealers, which is totally unsustainable.

Please see our warranty tab / folder re E-bay sellers etc: www.juicersaustralia.com.au/angel-juicer.shtml#Warranty

However, we do supply parts that anyone can obtain from here: www.juicersaustralia.com.au/angel-juicer-parts.shtml; and we can also possibly service your Angel Juicer, but it would not be under warranty, as your warranty is between you and your supplier.]

Green Power Kempo Juicer

2014, November. Mrs Tanya Adair, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia.
"I have owned this juicer [Greenpower Kempo Juicer] which was unfortunately destroyed when our house was lost in a bushfire 18 months ago.

The juice was fantastic..."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, November. Dennis Guerrerio.
"I've owned the Angel 5500 Juicer for 3 years now and I can definitely say that it is well worth the money. It truly is the best juicer out there.

Today, for example, I juiced 4 carrots, 1 miniature cucumber, 3 stalks of celery, 3 kale leaves and a pinch of ginger. I got a yield of 20 ounces of juice with a super dry pulp weight of 3.1 ounces. You can even feed the pulp back into the machine if you really want to extract every morsel from the produce. And no, I am not getting paid to endorse this juicer."


Thank you for your feedback. Please do not put the pulp back through your cold press juicer. It will bind up like cement and will damage your juicer.]

Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop water distiller

2014, November. Mr James Maxwell, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"..thank you for providing quality products [Divine Ultra HS Mk2 SS Water Distiller] and true awareness of concerning, and growing health issues in our country, thank you and may the LORD be your light."

Super Angel 5500 Juice Extractor

2014, November. Carolyn Conner, Coffeyville, Kansas, USA.
"We LOVE our Super Angel 5500 Juice Extractor (use it everyday) and are ready for some new silicon rings.

I am not clear as to whether or not your $10.00 shipping fee includes delivery to the USA. If it does, I would like to order 10 rings. If it does not, please let me know how I can get them. Thanks!"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, November. Kylie Cook, Croydon, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia..
"I am very happy with the service and speed of delivery of our Angel juicer [Angel 5500].
It is great for juicing wheatgrass, though the pulp does clog up the end a little.
My feed back is that the juices taste fabulous, the pulp is extremely dry, the stainless steel quality is excellent.
Things I would like to have known are that cleaning is awkward. The housing being all one piece makes for some nooks and crannies that are hard to get to.
The silicone ring split on day three of juicing. At $8 and $10 postage a pop it may be an expensive undertaking.
The toothbrush supplied keeps leaving its bristles in the holes of the housing. I just use a regular toothbrush now.
We do like a little tomato in our veggie juices and even adding small amounts and using carrot after each piece it clogs up a lot.
I am not saying I wouldn\'t buy the Angel based on this, just that I would like a more balance on the not quite so great features.
The juicer has been used 3 times a day for the few weeks we have had it and works a dream for wheatgrass and hard veggies.

Samson Juicer parts

2014, November. Hennig Imberger, Mirboo North, Victoria, Australia.

Thank you for your good service [Samson Juicer parts] and also for your quotation ("Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great"):

Yes, may the time soon come, when we're all well on our way of happily helping each other, to achieve our potentials - surely we can all have a great place (role) in a thriving ecological earth community...

Kind regards

Hennig Imberger (via Dietlind Zwicker, Mirboo North."

Ionmax Air Purifier

2014, October. Brian G., Australia.
"Hi there, your service was pretty good, [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier] arrived safe and works very well. Will look at buying another one later on. many thanks"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, October. Dennis Guerrerio.
"The Angel 5500 is truly a great machine.

Not only is it the most efficient juicer out there, but it is extremely easy to use and easy to clean.

Have you ever noticed that when they advertise the cheaper juicers on TV or Infomercials, they'll never juice leafy greens and they'll never show you how wet the pulp comes out of the machine."

Greenpower Kempo Juicer

2014, September. Mr Jaime Davis, Nerang, Queensland, Australia.
"I have a KP-1304 [Greenpower Kempo Juicer] and the pressure regulators (screw on knob) right at the front have broken. They actually broke quiet a while ago but we glued it back together and that laster for about a year but now it is beyond repair. Are we able to purchase this part?

Everything else is still going strong and we\'ve had the juicer for about 10yrs/!! we are really happy with this product."

[JUICERS AUSTRALIA responds: Hi Jamie, Greenpower Kempo parts can be obtained via the Greenpower Kempo Parts section here.]

Genie Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller

2014, September. Ms Vesna Malnar, Petersham, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"My brother has been nagging me for years to get one. Finally! [Genie Deluxe Countertop]"

Angelia Juicer

2014, September. Mr John Shone, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"I just dropped and broke the juice container of my Angel Juicer that I purchased in 2007. Can I purchase a new container from Juicers Australia?

My Angel Juicer is still working a dream for me."

Angel Juicer 7500

2014, September. Karine Le Roux, Evry, France.
"I am using the Angel Press 7500 everyday, thank you for your equipment very effective..."

LexSun Juicer parts

2014, September. Jon Kuiper, Cooroy, Queensland, Australia.
"Part arrived. Excellent service. [LexSun Juicer part]"

LexSun Professional Blender - Omniblend V Pro Blender

2014, September. Carol Mijic, Magnetic Island, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"Friend highly recommends this blender [LexSun Professional Blender 1.5 - Omniblend V Pro Blender 1.5].

Divine Ultra Countertop water distiller

2014, August. Doug Blandford, Toodyay, Western Australia.
"This water distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller] is a great little machine....I love it."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, August. Nemara Hennigan, Coopers Shoot, NSW, Australia.
"We are so totally in love with our angel [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] since we purchased it through you a few months ago (amazing quick delivery by the way!) that we made a funky little video to pay homage to its daily colourful health promoting powers.

Hope you like!.

Best wishes and thank you Nemara."

Samson Juicer

2014, August. Mrs Caroline Shallick, Gowrie Junction, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia.
"Hi. I love my Samson juicer [early model LexSun Juicer] which I\'ve had for years..."

LexSun Standard Juicer

2014, August. Ms Sarah Goff, Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Got my new Lex-Sun juicer [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer Ivory] delivered just in time for the weekend. It is wonderful! I love it. Thank you for the wonderful service."

Divine Ultra Countertop and Steel Kleen Stain Remover

2014, July. Mr David Farmer, Matraville, NSW, Australia.
"I love your products [Divine Ultra Water Distiller and Steel Kleen]. Thank you for just being you."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, July. Chan Sik Keong, Alfred, Singapore.
"Item received. [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]

Juicer is running OK. Thank You."

Customer unhappy with eBay seller

2014, July. D. B, Australia.
"I purchased a 7500S juicer from eBay and it is now not working properly ie, stopping constantly when juicing. I have tried to contact the eBay seller and they will not answer their phone or reply to messages. I have contacted Paypal to get in touch with them. I only received the juicer 10 days ago."


Sorry but we do not know who those E-bay sellers are, or how they obtain their juicers. We do NOT supply products via eBay, and we are not involved with any eBay supplier.

I understand that it seems cheaper to buy from eBay dealers, but we cannot service warranty claims from customers who purchased elsewhere, as we would effectively be a free service agent for these eBay dealers, which is totally unsustainable.

Please see our warranty tab / folder re E-bay sellers etc: www.juicersaustralia.com.au/angel-juicer.shtml#Warranty]

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2014, July. Mr Doug Blandford, Toodyay, Western Australia.
"I am very happy with my Divine countertop distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller]."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2014, June. C. L., Australia.
"it turned up on time [Ionmax Ion390 Air Purifier], was very easy to set up and has been working great. I have it running when I am at home and can already see and feel the air is much cleaner and refreshed. I was pleasantly surprised to see how effective it is. After 3 weeks of running I checked the filters just out of curiosity and could see the dust and particles in the filters already (therefore saving me breathing it in..:)..)"
Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, June. Vanessa Taveras, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"The order [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] has been received. Extremely fast service. Much appreciated!"

Angelia Juicer

2014, June. Mrs Jennelle Peters, Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"..Have purchased Angel Juicer approx. 2 years ago - great product."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2014, June. Amber-Lea D Shallimar, Birmingham Gardens, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Guys!

Thank you for your prompt service.

I ordered Sunday night [Divine Ultra Water Distiller], got it Wednesday afternoon. Safe, sound and with friendly delivery service. Who could do better?

From one happy camper, with thanks."

Angelia Juicer

2014, June. Kitty McGlinn, Bullsbrook, Western Australia.
"Already have my Angel juicer & love it but large bowl got dropped & cracked ! thank you."

Genie Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller

2014, June. Kylie Wolfig, Secret Harbour, Western Australia.
"I purchased a distiller (Genie) [Genie Deluxe Countertop White] a while ago and love it. I just need to know where to get more scale cleaner from and how much it is.

Also, is it possible to buy extra 4 litre jugs and if so how much?"

LexSun Standard Juicer

2014, June. Mrs Mary Howie, Armidale, NSW, Australia.
"We are buying this juicer [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer Ivory] for a friend. Our family bought one about 14 years ago and still going strong..."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, May. Mrs Myunghee Lee, Harris Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Dear sales team

I received the order [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] last Monday which was surprisingly much quicker than I expected. And I am now enjoying making juice. Thank you for your promot service.

Regards, Michelle."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2014, May. John, Perth, Western Australia.
"Just writing to say how much I love the LifeSpring Juicer. I have placed the juicer in my business... so others can enjoy it.

Great Products and service, Thankyou."

LexSun Standard Juicer

2014, May. Mr Grant Pearce, South Fremantle, Western Australia.
"I bought a Samson cold press single about 20yrs ago in London UK, it\'s a great machine ....love it....but I have been through a couple of stainless cone filters and it\'s time for another one. It looks identical to the Lexsun .... [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer Black] I hope so....and if s o could I order one please.id hate not to be able to use it....it\'s almost family.It feels like it will go forever. Thanks."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, May. Mrs Isobel Willoughby, Guildford, Victoria, Australia.
"I love my Angel [Angel Standard Juicer 5500]..."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, May. Ms Julie Brasher, Kingsford, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi, Just want to say how much I love my Angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500]. How do I leave positive feedback on your website?...

Warm regards, Julie."

LexSun Standard Juicer 2014, May. Ms Anna Ginnaw, Hamilton, New Zealand.
"Hi again, Juicer [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer Black] arrived on Friday and we're very happy with it - thanks."
Ezy Kleen & Steel Kleen Stain Remover

2014, May. Elaine de Saxe, Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia.
"Anyway, thank you very much for your fast response I appreciate the time you have taken... And btw that Stain Soaker [Ezy Kleen Stain Remover] is brilliant stuff!."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller and Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2014, May. Mrs Eleanor Pollard, Banora Point, NSW, Australia.
"Still enjoy using your products Distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller] & Juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer]."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, April. Mr Ruth and Russell Briggs, Ringwood North, VIC, Australia.
"We have an Angel Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] which we have had since September 2007, and it has served us very well. However the long cleaning brush is wearing out and we would like a new one please.

Please let us know the cost."

[JUICERS AUSTRALIA: Hi Russell and Ruth,

Angel Juicer parts can be obtained via the Angel Juicer Parts page.]

Genie Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller

2014, April. Mr Bryan Lack, Havelock North, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.
"The unit [Genie Deluxe Countertop SS] and part work well, regards Bryan."

Divine Standard Countertop SS water distiller with Glass Jug

2014, April. Mr Paul Artale, Hurstville, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Thanks for the product [Divine Standard Countertop SS with glass jug] - I want flouride out of my drinking water!"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2014, April. Mr Chris Mouhtouris, Bexey, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Also, we would like to thank JA for the excellent service, particularly in answering numerous questions on the Angel 5500 [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] . We tried our first carrot juice test with our centrifugal B______. There is no comparison between the machines. The Angel is really miles ahead in every regard."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2014, April. Lynne, Burwood, Victoria, Australia.
"I have purchased the ultra bench distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller]. Very happy with it .

I want to purchase a cleaning solution [Steel Kleen] can you please supply."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, April. Mr Howard Blundell, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.
"thankyou very much, just letting you know my juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] arrived just now, that\'s amazing just 24 hours for order 40627...

.. again thank you I will recommend."

Ionmax Air Purifier 2014, March. Kerry T., Australia.
"Thank you so much for this wonderful unit, I have a Ionmax Ion390 Hepa UV Air Purifier It has helped me with my chronic asthma,
I live near Morwell and with the recent fire's that have occured. My air purifier has really cleaned the air that i breathe
And helping me with my asthma, money well spent! Thank you so much one happy customer."
Ionmax Air Purifier 2014, March. Kate P., Australia.
"Im just emailing my review of my Intelligent UV Hepa Air Purifier Ion 390
Im already experiencing positive results from my air purifier.
Im sleeping soundly through the night where prior to my purchase I would wake up 3 or 4 times a night
My sinuses are clearer and Im breathing much better.
Im going to be taking it to work also to purify the air as being in an air conditioned office there is no fresh pure air.
Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2014, March. Dr Jean Neil, Narara, NSW, Australia.
"Good afternoon,
I'm just writing to say thank-you for the prompt delivery of my Divine water distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller] which I ordered at about lunchtime yesterday and which arrived here on the Central Coast of NSW at about 9.15 this morning! Well done. I have been using a Genie distiller (I'm allergic to fluoride) which has passed its use by date and I've just put the new distiller through its first run...

Divine 30L Water Distiller

2014, February. Charles Thibodeau, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hi I have the 30ltr distiller...

..is doing very well. Can\'t complain its magic.. :)"

LexSun Standard Juicer

2014, February. Didi, Havelock, New Zealand.
"Thank you! Very amazing, 48 hours, pretty cool.

I am very happy with the juicer [LexSun Standard Mk1 Juicer], a great product."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2014, February. Mrs J. Gooding, Dalby, QLD, Australia.
"I'm really impressed with the LifeSpring Slow Juicer.

My Sister found it hard to use, but when I explained that it is a slow speed, cold press juicer, and that it must be fed more slowly (she was shoving everything down the chute far too fast!) - it worked like a charm and she has since been operating it like a professional when she visits.

I have used it for many months now and was easy to get used to and really easy to use and clean. IT IS FUN TO USE!

I have had all sorts of juicers, both high speed and cold press, and I love the LifeSpring Juicer the best. Thanks guys!"

LexSun Standard Juicer

2014, February. Mrs Susanne Towler, Merredin, Western Australia.
"Yes enjoyed shopping with you. You provide a great product [LexSun Standard Juicer] and great service with it Thank You"

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2014, February. Mr Mitchell Comiskey, Cleveland, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi, Have a Lexen manual juicer. Love it. Wanting to by an electric juicer..."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2014, February. Mrs Ann Riley, Dungog, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
"look forward to receiving my new juicer [LifeSpring Juicer], thank you for the information on all your products."

Divine 48L Automatic Water Distiller

2014, February. Mr David Koong, Joondalup, Perth, Western Australia.
"Please send ASAP [Divine 48L Water Distiller] . Old distiller broken down. No other source of drinking water unless we buy! thanks a lot."

LexSun / Samson Juicer accessories

2014, February. Greg Rowlingson, Upper Mount Gravatt, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Received item [LexSun accessories] thank you so much you are very nice people

I will be back "

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review / testimonial

2014, February. Ms Daryl Brooke, Hurstbridge, Victoria, Australia.
"We bought a LifeSpring Juicer for our small shop The Little Organic Shop at the end of last year. It is doing what we want well thanks..."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, January. Mr Shane Malone, Wollongong, NSW, Australia.
"Dear sales team,

Thank you, the juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] has given me the best start in life again. Good health to you and you families always.

Thank you."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review

2014, January. Mrs Lynn Smith, Como, Western Australia.
"First can I say thank you for the prompt service.

I love my juicer [LifeSpring Slow Juicer] but I am concerned that the lid/top holds water? when I've washed it there must be a way water can get in and I can't get it out? I'm worried it will not be healthy and stagnate! is that normal or is my top/shoot bit broken?

I look forward to hearing from you."


Yes it really is a great juicer indeed!

In relation to the Hopper, rather than soaking it (which in some cases may allow a very small amount of water to seep into the seam between the outside of the Hopper and the insert underneath,) simply rinse and wipe it instead, as that is all it needs.]

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, January. Mr Attila Csuhay, Budapest, Hungary.
"Thanks for the machine [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] – it has been arrive and it's fantastic :)"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2014, January. Mrs Donna Cole, West Hoxton, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

I was wondering if you sold the other twin gears for the Angel Juicers. The ones that do the Peanut Butter, the Soft Fibre and what would you use the standard for? Would it be better to call you to talk about it?

We just love the juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] and are so grateful for it. Thanks so much."

Omniblend V Pro' Blender

2014, January. Mrs Trish Binyon, Levin, Horowhenua, New Zealand.
"Just wanted to soy a big thank you for the speedy delivery of my blender [Omniblend V Pro Blender 2.0]. Ordered it on 30th Dec arrived 31st .

Thought I would have to wait till around the 6th Jan before every one was back at work. I am thrilled with it."

What our customers are saying...
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Angel Juicer

2013, December. Mr Danny Keston.
"In my opinion this is by far the best juicer out there [Angel Juicer] .

Once you get use to it, it is actually very easy to clean and fast, i did a side by side test with an omega 8006 which is also a great juicer. i used apple and carrot and the angel produced around 25% more juice. I have owned the Angel for 3 years and use it most days. i have noticed it getting a little brown inside the screen and some of the holes are starting get blocked.. Does anybody know the best way to clean the brown coating that seems to be building up very slowly?:


Ezy Kleen Stain Remover is perfect for cleaning the Juicing Screen.]

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review

2013, December. S. G., Western Australia.
"My juicer [LifeSpring Slow Juicer] arrived Wednesday last week and I am happy with it in many ways, quietness, juice quality and ease of cleaning..."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, December. Mrs Jewel Smith, Gloucester, NSW, Australia.
"We are very happy with our Angel cold press juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] and this distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] looks the same quaility."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, December. Pedro.
"I have an Angel juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500]. If you want to juice soft fruits you need to purchase the optional juicing screen for such fruits. The standard screen that comes with the Angel juicer is not designed for juicing soft fruits. I did find that it took a bit of cleaning at first, but like anything after a while you get used to it and get better and faster at it. Mine to did sometimes tilt if I pushed down to hard when pushing hard vegetables down the chute with the plunger. I overcame this by firstly only putting enough pressure without forcing the produce and by cutting things like carrots into more narrower pieces which made them go throw easier. I found holding the Angel juicer under the feed chute if something required a bit more pressure."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, December. Pedro.
"Look no further, I've found the best juicer. Love it ! Love it ! Love it !

Just purchased the Angel 8500s after months of surfing the net about juicers and watching youtube reviews.

I live in Brisbane, Australia and was able to buy my machine for $1350.00 It was worth every cent. After nothing but dramas with a cheap nasty Compact Vert juicer, I purchased the best. This machine makes so much more juice from the same amount of produce that I would have put through my old juicer, I now need a larger bottle to put it in. A truly quality product.

Do yourself a favour. If your into regular juicing as I am, and you don't want to be disappointed with a cheap nasty juicer letting you down. Buy an Angel juicer.

Less pulp, More juice, Better tasting juice, Ease of use, All Stainless Steel, Heavy duty made to last, Better health."

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2013, December. Mr Scott Syddall, Bracken Ridge, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Are you kidding me!! 1day!!

The fastest delivery of anything [Lexsun Elite juicer] I\'ve ever ordered online!!!!

Now I can\'t wait to hit the fruit n veg market to fill up the trolley and start juicing with my new LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer!
Cheers :-)"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, November. Kathleen Pearce, Freshwater, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Just tried our first juice [Angel 5500]. Amazing. Thanks."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2013, November. Mr Peter Mitchell, Kippa Ring, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.
"thanks guys, [Divine Ultra Water Distiller] arrived super quick and safe and sound, in action and rinsing the innards already,,,, pete^*^"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, November. B and T F, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"...Thank you for your high level of service and professionalism [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] and we hope we can do business with you again in future."

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2013, November. Mr Jeff Blanchard, Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia.
"To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to advise that the juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3] arrived today in good order.

Thank you for the turnaround time between placing the order and having it in my hands, much appreciated!"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s and Divine Ultra Water Distiller

2013, November. Mr Faisal Ahmed, Perth, Western Australia.
"We have previously bought the angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] and divine water distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller], which we love and now need to top up on the accessories."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review

2013, November. Sasha Douglas, Gladesville, NSW, Australia.
"..Thank you for your time on the phone the other day, the juicer [LifeSpring Slow Juicer] is better than I hoped for. I'm so glad I persevered. It's everything I wanted."

LexSun Professional Blender

2013, October. Mary-Leigh, Teneriffe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
3: "Hi there,

I've checked and I think you are right. I unscrewed the blade and checked the seal and everything looks to be in good condition so I have put it back to gether and tightened it up as much as I can (I don't have the little tool on the link) but I think that should to the trick.

Thanks so much for the quick response and the tip that will save me money! I really appreciate that level of service. So often nowdays people just want to sell you something rather than solve your problem :)

Wishing you health and happiness."


Yes the LexSun Pro Blender TM-800 Jugs will fit on to your LexSun Pro Blender TM-800: www.juicersaustralia.com.au/lexsun-professional-blender-parts.shtml

The Blade Set maybe loose on your jug, and can be tightened as per instructions here: www.juicersaustralia.com.au/lexsun-professional-blender-parts.shtml#ReplaceBlades That should / could save you some money.

Kind regards,

Sales Department

1: "I have a LexSun blender (TM-800) which was a  christmas present in 2012 and the jug has started to leak (into the  motor) when I\'m blending. I want to get a replacement jug (because I  can\'t find the warranty papers I assume I will have to pay for one). I  see that you have the replacement jugs but I just want to check that the  TM-800A jugs you have advertised will in fact fit my base motor. Can you  confirm? I will then order the appropriate  jug.

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, October. Maria Olivieri, Doyalson North, Wyong, New South Wales, Australia.
"We love our juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] today as much as the day we received it... [October, 2011] the novelty has not worn off :)"

Customer unhappy with eBay seller

2013, October. J.M, Victoria, Australia.
"I have another question for you. This is very important and I hope you can give me an answer.

I purchased my Angel juicer via an eBay dealer. They live in ..., Queensland. I assume they are connected to you?

Shortly after I purchased my juicer and had a query, I tried numerous times by email and leaving phone messages to contact them. They never responded.

I'm very concerned about my warrantee if they won't respond to calls or emails. Are they still in business? Are they "legitimate" agents for the Angel juicer?

Will they be able to honour any warrantee issues?

These are two of their web sites:

  1. http://_______.ebay.com.au______________
  2. http://www.ebay.com.au/___

Any information you can give me about them or getting any follow service at all for my 1,300 dollar investment would be much appreciated.




Sorry but we do not know who those E-bay sellers are, or how they obtain their juicers. We do NOT supply products via eBay, and we are not involved with any eBay supplier.

I understand that it seems cheaper to buy from eBay dealers, but we cannot service warranty claims from customers who purchased elsewhere, as we would effectively be a free service agent for these eBay dealers, which is totally unsustainable.

Please see our warranty tab / folder re E-bay sellers etc: www.juicersaustralia.com.au/angel-juicer.shtml#Warranty]

Angel Juicer

2013, October. Mr Stephen Dean, Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Have had & used Angel for 2 years & need to replace bottle brush due to handle broken by cleaning lady, god knows how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, October. Mrs Jennelle Peters, Ferny Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I purchased an Angel Juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] approx. 13 months ago and require more spare parts.

Great product - wish I had bought one sooner."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, October. Jane Durham, Avalon, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"I recently bought an Angel 5500 from you & I am very happy with it...

..Also, do you have more 5500s in stock - I may want another of those.

Many thanks & kind regards"

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review

2013, October. Mrs Angela Parsons, Sawyers Valley, Western Australia.
"I purchased one [LifeSpring Slow Juicer] earlier today and look forward to using it ;)

appreciate the quick responses

Best online service I have received & I do 99% of my ordering foods, appliances and all really online

So thank you for the details and again very quick response to assist my decision making a whole lot easier with som many options"

Ezy Kleen & Steel Kleen Stain Remover

2013, October. Ms Bev McGeachy, Newcomb, Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
"So thrilled to have found this product again [Ezy Kleen Stain Remover].

I bought some years ago and it was the best for cleaning the juicer parts, sprouters, tea making utensils etc. I will be looking forward to receiving it.

Kind Regards,

Bev McGeachy."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, October. Mr Jamie Michalek, Sorrento, Perth, Western Australia.
"I\'ve been using the divine filter [Divine 16L Water Distiller] for a about 2 months now and it\'s been great!"

Green Power Kempo Standard Juicer

2013, October. Mr Tony Gray, Woodend, Victoria, Australia.
"Hello. I have received my Kempo juicer. Very happy..."

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review

2013, October. Mrs Jayme Dempsey, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia.
"LOOKING FORWARD TO USING IT :-)" [LifeSpring Slow Juicer]

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, October. Michael Tigani, Berwick, Victoria, Australia.
"..I'm very keen to receive the juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] and I've done a lot of research to find this as the best on the market!...

..Can't wait for the juicer! I've heard and read incredible stories about the quality and benefits! Thanks"

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - review

2013, September. Mrs A. Lavery, Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
Mrs A. Lavery, Warwick, Queensland, Australia"I absolutely love my new LifeSpring Slow Juicer! It is much better than I anticipated and worth every cent!

I have had cancer for a long time now, and instead of dying many years ago when the doctors said I would, I instead stopped using the alternative 'cut, burn & poison' approach to health, and started juicing / eating healthy etc instead.

I have used the Angel Juicer for a long time, but find it much harder to operate and clean, especially compared to my new LifeSpring Slow Juicer, which is so much easier to use and clean. I also have the Coway JuicePresso Juicer which is a good juicer, but the LifeSpring juicer is definitely much stronger and juices carrots and celery much more easily.

The Lifespring juicer is really easy to use, easy to clean and it looks so pretty. I can feel the quality of the machine when I am assembling it and really love hearing the digital control panel with the professional audio tones, that gently let me know that it is powered up and ready to go. And I really like the pretty lights on the control panel!

This a wonderful juicer, and I really do love it. Thank you so much."

Champion Juicer

2013, September. Leesa Avery, Queensland, Australia.
"i bought a champion juicer 3 years ago at the recommendation of the gawler foundation but now am at the point where i\'m needing to replace some parts in it. so i\'m a bit disappointed in it (i didn\'t buy it from you) and so i\'m considering a replacement juicer.

as i don\'t want to make another kind of expensive juicer mistake... i see that the angel juicer seems to consistently beat it\'s competition in terms of it producing the maximum amount of juice and minimum pulp. but my friend owns one and it\'s a pain to use and clean. is that why you give it only 4 stars, because despite the maximum juice/minimum plup, it\'s a major pain to use and clean?

what kind of replacement parts am i looking at for the angel if i bought one now - in the future (i didn\'t realise i\'d have to replace hte champion parts every couple of years, such that it\'s actually a more expensive juicer than i anticipated, for not such good quality juice).

thanks so much for your time in advance. i really appreciate it."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, September. Mr Paul Hofman, Warwick, Perth, Western Australia.
"Received juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] and very happy, great unit!"

Angel Juicer

2013, September. Mrs Michelle Westwood, Samford, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Love my Angel Juicer... Thank you."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, September. Fiona Addison, Old Bar, NSW, Australia.
"I have purchased from you 2 Angel Juicer 8500s [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] which I love...

.. Once again, love my juicers."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, September. Curtis and Candice Aiken, Aubin Grove, Western Australia.
Curtis and Candice Aiken"As per our phone conversation yesterday, my wife Candice and I are contacting you because we have been using our Angel Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] for quite some time now and it is has become an integral part of our way of life.

We first bought our Angel Juicer when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2010 and got on to the Gerson Therapy for a few months...

..Our health journey began in 2010 when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at only 28 years of age. The prognosis my neurologist gave me was grim, and I wasn't willing to accept an inevitable, painful decline. I fired my doctor and Candice and I took our health into our own hands. More than 3 years later, I feel healthier than ever thanks to the simple, common-sense changes we implemented with regards to attitude, detoxification and nutrition. One of these positive changes includes the addition of the Angel Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] to our lifestyle.

Naturally, the changes we have implemented have positively affected us both as Candice has also noticed profound improvements with her health and vitality."

LexSun Professional Blender

2013, September. Liana Tighe, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you kindly for your prompt reply.

The blender [LexSun Professional Blender 1.5] was delivered late this afternoon, and as you said, the Australia Post website was not updated until lunch time today.

Thank you again and look forward to trying out the blender Happy face."

LexSun Standard Juicer

2013, September. Mrs Melissa Hopper, Aitkenvale, QLD, Australia.
"Wow!! Two days from ordering to delivery on my doorstep!! That's amazing seeing as though I live in Far North Qld!!

The juicer is already getting multiple workouts each day, and it is very easy to clean and use [LexSun Standard Juicer].

Many thanks for your prompt service with ordering and delivery."

LexSun Professional Blender

2013, August. Chris, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"Of course I enjoy shopping [LexSun Professional Blender] with you, you're the best."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, August. Mr Bernfried Albrecht, Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia.
"hi, last year I purchased a angel 55oo juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] and am very happy with it.

I now want to purchase a distiller as my genises 6000 has broken down after 10 years. Is the 16 L unit [Divine 16L Water Distiller] as good? I used rain water to fill my old unit..."

Oscar Electronic Company Samson Juicer

2013, August. Garry Smith, Swansea, NSW, Australia.
"I bought my Samson GB9001 [early LexSun Juicer model] in August 2004.

At about the 5 year point I needed a replacement drum and juicing screen. I ordered them from you in about 2008 (not sure of date) and 5 more years on I need a further replacement.

I use my juicer daily and am very happy with its operation, the part of your web page that caught my eye was the suggestion to upgrade my machine using newer front end parts. Can you please provide a cost for this upgrade, I see it as perhaps more cost effective than buying a new model machine.

Thank you with regards Garry."

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2013, August. Ian Perks, Murray Bridge, South Australia.
"We love our Lexsun Elite juicer and use it every day and your quick service!"

Coway JuicePresso cold press juicer

2013, August. Mr Ray Djani, Neutral Bay, NSW, Australia.
"Thanks very much. Appreciate your prompt response. Love the machine by the way [Coway JuicePresso Juicer]."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, July. Lausun Beets.
"Hi there,

I recently received my 16L divine water distiller! Stoked.

I write to ask you about setting it up, so how do I connect it to a water supply? is it simple as attaching the plastic hose to a tap? or...

I also plan to run the machine twice at least with out carbon to sterilize the steel machine, but I'm a little lost about the setting up and what to do with the cycled water from boiling chamber and such, if you could assist me very much appreciated brother!


Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, July. Mr Faisal Ahmed, Perth, Western Australia.
"..Also the angel 8500 [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] is amazing we have just upgraded from the hurom 500. The juice yield is so much higher and the quality too. It\'s worthwhile investment."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, July. Miss Kristy Shaw, North Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Guys,

More companies in Australia could learn from your efficiency. I ordered this juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] in the afternoon on Wednesday and just received it now, on Friday morning - to another state!

Thanks so much, Regards


Coway JuicePresso cold press juicer

2013, July. Mr Andrew Hickinbotham, Naremburn, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi Mac - I'm having fun with the juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer], and it's running really well.

So thanks again."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, July. Mr Frank New, Flaxton, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you for that. The distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] has already arrived, and just has to be unpacked.

I would like to congratulate you on your courtesy and efficiency. Nice to see these days."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, July. Mr Joe Ciufoli, Fulham Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Good Morning Customer Service,

Going great with our water distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller], now our old RO [Reverse Osmosis] system tastes well not so pure..."

Oscar Electronic Company Samson Juicer

2013, July. Kirralea Dawn, Crows Nest, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank You soooo much! Ive had my juicer [Oscar Electronic Company Samson Juicer] for over 12 years years now! Freakin out wothout my juice!!! LOL the only stuff I can keep down with morning sickness. Thanks again :-)"

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2013, June. Jared Lowe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I found your Divine Ultra Dstiller to be a great product and very useful here in Australia.

The sediment left over from distilling the water was disgusting quite surprised by what I found in our tap water. I even mentioned your product in a blog post explaining the benefits for my readers here: www.humanfruit.com/distilling

Thanks again."

Cold press juicer

2013, June. Mrs Lexie Elliston, Narooma, NSW, Australia.
"..Your juicer\'s are fantastic my husband has cancer and it has been amazing Thankyou Lexie."

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2013, May. Pamela Robinson, Summertown, SA, Australia.
"Thanks all, Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3 arrived on Friday 24th and works much better than I expected!!

Delivery was very quick."

Samson Juicer

2013, May. Mrs Julie Heather, C/o Boome Post Office, Western Australia.
"Received my juicer part [Samson Juicer part] and absolutely thrilled that it DID arrive to GPO Broome on time AND was the CORRECT PART !

Made my day for all to go smoothly thank youvery much..."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2013, May. Mrs Barbara Lazar, Cooloongup, WA, Australia.
"Hi there Juicers,

My juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer] arrived today. Very impressed by your swift service. Couldn't wait to unpack and use it. Totally love it !! The quality of the juice is wonderful. So quiet too. A huge improvement on my 747 old one..And, I made veg' patties with the pulp.

Have posted a picture of my juicer onto facebook, with your web page. I'm raving about it. Thanks for your great service and product.


Grain Master Whisper Mill - excellent domestic grain mill - Wonder Mill

2013, May. Mrs Nicole Daber, Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia.
"Just to let you know that my grain mill [Grain Master Whisper Mill ~ Wonder Mill] has arrived safe and well at the intended address. No problem at all.

I will carefully read the instructions and then mill my first batch of wheat. Thank you for your service!"

Samson Juicer

2013, May. Waratah Highfield, Stuarts Point, NSW, Australia.
"Juicers Australia is very reliable and efficient. Great service. [Samson Juicer parts]."

Samson Juicer

2013, April. Julie Heather, Australia.
"Loved my machine for so long - urgently require JUICING SCREEN REPLACEMENT PLEASE... Do not want to upgrade etc.

SAMSON GB9001 6 in One Multi purpose Juice extractor."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2013, April. Mrs Jeannette Lyon, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.
"Hi there, Just a little note to let you know that I am very happy with the water distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller]... thanks."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, April. Mr Robert McDonald, Smithfield, Sydney,NSW, Australia.
"The juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] has arrived and is fantastic,

Thanks for your prompt service once it landed in australia."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, April. Ms Karen Mitchell, Goolwa, South Australia.
"Our Angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] arrived yesterday. It has exceeded our expectations.

It\'s not as hard to use or clean as we had expected.

We had some trouble disengaging the housing and gears the first time but found that using the reverse button a couple of times at the end makes it much easier.

We are very happy to recommend this to other people. We have been juicing for a while now and this machine is far superior to anything else we have tried.

We would recommend to any prospective customers that they buy the soft pulp housing from the outset.

Mrs Lovejoy should start saving :)"

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2013, March. Mrs Jeannette Lyon, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.
"After tasting distilled water at my place, My mum and dad want one [Divine Ultra Water Distiller], so does my sister. They love the taste of this pure water :-)"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, March. Mr Jose Stephen, Amsterdam, Holland..

This past weekend I received my angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] and I am very happy with it.

The juice is so rich and so full of taste..."

Angel Juicer and Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, March. Beverley Rawson, Eagley, Queensland, Australia.
"To Mrs Grace Lovejoy..... reply to your selfish request [previous posting below]

I\'m a pensioner also and I made sure I saved to get my Angle Juicer

How about being more honest and save or apply Centrelink loan that is paid off out of your pension.

I\'m extremely happy with my Jucier [angel juicer].

Many thanks."

Unhappy customer

2013, March. Mrs Grace Lovejoy, Parramatta, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"i wish to post a complaint against your company.

i have recently been diagnosed with cancer and other health issues, and was told that i should start juicing and drinking distilled water.

i am a welfare recipient and it is not fair that i am sick and that i have to start eating healthy food and so on!

i contacted your company the other day and asked if you could send me a free angel juicer and divine water distiller, so i could start doing the health nut thing. instead of paying for the products, i kindly offered to recommend your company to people, so they could also do business with you too.

i am really insulted that your company rejected my offer and will not give me free products!

by the way, you should be ashamed of yourselves anyhow - supplying products to sick people and charging money! you really should be helping people by giving away products for free, not taking money off the sick!"

[JUICERS AUSTRALIA: As per our response to your recent e-mail, we would love to supply free products to you and every other customer who asks; however it simply is not financially feasible, especially when we have to pay: 1) our staff, 2) suppliers, 3) warehousing, 4) transport, 5) packaging, 6) taxes, 7) etc.

Currently we need a larger warehouse, but we seriously doubt that any real estate company will give us a free warehouse, just because we will send all our family and friends to them!]

Green Power Kempo Juicer

2013, March. Mr Ray Murray, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
"I have a Kempo G.P.T E1303 [Green Power Kempo Juicer] that has done sterling service for 11 years..."

LexSun Professional Blender

2013, March. Paula Adcock, Sutton, NSW, Australia.
"Thankyou kindly - my juicer [LexSun Professional Blender] arrived yesterday and was used that night! Very impressed - will be grinding some linseeds tomorrow once I've checked the recipe book on how to do that properly.

Thanks for the great service and a great product."

LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer

2013, March. Mr Robert Chandler, Nunawading, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Thankyou for your assistance... It made choosing a juicer much easier.

I've been using the Samsun [Samson Juicer] in my weekly cooking class. Currently using the Juice –Presso [Coway JuicePresso Juicer] .

Looking forward to a using the better juicer.

Great to see that parts are so readily available.

I've just ordered the LexSun Mk2 [LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer] via credit card (see below)"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, March. Mr Micheal Smith, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.
"Thankyou very much, we had our first juice tonight! [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] Great service thanx."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2013, February. Mr Erwin Weenink-Smith, South Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.
"Hello, I have recieved my Juice Presso last Friday and am very pleased with it, it makes great juice

it sure is a massive improvement on my old high speed spinning one..."

Genie Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller

2013, February. Jan Siddall, Allambie Heights, NSW, Australia.
"Hello, I have received my distiller [Genie Deluxe Countertop] and are very happy with it..."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, February. Mr Alec Scott, WA, Australia.
"Thank you, I have been thinking of you all in Qld with the problems you have been having [Brisbane flooding].

My thanks for your patience with me, I've been whinging about a really trivial matter [delivery of Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] in comparison to what you guys have had to endure.

My apologies and very best wishes."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, February. Mr Ben Law, Perth, Western Australia.
"Hi, I have purchased a Divine water distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] from you and i am a super happy customer.

I would like to buy one for my father but he lives in the UK... Cheers, Ben."

Divine 30L Water Distiller

2013, January. Bradford Salisbury, Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
"We purchased a Divine 30L distiller through Juicers Australia ($1,895) which was supplied on 1/9/09. it has been an excellent product.

We now wish to obtain a Divine Ultra Countertop Distiller on special for $495 and an Alkaline Water Flask for $44.95..."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2013, January. Mr Stuart Laughlin, Larrakeyah, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
"The Juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] arrived yesterday and I have gotten straight into it.

Couldn't be happier so far."

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2013, January. Mr Trevor Goss, Sale, Victoria, Australia.
"Received the Lexsun Elite 2 juicer today, used it, would have to be the most tasty juice I have ever tried and I\'ve tried a lot, (cold press only way to go)

thank you for such a great product and a great price, I\'ve already ordered the manual version [Lexen Healthy Juicer] to take away camping."

Green Power Kempo Standard Juicer

2013, January. Ms Sherry Hargrave, Mount Barker, South Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia, thank you for promptly delivering my Greenpower Kempo Juicer."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2013, January. Mr Shaun Carter, Condon, Townsville, Queensland, Australia.
"I enjoyed shopping with you very much [Divine Ultra Water Distiller]."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2013, January. May Barry, Brighton, VIC, Australia.
"I bought my coway juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer] last year and I use it every day. Love it and have highly recommend to my friends..."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2013, January. Margaret Bulanyi, Bellingen, NSW, Australia.
"Hello. We have bought a 16litre distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] from you and are extremely happy with it.

We would like to buy separately a 4 litre collector bottle/jug..."

LexSun Standard Juicer

2013, January. Helen Green, George Town, Tasmania, Australia.
"Good morning, ???years ago we purchased a LexSun DO-9001 [LexSun Standard Juicer] of which we are extremely happy..."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2013, January. Ms Margaret Longworth, Maleny, QLD, Australia.
"I Love my angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]" - thanks :)"

What our customers are saying...
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Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2012, December. Mrs Cornelia Witlox, Montrose, VIC, Australia.
"Thanks for the juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500], it works great and I am happy with it..."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2012, December. Mrs Nicole Gunasinghe, Erina, NSW, Australia.
"p.s. just received them [2 x JuicePresso Juicers ].

Excellent service – thank you and have a great Christmas too


Divine Water Distiller

2012, December. Ms Kim Lambert, Edithburgh, South Australia.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. [re Divine 30L Automatic Distiller]"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, November. John Smith, Springfield Lakes, Ipswich, QLD, Australia.
"Hello, Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the Angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]. Have tested it and was amazed at the quantity of juice produced..."

Divine Water Distiller

2012, November. Mark Smithies, Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia.
"Our replacement element arrived the other day, and our distiller [Divine Automatic Distiller] is now back in action.

This is the third element it has had. The first one went (ie, tripped our RCD) after less than two years, but the second lasted for six or more. After replacing the first one, I used a cheap electrical surge suppressor on the powerpoint, so that might explain why the second one lasted as long as it did.

We use our distiller for hours every day, and for something to last that long under those conditions is fine, and we have no complaints.

Thanks for your help."

Samson / LexSun Juicer parts

2012, November. Mrs Bernadine McCleary, Esperance, WA, Australia.
"..This old Samson [earlier model LexSun Juicer] that I bought from you about 6 or so years ago has been value for money (hope it keeps on keeping on too, as i can't afford to replace it).... at least two other people has also bought them from you as a result... still working on a couple of son's in law, lol

have a great day and kind regards."

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2012, November. Fran Knight, Hurstbridge, VIC, Australia.
"Thank you so much, the juicer [LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer].arrived today. Efficiency plus!!"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2012, October. Mrs Liora Claff, Lismore, NSW, Australia.
"I bought my Angel juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] about two years ago and am still as happy today as the day I bought it.

I have a smile every time I use it (which is three or four times a week). There is nothing negative to say. Love the juice, love the juicer, love the company."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2012, September. Mr Michael Keir, North Ward, Townsville, QLD, Australia.
"Hi Anne,

The juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] works great- thank you.

I have attached the warranty for your records.

Michael Keir."

BL30 Manual Wheat Grass Juicer - stainless steel

2012, September. Mr Jeremy McGrath, Boorowa, NSW, Australia.
"Hi guys,

Just received my juicer, the BL 30 [manual juicer] , and its great.

Its solid, easy to clean and the juice is great.

Put some nuts through it as well without any dramas.

Thanks again, Jeremy."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2012, September. Mr John Deigan, Driver, Palmerston, NT, Australia.
"hi guys, just purchased a divine ultra distiller and loving it..."

Juicer replacement parts

2012, September. Mr John Ward, Pacific Pines, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia.
"Hi Again Guys,

Got the juicers parts today in soupa berserk & record time!!!

A pleasure doing business...................... will do again.

Cheers, John Ward"

LexSun parts

2012, September. Ms Lynette Roe, Wondunna, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.
"I dealt with a salesman named William to work out what I needed to order [LexSun parts]. He was extremely helpful and very fast in dealing with my queries. Thank you."

LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer

2012, September. Mr Stan Savage, Aroona, Caloundra, QLD, Australia.
"Hello, Thank you for such speedy supply of the Juicer [LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer].

It arrived just in time for lunchtime today so we had our first juice which was absolutely divine.

We are very pleased with the ease of opperation and cleaning.

We will hopefully have some customers for you shortly."

Green Power Kempo Pro Juicer

2012, September. Mr Reuben Carlsen, Baulkham Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Guys,

Thank you for the despatch advice, I really can't wait until my new juicer [Green Power Kempo Pro Juicer] arrives!

I am replacing an almost new Brevile BJE520 Froojie Juicer which quite frankly I paid way too much for.

I wish I had done more research before purchasing the high speed B______! The B______ was great when new but quickly makes less and less juice and has wetter and wetter pulp. The centrifugal screen no matter how much you scrub and clean it becomes clogged and lets less juice through."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, September. Mrs Wilma Adams, Balmain, Sydney, Australia.
"Hi everyone at customer service !

Wow .......My Angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] arrived already this morning at my doorsteps.

Congratulations to your excellent service !

Wilma (a new happy juicing customer)"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, September. Mrs Wilma Adams, Balmain, Sydney, Australia.
".. I am really looking forward to receiving my new juicer. A friend introduced me to the Angel juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s]...... She must be one of the best representatives of the juicer... She not only tells everyone how good it is but also demonstrates it straight away.

She originally bought her juicer from you as well."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, September. Mrs Maria Olivieri, Doyalson North, Wyong, New South Wales, Australia.
"It has been 12 months since we purchased our amazing Angel Juicer [Deluxe 8500s].

Such a high quality product and we love it! :) Can someone please call me to discuss purchasing the soft fibre extracting housing and peanut butter housing [Grinding Housing].

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2012, August. Ms Theresa Taylor, Lower Mitcham, Adelaide, South Australia.
"Hi, I recently purchased the Lexen manual juicer and Im really enjoying using it and the juice.

I would now like to purchase one with a motor but not sure which will be more suitable. I am interested in the Kempo juicer. is this a better juicer than the lexsun one (cold press). ?? I juice leafy produce also harder things mostly beetroots. I found the manual juicer very difficult with the harder stuff but excellent for leafy.

Am I better off paying the extra $ or will the lexsun do the same job?? I appreciate your help."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, August. Palisa Anderson, Mosman, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi there,

I am so happy with my juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] that I am coming back for another! I want to get one for my mother, is there any chance of a getting a special deal for purchasing two within a month?... "

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2012, August. Mrs Ann Ross, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
"My husband purchased for me a JuicePresso because I really wanted a cold-pressed juicer that was attractive and did not take up much space on my kitchen bench, but was also quiet and really easy to clean.

Well this little beauty certainly ticked every one of those boxes that I wanted. It not only looks fantastic on my bench, it is so quiet, easy to use and clean.

I am so impressed with the Juicepresso, and I also have to say thanks to my hubby for getting it for me."

Green Power Kempo Standard Juicer

2012, August. Mrs Angie Cooper, Perth, Western Australia.
"Hi, I received my juicer [Green Power Kempo Standard Juicer] on Friday and just letting you know I am really happy with it.

I am not sure how much juice your wife drinks or started drinking all those year ago but I am having about 600ml of carrot and apple and about 600ml of green juice a day. Can you please let me know when the juice is not stored in the special jug how long will the juice last and do I need to store it in any special container.

I am now drinking the pure water about 3 litres a day plus between 3-4 green teas. Thank you again for sharing your story Trying to stay positive."

Divine Water Distiller

2012, August. Mr Peter Stefanis, Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Hi, I am the very happy owner of your Divine water distiller..., thank you and God bless you."

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, August. Mr Steven Christensen, Bray Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,

I have just processed the direct deposit so hopefully it will land in your bank account within the next couple of days.

Thank you for your prompt assistance with purchasing this juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] and accessories, your customer service is second to none!


Steam Sauna Deluxe

2012, August. Mr Ian Moir, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.
"Really impressed with the Steam Sauna Deluxe.

It is so easy to set up - no dirty electricity - inexpensive to buy - cheap to run - quiet - and it gets so HOT so quickly!

Thankfully it has vents for days when I only want hot, and not hot hot. Feel terrific after each sauna!

I am so impressed that I am going to buy some for my family as presents!"

Steam Sauna Deluxe

2012, August. 2012, August. Mrs Ann Ross, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
"My son recently purchased your portable steam sauna [Steam Sauna Deluxe.]

He is a farm worker and finds it immensely helpful to warm up his aching muscles after a long hard day. He finds it so good that he has encouraged me to use it as well. Wow, what a fabulous unit. The tent steams up in no time at all, and I just love the vent where you can put in the eucalyptus oil. I especially love taking my steam sauna just before bed. Wow, what an incredible sleep!

Also, our family recently had a terrible bout of the flu, and we used the steam sauna to heat us up from the terrible fever chill and muscle aches. I know that it helped detoxify our body and steam away the nasty bug.

I highly recommend this portable sauna to anyone to help detoxify and iron away muscle aches, pains and for me too those unwanted pounds."

Green Power Kempo Standard Juicer

2012, July. Mrs Margaret Dixon, Seacombe Gardens, Adelaide, South Australia.
"have really enjoyed the juicer [Green Power Kempo Standard Juicer] thanks!"

LexSun Elite Juicer

2012, July. Mr S, Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"We have received the juicer [LexSun Elite Mk2 Juicer] and have started enjoying the juices produced.

Thank you for following up with this order. I will fill in the warranty card and fax it to your office."

Samson Juicer - LexSun Juicer replacement parts

2012, July. Ms Liz Drummond, Thirroul, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you. I picked up the part from Thirroul PO and enjoying using my juicer [Samson Juicer parts] again. The juicer I need as a part of my life and you having reasonably-priced spare parts [LexSun Juicer parts] is essential.

Your service is fantastic.

regards .....Liz Drummond"

Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s

2012, July. Mr Aziz Sahu-Khan, Charlestown, NSW, Australia.
"Hi, Thank you the parcel [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500s] was received at 8.00am this morning.

Excellent service.


LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer

2012, June. Mrs Jan Bedford, Eltham, VIC, Australia.
"I am so happy with my new juicer the LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer.

I never usually bother with reviews but you suggested this one for what I wanted and it is fantastic. Herbs and soft fruits which I could not do in my previous centrifugal juicer are done to perfection. The yield I am getting is fantastic, I'm sure I would be spending less than half the money I did previously on fruits and veggies for juicing.

thank you so much for your suggestion and prompt service. definitely worth the money and worth letting others know."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2012, June. Mr Jeff Donehue, Weetangera, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
"Hello, My juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer ] is working great..."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2012, June. Mr Mark Van der Klei, Strowan, Christchurch, South Island 8052, New Zealand.
"Thanks for that, juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer ] has arrived and it is great!..."

Steam Sauna Deluxe

2012, May. Anne, Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia.
"The Steam Sauna Deluxe is really an amazing unit!

The two boxes arrived soon after ordering, and when I had a moment I put the sauna together (so easy), filled the boiler with water, turned on, and after a couple of minutes hopped in.

It was so lovely and relaxing to be sitting in a cloud of hot steam. Sometimes we use the hood, but it is good that we have the choice.

Our whole family use it to relax and also to blow those nasty bugs out like influenza or the common cold etc.

It is so affordable and works a treat! Thanks again!"

Genie Deluxe Countertop Water Distiller

2012, May. Mr Barry Watt, LakeWood, NSW, Australia.
"Order got her the next day talk about speedy. If we get things from Sydney they can take a week or more and we are only four hours from Sydney. Keep up the great work and great customer service.

Oh yes you very very right about Genie mk11 old and new very different and new one [Genie Deluxe Countertop] is very efficient.

Cheers, Barry Watt.
(P.S. Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?)"

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2012, May. Pam Parsons, Army Bay, Auckland, Whangaparaoa Peninsula, New Zealand..
"Thank you very much. I look forward to using the grinding housing.

The Angelia juicer [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] is great! I made a batch of mixed apple juice to try it out!

Cheers, Pam Parsons"

Genie Deluxe Countertop

2012, May. Mrs Wendy Wicks, Fulham Gardens, SA, Australia.
"I am very happy with my distiller [Genie Deluxe Countertop].

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Wendy."

Angel Standard Juicer 5500

2012, May. Pamela Sumpter, Lake Placid, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
"Received my Angel [Angel Standard Juicer 5500] last week and have been using it daily since - tried lots of different things including nut milks & coconut cream.

Everything has been perfect, much better results with less effort than my previous cold-press juicer - this machine lives up to it\'s name..."

Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500

2012, April. Mrs Coralie Nix, Boyup Brook, WA, Australia.
"ive had my new angel juicer [Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500] for over a month now and am so over the moon.

i grow my own wheatgrass now for juicing and have alot more greens in my juices.

I will juice to the day i die !!!

I now lend my old champion juicer to friends now to convert them...thanks"

LexSun Deluxe Mk2 Juicer

2012, April. Mrs Claurissa Hood, Mogo, Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia.
"Btw, thank you to everyone that supplies such great service at Juicers Australia!

I am now having a love affair with the Lexsun juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] and have been using it everyday! I look forward to the distiller and to an even healthier life!

Thank you all for your part! :) Cheers!"

Angel Juicer 5500

2012, March. Aekyung Lee, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.
"Hi william,

Thank you very much for your very detailed and clear snap shots. I have bought an Angel juicer [Angel Juicer 5500] and have received a confirm / order number.

I appreciate once again for your excellent service and assistance.

I am looking forward to using the juicer and will recommend the Angel juicer [Angel Juicer 5500] to my friends that are looking for a juicer.

Warmest regards,


LexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer

2012, March. Meggan O'Riley, Maylands, Adelaide, South Australia..
"Love the juicer! :)"

[LexSun Standard Juicer]

Divine Standard Countertop Water Distiller and Angel Juicer 5500

2012, March. Mrs Elizabeth Forrest, Bray Park, Brisbane, Queenslabd, Australia.
"Hi, When we ordered this water distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] we also ordered one of the flasks for $44. We meant to order 2 of the flasks and I was wondering whether it was possible to get another at the cheaper price.

We have also ordered a juicer! [Angel Juicer 5500] from you and I would just like to pass on just how wonderful your products are.

Many thanks, Elizabeth."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2012, March. Mr Rick Arnold, Woody Point, Queensland, Australia.
"I purchased a Divine Ultra Distiller in Jan 2012. I felt a difference in my body the first night. I can remember my head feeling clearer before going to bed.

Thanks guys! I''m very happy."

Angel Juicer

2012, March. Luci Raftery, Gold Coast, Australia.
"Your customer service is outstanding [Angel Juicer] and I will definitely be posting positive feedback on your website (customer testimonials) and will not hesitate in recommending your service to others."

LexSun Professional Blender

2012, March. Mr Zy Phoenix, Bangalow, New South Wales, Australia.
"I have just been given approval to receive a grant for the purchase of your blender and supplementaries and I am ready to pay you. I notice that the quotation\'s validity has just expired. Please update quote 26327 to enable purchase.

I am experiencing Parkinson\'s Disease and require a commercial quality blender [LexSun Professional Blender] for multiple daily use.

By the way I love your customer service... It is second to none in all the world. I researched long and hard for a commercial grade blender and back up service that did not cost the earth. Congrats! You are awesome."

Angel Juicer 8500

2012, March. Emily Bacon, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"You have been of EXCELLENT & TOP QUALITY & SPEEDY service & can't thank you enough! [Angel Juicer]


LexSun Deluxe Mk2 Juicer

2012, March. Mr Gordon Florance, Gwelup, Perth, Western Australia.
"Thank you for the prompt delivery of our juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer].

We are using it regularly and are very pleased with the ease of assembly, and, cleaning. After many years of using a twin screw appliance it is now a pleasure instead of a chore."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2012, February. Mr Ratziel Bander, Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia.
"I bought a water distiller [Divine Ultra Water Distiller] from you some time ago. love it..."

Angel Juicer 5500

2012, February. Mrs Reylena Kloos, Redcliff, QLD, Australia.
"Hi, currently have the Angel Juicer from you guys and absolutely loving it!

Am looking at getting a single gear juicer for a family member and wanting to know the difference between the LexSun juicers and the Compact juicer that I\'ve seen elsewhere (I previously had a Samson which I believe was superceded by the LexSun). What would you recommend for someone starting out? Thank you."

Angel Juicer 5500

2012, February. Sarah Brown, Broome, WA, Australia.
"Thanks for all that information. I didn't think that your company had "duped" me. I just wish I had come across your company first, as it was Mr Juicer, who I bought this from online...

They also have not got back to me on my queries, so thanks for getting back to me quickly.

I agree that the Angel Juicer definitely produces a higher quality juice, which is great...

Grain Master Whisper Mill - excellent domestic grain mill - Wonder Mill

2012, January. Mrs Annemarie Schulz, Sandilands, Ardrossan, South Australia.
"Just wanted to let you know my Whispermill grain mill [Grain Master Whisper Mill] arrived in todays mail delivery.

I have already made a wonderful loaf of bread & have ground some soft wheat ready to make biscuits. It worked better than expected, the flour is fine, soft & silky.

We grow the grain & it is from our 11/12 harvest. It is a great thing to know, that just by grinding our grain & using it for all our cooking & baking, it will have fantastic health benefits. How simple a change is that to make! Can\'t thank you enough."

LexSun Deluxe Mk2 Juicer

2012, January. Mrs Snezana Andonova, Silverwater, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Thanks for the great service, received the juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] today.

Kind Regards, Jana"

Angel Juicer 5500

2012, January. Karen, Australia.
"I recently bought an Angel juicer from my local organic supply shop. We\'ve been really happy with it, although I find the cleaning tedious and am unhappy with the build up of scale and also \"gunk\" in the holes of the housing screen. I plan to buy your Ezy Kleen product, hoping that will help to dislodge the gunk from the holes. I also find that the juicer leaks from the round ring where the gears & housing attach to the main body. I understand that the silicon ring you sell can help with this, although i notice that your site says it\'s for use with the FRUIT JUICE screen only. Is this true? Or can I use it with the normal housing screen that came with the machine. Thanks so much for your help. (I kind of wish I\'d bought from you in the first place!)"

"Hi Karen, the optional Silicon Ring can also be used with the Standard Housing."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2012, January. Mr Brian Winterburn, Bowen, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi, We have received our Coway Juicer and love it..."

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2012, January. Mrs Jean Raoul, Marion Bay, Tasmania, Australia.
"Received my juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3]) today... already used it... it's so great...

Thanks a lot for the good service...."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2012, January. Mr James Eaton, Bibra Lake, Perth, Western Australia.
"Hi, I just wanted to say that I am very happy with my Divine Ultra Water Distiller. I have used it almost every day since receiving it in late November 2011 and Perth water has never tasted so good!

For anyone considering purchasing it, I highly recommend it. I would also like to suggest to anyone using these units, that rather than allowing them to boil dry (as per the manual,) that a timer be used so it cuts out while a little water remains (about 200 mls.) It\'s much esier to clean and uses less electricity! I also recommend buying a second glass jug, I\'m glad I did! Oh yes and remember to use hot tap water to reduce the boil time."

100% chemical free Natural Shampoo

2012, January. Mr David McCoy.
"Hy, really loved the wonder mist shampoo, I see it is discontuined just wondered if that was permanent, thanks."

What our customers are saying...
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Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, December. Lesley Meredith, Kings Way, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Hi, I assembled my Conway JuicePresso CJP-01 and used it! I am so pleased with it; simple, quick and so easy to clean especially compared to my Kenwood juicer..."

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2011, December. Mr Dave Hodgkin, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
"Hi there I bought a juicer off your company a while back and totally love it ! Initially I had a Champion Juicer, then upgraded to a Lexsun do9001a. Handing my Champion onto my daughter, who still uses it every day.

A while ago I moved from Australia to Indonesia, where I base myself for my work in Disaster Response and Reconstruction across Asia Pacific. I love returning home after months or weeks away in poor living conditions doing a stressful job, to land back in my small village, where I start my day, with fresh homemade Muesli, homemade Yoghurt and fresh mixed Juice (Carrot, Apple, Beetroot & Ginger)..."

Angel Juicer 5500

2011, December. Mr Doug McGufficke & Monika Sherwood, Battery Hill, QLD, Australia.
"Thanks - we received our Angelia 5500 Monday.

Have used it twice. It certainly induces more juice than the Champion & B______; and the pulp is less and drier. Slightly longer time because of cutting fruit/vegs to fit. Cleaning is less..."

Divine Standard Countertop Water Distiller

2011, December. Mary Connor, Crookwell, NSW, Australia..
"Thankyou I am very happy with my Divine Countertop distiller and have replaced the expired nozzle with spare nozzle that was enclosed when first purchased.

I need to purchase a bottle of granules shortly. How does the coconut charcoal granules go into the nozzle?

Thank you, Mary"

[JA responds: "Changing the charcoal is easy. Simply follow the instructions via the 'How To Replace The Charcoal' tab / folder here.]

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, December. Mr Martyn Skinner, Loganholme, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Our Juicepresso arrived this week. Tried it Friday and worked great.

I made carrot, beetroot & apple juice. Cleaning was easy..."

Angel Juicer 5500

2011, November. Betty Ryan, The Channon, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hello Juicers people,

my Angel juicer arrived safely and we've started using it. It is indeed superior to our previous single (plastic) auger juicer. Contrary to what I've read my chooks actually ate the carrot pulp - something they've declined to do up to now. Yes we had difficulty at first getting the twin augers out of the housing but your directions worked.

It's a big decision to spend so much money on a juicer but we happily anticipate many years and many litres of fresh juice from this beautifully engineered machine."

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2011, November. Mr David Lennard, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"fabulous thanks

you guys are great to deal with, keep up the good work." [Divine 16L customer]

LexSun Professional Blender

2011, November. Mr Mark Deacon, Rhodes, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,

I received my Blender [LexSun Professional Blender] this afternoon and looks great, can't wait to get started with it...

Kind Regards, Mark Deacon"

Angel Juicer Deluxe 8500

2011, October. Maria Olivieri, Doyalson, New South Wales, Australia.
"After much deliberation, I chose the Angel 8500 and am delighted. It is whisper quiet, easy to clean and the juice is superb.

Thank you JUICERS AUSTRALIA for this wonderful machine and your amazing, efficient and impressive customer service :) If only all businesses operated like yours! "

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, October. Helena McCallum, North Balwyn, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Your wife is right - the JuicePresso is fun to use. It is so much faster and enormously more easy to clean than the LexSun Deluxe Juicer, and it's great not having to push everything down with the pusher. And hey, it looks a lot better too, which is superficial of me to be sure. Anyway, I'm so glad I changed the LexSun, and thank you so much for facilitating that.

Yes, I may still end up with the Divine 16L Water Distiller (though not yet). I would like to know if it makes more noise than the countertop.

I did the little test that Allen Bank [Choice Is Clear] wrote about - drops of water on a mirror. Melbourne water left the biggest stain, but the countertop (on the 3rd jug) left about the same mark as my undersink reverse osmosis whose filters are nearly a year old. The reverse osmosis wastes about 3 times as much water as it purifies, however, so is rather environmentally unfriendly."

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2011, October. Bernadine McCleary, Esperance, WA, Australia.
"Thank you, your promptness and fantastic service is much appreciated :)
My next order will be for the manual juicer ($88 version [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3]).
Have sent you many referrals, resulting in two juicer purchases that i know of.
Pleasure doing business."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, October. Mrs Eleanor Pollard, Banora Point, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Anne, Thank you for your good service & for putting up with my constant queries over the Order.

Now all is well because I have received my Coway Juicepresso. Have been having fun since and have juiced the few Apples & Oranges I had. Tomorrow I go shopping & shall buy lots of fruit & veges.

Also I have been intending to buy a Juicer from you for ages & am happy with the one I have chosen because it fits well in my little Kitchen & is easy to use & clean. I am elderly (over 80) so could not handle anything too complicated.

Once more many thanks."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, October. Mrs Eleanor Pollard, Banora Point, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.
"..By the way my Divine Water Distiller works beautifully & I am very pleased with the lovely clear water. Thanking you,"

LexSun Professional Blender

2011, September. Julia Sich, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
"Greetings, the blender [LexSun Professional Blender] has arrived and I am delighted with it. Thank you."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, September. Mrs Eleanor Pollard, Banora Point, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.
"My Divine Water Cooler [Divine Ultra Countertop] is a delight to use & has been no trouble.The water is so clear & it is cheap to run.

Also like the handle when emptying water. Thank you."

Angel Juicer 7500

2011, September. Kate Smith, Nambour, Queensland, Australia.
"I love my new Angel 7500 it looks stunning in my kitchen & now thanks to all the juicing im doing im looking just as stunning! well so my friends say ! & now they all want one!...


Genie Standard Mk2-S Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, September. Ms Dawn Atkinson, Kawana, North Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
"I am really enjoying my distiller [Genie Standard Mk2] and am now also supplying my daughter with distilled water.

I am sure I am feeling better from not having standard tap water. I\'m so glad I bought if from you."

Grain Master Whisper Mill - excellent domestic grain mill

2011, September. Mr Nelson Rarua, Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.
"You have been of great service.

All that is left now is how fast you can deliver and if the product [Grain Master Whisper Mill] lived up to the specs. Hope it does.

Thanks again for the quick actions regarding our order and payment.

Regards, Nelson."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, September. Mr Anthony Gomes, Winnellie, Northern Territory, Australia.
"Hi, I purchased the above unit [Divine Ultra Countertop] from you back in March this year and have not looked back - my family and I absolutely love it. On average, we are running through eight litres (two cycles) of water per day..."

Angel Juicer 5500

2011, August. Mr Peter Stannard, Sandgate, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
" I love mu juicer [Angel Juicer]- I broke my brush. Thank you for supplying a replacement!"

Angel Juicer 5500

2011, August. Dr. Emma Gillies, Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I am thoroughly enjoying my Angel Juicer [5500]!

Not only has my health started to improve, but my 4 year old daughter absolutely loves the juices I make, and is more than happy to drink her veggies!"

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, August. Marelle Penny, Koongal, Queensland, Australia.
"We have had our Ultra Divine [water distiller] now for 4 months.

We are amazed at the amount of sludge left in the bottom after each use. Water tastes so nice now. Enhances the taste of tea, coffee, soups casseroles etc. And don\'t forget the pets they love it."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, August. Gail Harris, Kallaroo, Western Australia.
"Hi, I received my juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer] last Friday and I ve been juicing every day and love it..."

Divine 48L Water Distiller

Divine 48L fully automatic water distiller2011, August. Mr Robert Noble, Katoomba, NSW, Australia.
"We have a Divine 48 litre unit that has been working great since the purchase on 28/04/10...

..Have had, and had to repaired, and warn out 3 distillers for over 30years. These were Polar bear units and yours is by far the best unit by miles..."

Angel Juicer 5500

2011, July. Mr Timothy & Rachel Nixon, Buff Point, NSW, Australia.
"Hello, ..we have indeed purchased an Angel Juicer through you, last year, 2010, I think it was in August...

..I use the juicer every single morning for myself and my children and it is the best purchase I've ever made!!"

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, July. Tully Prentice, Preston Lower, Victoria, Australia.
"Thank you so much for your reply. You guys are beyond first class for customer service. You beat everyone I have ever dealt with, hands down."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, June. Barbara Wadley, Joondalup, Western Australia.
"I recently purchased a JuicePresso Juicer from you and am thrilled with it..."

LexSun Professional Blender

2011, June. Health For A Lifetime, http://jaykayonline.com/hfal/equipment.html.
"Another essential piece of kitchen equipment is a good strong blender.

If you're using one you bought at a supermarket or chain-store you're going to kill it within a few months. It wasn't designed for the work Raw recipes will ask of it.

Mine is a 3 horsepower Lex-Sun Blender that I bought from Juicers Australia."

Angel Juicer

2011, June. Health For A Lifetime, http://jaykayonline.com/hfal/equipment.html.
"A good high-end cold-press juicer is a big investment, but it will last a very long time. After a lot of heart burning and angst I finally outlayed for the Angel Juicer and I love it.

This morning I juiced my own wheatgrass, adding some to my morning vegetable juice and freezing the rest in tiny separate batches."

LexSun Professional Blender

2011, May. Mr Patrick Derbyshire, Palmerston North, Central, New Zealand.
"Used the blender [LexSun Professional Blender] at work today for the first time and a couple of the non believers came back for a second serving of my green smoothie.

Great product and I would recommend it to anyone out there."

Portable Far Infrared Sauna Mk3

2011, May. Mark and Lois Gillespie, Mt Isa, Queensland, Australia.
"I require a replacement panel for my infraray sauna - after about 5 years of hard use. Does the current replacement panel, fit this one? Number is EMC031103E030.

Thanks for your assistance."

(Response from JUICERS AUSTRALIA: Hi Lois, We have found Mark's order #_____ for a Mk3 FIR Sauna, dated 10th September 2007. Yes the replacement panels listed here will fit the sauna that you have specified.)

"Thanks again for your prompt response. I will order [replacement panel] today, this unit [Portable FIR Sauna Mk3] has been great."

Samson / LexSun Juicer parts

2011, May. Mrs Kerry Anderson, Norman Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I have owned a Samson Juicer for over 10 years, I have just sourced spare parts [LexSun parts] from your company and was delighted by the superior level of service provided by you.

Thanks, I will now continue to enjoy daily fresh vegi juice."

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2011, May. Mr Brett Morgan, West Albury, NSW, Australia.
"Hi guys, just tried my new angel juicer [AG-5500] a few days ago.The juice extraction is phenominal.

A couple of disappointing things though. It leaks all over the bench and the containers provided are too high to put under the extraxtion area. Otherwise a great product. Why doesnt it come with a rubber seal or something?"

"Hello Brett,

The video here shows how the juice containers fit comfortably under the juicing screen. Notice how it is easily put in from the front.

Usually if juice is leaking, produce is being put through the juicer too quickly as the juice is backing up the chute a little, or a lot."

Grain Master Whisper Mill - excellent domestic grain mill

2011, May. Stan & Mavis Gill, Keperra, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you for letting us know that our Whisper Mill [Grain Master Whisper Mill] is on its way.

We are looking forward to healthy homemade bread again.

Your swift attention in dealing with our order is very much appreciated and we will email you on receipt of our parcel.

With best wishes, Stan & Mavis Gill."

Angel Juicer Deluxe AG-8500

2011, May. Mrs Susannah Carr Turle, Tuart Hill, WA, Australia.
"Order [Angel Deluxe 8500 Juicer] has arrived and we love it…..thank you."

Portable Far Infrared Sauna

2011, May. Mrs Fajyaz Wajeeha, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I own yoga clinic and we use 5 of your Portable Far Infrared Saunas, and they are very easy to use and effective in our cleansing programmes.

They are much cheaper than other FIR Saunas, yet are just as effective, but they are so inexpensive to buy and run. We are all very happy and we have regular clients who just love using the saunas. Thanks for all your wonderful and prompt services."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, May. Ms Patricia Sherry, Brighton, VIC, Australia.
"I have been using your 5 star steam distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop] for the last 3 or 4 months and i am very happy with it. I use it About once every three days.

I bought it from you. Today I noticed the water did not taste as good. Do I need to change anything? I would like to order the cleaner as well."

[Hi Patricia, The charcoal needs to be replaced when you notice a taste in the water. Instructions for replacing charcoal are found in the 'How To Replace Charcoal' tab. Accessories can be ordered via the 'Accessories' tab.]

Angel Juicer Deluxe AG-8500

2011, May. Mr Arthur Williams, Bossley Park, Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia.
"I purchased an Angel 8500 off you earlier this year which works fabulously...

.. I can highly recommend your machines. I give it a real work over. You have been a great help..."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, April. Mr Anthony Gomes, Winnellie, Northern Territory, Australia.
"..By the way, the difference in our water quality and consumption since purchasing the distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop] is amazing. Thank you."

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2011, April. Ms Syl Neave, North Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"really looking forward to this juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3], one for each house to help treat a child with Juvenile Arthritis"

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2011, April. Mrs Jessica Stone, Mount Hutton, NSW, Australia.
"I received my Angel Juicer [5500] this morning and I couldn\'t be happier! Easy to set up, use and clean, and the carrot juice I made this morning was amazing! The pulp from the machine is completely dry - no waste here!

If you are considering buying a juicer for the nutritional benefits, look no further than the Angel. It is more expensive but I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is well worth the extra money. I dithered back and forth and almost bought an inferior machine, but I\'m glad I didn\'t. I\'m looking forward to my next juice creation and the health benefits I will reap as a result.

Thank you Juicers Australia!."

Angel Juicer

2011, April. Dennis Guerrerio, United States of America.
"This is the juicer I hope to some day get [ANGEL JUICER].

This machine juices all fruits and vegetables so efficiently - leaves a very dry pulp.

Yes, it is a little pricey, but the money you'll save buying produce, the machine eventually pay for itself, plus you are putting so many more nutrients into your body with this juice."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, April. Mrs Angela Hutcheon, Semaphore South, Adelaide, Souuth Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

Thank you for the great service,the juicer [Coway JuicePresso Juicer] arrived on Thursday 7 April when you said it would. Great to deal with a reliable company.

Gotta to go and juice now bye!"

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, April. Mr Beat Blattner, Eastbourne, Wellington, North Island, New Zealand.
"Great! Thanks for keeping me up to date with delivery. I look forward to the machine [JuicePresso Juicer] & the fresh juices!"

LexSun Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2011, April. Ms Dale Dickins, Elwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Thanks, I love my juicer!"

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, March. Ms Jodi Bassett, Bedfordale, WA, Australia.
"Hello, just got my Divine Ultra water distiller from you and I love it already!

The water tastes great as well..."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, March. Ms Margot-deepa Slater, Pambula, NSW, Australia.
"..BTW received the juicer [JuicePresso Juicer] this morning - what amazing service and I\'ve already juiced. Folllowining the instructions and beat the bloke on your dvd showing how to. Quick, simple, easy to follow instructions.

Fabulous little machine should have bought one years ago."

Amazing Alkaline Water Flask

2011, March. Mrs L, Christchurch, New Zealand.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

Last year I purchased several of your Amazing Alkaline Water Flasks to be used in conjunction with RIFE, MWO and other harmonic electro-radio frequency alternative therapies. I had heard from experts that drinking alkaline ionized water was most beneficial while undergoing these types of therapies which would apparently increase the conductivity and effectiveness, while having other hydration and health benefitting effects due to the restructuring of the water molecules into cell absorbing micro-cluster size.

Since this time I have put the Alkaline Flasks to the test and have found both in health and personal laboratory scientific research, that this particular portable alkaline ionizer does do exactly what its manufacturer says it will do. I have conducted different laboratory tests using ordinary municipal tap water, pure distilled water, and also pure distilled water combined with Amazing Alkaline Micro Water to boost mineral content to see which had the most beneficial results, using a PH-0131 Meter (pH/ORP/Temp). Here are the remarkable results:

Pure Distilled Water - 1.0 ppm
Before Ionization: After 1 minute of Ionzation:
  • pH 7.00 up to 7.08
  • ORP +180 up to +220
  • pH - 9.90 up to 10.05
  • ORP +38 up to +100
Distilled Water with added Amazing Alkaline Micro Water - 23.0 ppm
Before Ionization: After 1 minute of Ionzation:
  • pH 7.85
  • ORP +198
  • pH 10.05
  • ORP +63
Municipal Tap Water - 44.0 ppm
Before Ionization: After 1 minute of Ionzation:
  • pH 8.43
  • ORP +160
  • pH 9.90
  • ORP +55

In summary, all types of water were made extra beneficial by using the Amazing Alkaline Water Flask.

I had to test it and see it with my own eyes to believe it - but my choice is definitely going with the pure distilled water in the flask for 1 to 5 minutes, and by the way this alkaline water most assuredly makes the RIFE and MWO treatments far more effective and tastes better too!"

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, March. Ms Debra Ralston, Albany, WA, Australia.
"Hello, I received my JuicePresso Juicer this morning and was using it at lunchtime.

I appreciate the amazing service and the juicer is so easy to use and to clean.

Thank you so much."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, March. Mrs Ellie Pollard, Banora Point, Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Sirs,

Received distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop] working well and very happy with same.

Amazed how quickly order was processed and delivered. Will recommend you to others.

Have a good day."

Angel Juicer

2011, March. Mr Wayne Lazarides, Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Angels

The Angel Juicer is without doubt superior in every way to any other juicer I have owned. And I have owned many, a b______ centrifugal juicer, green power hippocrates juicer and a Bionatural tri gear juicer.

None come close.

The ease of use and cleaning is exceptional, (This alone is a great reason to buy one). The juicer quality is:

  • wonderful
  • sweet
  • clean
  • no pulp
  • just delightful.

It is not my custom to provide recommendations, however this product deserves to be acknowledged.

If you care for your health, and you dont like the tedious job of cleaning juicers, the Angel juicer has my vote - 9.5 out of 10."

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2011, February. Mrs Karen Egeskov, Peregian Beach, Queensland, Australia.
"Thankyou for your incredibly fast service. Juicer [LexSun Standard Juicer] was received less than 24 hours after ordering. Amazing!"

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, February. Rod Tempest, Pialba, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.
"My new distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop] arrived before 9 am yesterday and by 12.30 I had my first batch of distilled water.

We have a water cooler / filter device at work and I distilled the "filtered water" that came out of that device. Well you should have seen the brown yukky muck at the bottom of the boiler. Also left was a white powdery substance that I am sure I do not need to drink with my water. So much for the water filter at work. So the distiller has proved itself to be far superior at delivering pure water than the water filter.

Thanks for having this great product on offer and thanks for the lightning fast service. Please pass on my thanks to all involved."

Angel Juicer AG-8500

2011, February. Mr Justin Dubois, New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Just got it. Can't wait to use it [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500]. Very fast delivery. Thanks so much."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, February. Mrs Jenny Tan, Royalville, Bukit Timah, Singapore.
"We purchased one unit of Coway Juicer last December. We are now ready to order the 2nd unit after trying out Coway for a couple of month. It is indeed a great machine!"

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2011, February. Mr John Hansen, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia.
"Just a short note to say thanks very much for the extremely promt response.

The correct part arrived today. I will send the other part back when our post office opens on Monday.

Very impressed with the service.


John Hansen

PS I have used the new juicing cone [LexSun Juicer] and it works very well."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2011, February. Robyn Hillam, Illabo, NSW, Australia.
"Thankyou for your quick delivery of my distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop].

It has been put to lots of use , the water is deliciuos!"

100% chemical free Natural Shampoo

2011, January. Mr Paul Bessa.
"I very much like your shampoo.

I would like to ask you, how does the shampoo lathers, if it does not have any soap or surfactant in its list of ingredients? How do you achieve that?

I am interested in fully natural shampoos and I also have some chemistry understanding."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, January. Samantha, Mosman Park, Perth, WA, Australia.
"Hi Anne,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the Coway JuicePresso - it is without doubt the best juicer I've ever had. Everyone who sees it at my house asks where to get one.

It's a fantastic product and thanks for your help in suggesting which one I should buy [purchased new November 2010].


Angel Juicer AG-8500

2011, January. Mr Daniel Cassidy, Annandale, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi Customer Service Crew,

Thanks so much for the juicer [Angel Deluxe Juicer 8500], it makes amazing juice :)...

..Thanks again, best $1,600 I've ever spent!!!!"

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, January. Mrs Kay Russo, Glen Iris, Victoria, Australia.
"Thank you Juicers Australia for fast service delivering my JuicePresso (juicer).

I am extremely happy with the unit, it makes good quality juice and is very quiet (compared to previous centrifugal juicer). It is a breeze to rinse clean, except for the pulp chute which can be a bit fiddly.

I love the design and it looks amazing on my bench. No more hiding away in the cupboard. I would recommend without hesitation."

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2011, January. Anita Earl, Bairnsdale, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I just wanted to say a big Thank You for sending out my new juicer [LexSun Juicer] so quickly!

We have started using it and I have to say, we are simply "Stoked" at how easy it is to use and how yummy the juice is!

I noticed that you guys are in QLD and hope that you haven't been affected by the floods.

Kind Regards

Anita Earl

P.S. ..Thanks again!"

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, January. Mrs Karen Maigrot, Merrylands, New South Wales, Australia.

I received my Coway Juicer (JuicePresso) this morning thanks!!!...

..Anyway, i used it and it is just awesome..... I love it!!! So much more juice than the Lexen!

Thanks so much,

Kaz :o)"

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2011, January. Mr Richard Lewis, Mt. Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia.
"We have 2 Angel juicer at our 2 houses and they are awesome."

Champion Juicer

2011, January. Mr Michael Oxlade, Aurukun, Australia.
"I think that this [Champion Juicer] is an amazing product ..."

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2011, January. Mrs Carole Hutchinson, North Perth, Western Australia.
"You're great, thanks. Very impressive service.

Hope it (JuicePresso Juicer) arrives Friday. Looking forward to seeing it work. Cheers"

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2011, January. Mr Chris G, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"I checked out the link you supplied [Norwalk Juicer] and my question has been answered. Our Angel Juicer we purchased from you [November, 2007] is still going strong and we couldn't be happier.

I've often wondered how the Angel stacks up against the Norwalk in terms of quantity and quality of juice extracted and you've addressed that in your link. Thank you.

All the best to you all in 2011."

What our customers are saying...
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Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2010, December. Gemma, Yagoona, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I'm extremely happy with the Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3.

I've used it nearly everyday since receiving it and it's perfect for making small amounts of juice. Takes only a few minutes to clean and very easy to set up on the bench where it takes up hardly any room at all!

Also love that it is manual, quiet and I feel like I've gone back in time manually turning the crank easily which is nice in our automated world."

LexSun Professional Blender 2010, December. Miss Justine Peacock, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand.
"Hi there, I have just received my new LexSun blender. Thanks for such a quick delivery service...."
Angel Juicer AG-5500 2010, October. Mrs Jane Gibson, 7 Lily Street, Essendon, Victoria, Australia.
"Thank you. The juicer [Angel Juicer] is fantastic!"
LexSun Professional Blender 2010, December. Ms Maya Meijer, Whangamata, Waikato, New Zealand.
"Hi there, i am super happy with the blender..."
Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, December. Mr Prema Micheal, Teynampet, Chennai, South India.
"hi thanks alot for everything, the peson has received the item [Divine Ultra Countertop] and will be delivered tomorrow at his house...

thanks for everything will be recommending everyone to this products as well as telling them the service is first class"

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2010, December. Mr Murray Carter, Boundary Rise, Shelford, VIC, Australia.
"Hi There!

Just a quick email to thank you for your excellent service.

We ordered the Angel [juicer] on Thursday and it was waiting at the post office for us on Monday.

We had our first juice this morning and it was amazing, it certainly extracts more juice than others we have seen.

Thanks once again, and Merry Christmas to you all."

LexSun Professional Blender 2010, November. Mr Marjan Ferkula, Harrington Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I think the blender [LexSun Professional Blender] is awesome and a real joy to use, I'm glad I bought it as its money well spent."
Genie Standard Mk2-S Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, November. Ms Dawn Atkinson, Park Avenue, Rockhampton, QLD, Australia.
"Love my distiller [Genie Standard Mk2]. Working well. Nice to drink 'clean' water.

Would recommend a distiller to EVERYONE for the sake of their health."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, November. Mrs Debra Kucks, Rochedale South, QLD, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

I received my Divine Ultra Countertop on the 25th or 26th October and have absolutely loved it.

It is much faster than my previous distiller! (Genie Mk II - also purchased from Juicers Aust.ralia)..."

Divine Standard Countertop Water Distiller 2010, November. Mr Peter Stefanis, Preston, VIC, Australia..
"..I will be ordering another two units soon, for others that have seen our one [Divine Standard Countertop], we love the water so much, thank you..."
Divine Standard Countertop Water Distiller

2010, October. Mrs Jean Small, East Perth, Western Australia..
"My water distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] is still going strong after 2 years of continuous use, and I still love it.

And it turns out that Perth tap water is just as nasty as Sydney tap water! Thanks!!"

Coway JuicePresso Juicer

2010, October. Ms Tully Prentice, Preston Lower, VIC, Australia.
"What can I say?! Interstate order of JuicePresso Juicer on Tuesday afternoon - made my first batch of juice at 11am Thursday. How about that for service?

Now the juicer: Fast and quiet with great tasting juice. I expected it to be a chore to dismantle and clean after everything I'd read about cold press juicers, but not at all. It was just as fast a clean up as my old centrifugal, and did I mention the great tasting juice?

If you're thinking of buying this baby, go for it. It has my five stars and I'm no pushover.

To Juicers Australia: Thank you guys. Fantastic!"

LexSun Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, October. Mr James Orr, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Can't believe how cheap your spare parts are! Very impressed. Can be signed for by anyone in my office if it's needed. Cheap part so no need for insurance."

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, October. Ms Karen Murray, Arundel, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"I purchased a juicer [LexSun Standard Burgundy] from you 6 months ago and it is great.

Now I am interested in your water distiller..."

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, October. Miss Rachel Mckay, Cape Clear, VIC, Australia.
"Hi, I bought a LexSun juicer from you about 2 years ago and it has been great!

My mum is going to take it now and I am ready to buy another. I am eating raw food and think the Angel juicer may be best for me. Can you confirm that it is easy to use... Thanks for your help!"

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, October. Mr David Chuang, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Auckland, New Zealand.
"Hi,Thanks,I introduced this blender [LexSun Professional Blender] to all my friends.

They are very interest, hope u will receice some order."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, October. Susan Lawrence, Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.
"hi there william,

just to let you know i am very impressed with the Divine distiller.. !
i did think it was going to be smaller... no worries.. !

in the excitement, i have inadvertently thrown away the reciept that was on the packaging, so not sure if you would mind sending out another one, sorry..!

amazing the stench of whats left behind isnt it. ?
also how much did u say it costs to run per distil..?

many thanks for all the info u provided and such great service..
speak to you when i need new filters..!

best regards, susan."

LexSun Deluxe Juicer by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, September. Mr Rajesh Prasad, Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand.

Very pleased with the juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] since its arrival three weeks ago.

The instruction manual is not clear about which number to set the juicing nozzle when juicing.Would like to know what setting to use when using garlic and other soft veges.

Thanks, Rajesh."

Note from JUICERS AUSTRALIA: "Position #3 is best for garlic as per this link here. Position #1 is for softer fruits etc."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, September. Mr Chris McFadden, Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
"Goods arrived [Divine Ultra Countertop] @ 1:15 pm today - can't beat that for service !

Thanks Neil & Judy - sorry about all the trouble with our credit card.

Looking forward to tasting some pure water!"

Amazing Alkaline Water Flask

2010, September. Mrs Ann M, Cranbrook, Townsville, QLD, Australia.
"Six weeks ago I was introduced by a colleague to the Amazing Alkaline Water Flask.

I am presently undergoing the RIFE electrical frequency treatment and was advised to consume alkaline ionized water while under the treatment as it is considered an important part of the program. On such recommendations I promptly purchased a flask from you, and since then have been enjoying drinking the alkaline ionized water.

I have noticed an incredible improvement in my sleep. I just sleep so deep now it is so wonderful. Another thing that I have noticed is a better sense of wellbeing and alertness, as I used to be so unmotivated and not enthusiastic to do very much. I am not like that now, plus my skin is glowing.

Another really amazing thing that has also happened is I no longer have to wear my reading glasses! I am so excited about this.

This alkaline flask is so easy to use and has given me amazing results. Thank you.

Mrs M."

LexSun Deluxe Juicer by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, August. Ms Szanthie Taylor, Lisarow, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you for your great service...

.. this is the best product [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] I have ever bought. I'd never be without one."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, August. Ms Elizabeth & Erin Singh, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

It's only been 2 days since we've started using the Divine Ultra Countertop and so far my mum and I have been impressed. Even our cat Bella went back for seconds yesterday when she tried the water for the first time.... we stood back to watch her and she kept on drinking, drinking and drinking!

We had a cup of herbal tea last night. It was so smoothe on our palate. Last night we cooked with the distilled water and noticed a big difference in the flavour in our vegetables. This morning we ate boiled eggs using distilled water (for cooking and cooling them down). I was amazed by how clean the egg whites tasted. Prior to using the distiller, the egg whites tasted heavy and just wouldn't sit well in my stomach.

I can't get over what residue had been left behind each time we distilled the water from the tap. Even the smell of it was disgusting!

I wished we had of known about this a long time ago. Thanks JUICERS AUSTRALIA and for providing us a great book [The Choice Is Clear] on distilled water to read by Dr. Allen E Banik. All the best."

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, August. Ms Lilley Barnes, Middle Swan, Western Australia.
"The blender [LexSun Professional Blender] was delivered within a week. It does exactly what I want it to do. I have made almond milk, raw vegie soups and raw pasta sauce.

I thought I would use it for a week before I did a review and I am very impressed with the performance. It just keeps on going..."

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, August. Betty Johnson, Margate, Queensland, Australia.
"Thankyou, the [LexSun Professional Blender] parts arrived today. Wonderful service! .. Thanks - Gayle"

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2010, August. 2010, August. Mr Damien O'Reilly, Forrestfield, Western Australia.
"I purchased an Angel Angelina juicer from you when I was living in Brisbane three years back and still happy with it.

Unfortunately the removalists seem to have lost these essential parts on the trip to Perth so I hope you have them in stock. Regards..."

Angel Juicer AG-5500

2010, August. Mrs Rachel Nixon, Buff Point, NSW, Australia.
"Great customer service! VERY prompt reply to my email question." [re Angel Juicer 5500]

Divine Standard Countertop water distiller

2010, July. Ms Anke Wynmalen, Nth Balgowlah, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I can't believe it. Yesterday I ordered the distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] online and early today I took delivery.

Well done to the shipping department.


Divine Standard Countertop water distiller

2010, July. Mr John Parry, Riyadh, Central, Saudi Arabia.
"Hi Guys,

Thank you for the swift response as expected.

Yes, the order is just for the two Divine Standard Countertops and the address is correct.

Looking forward to dealing with you again.

Kind regards, John Parry."

LexSun Standard Juicer - by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, July. Hiram & Sandra Lok, Thornlie, Perth, WA, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

We made the purchase of LexSun Standard Ivory a few months ago and it is working brilliantly. My father is using it every day...

Regards, Sandra Lok"

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2010, July. Mr George Greene, USA.
"I bought a Divine 16L Water Distiller from you a few years ago while living in New Zealand. I am now in America and w ant to plug it in. I have a 100-220 step down/step up transformer, but the distiller plug doesn't fit. Can I jut change the plug? Can it take a different voltage?"

Angel Juicer

2010, July. Mr Robert & Christine Ryder, Bunbury, Western Australia.
"Dear Customer Service,

Firstly, we love our Angel Juicer..."

Steam Sauna Deluxe

2010, June. Michael Bond, Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand
"I use the Steam Sauna Deluxe every day for about 10 minutes. Been doing this since I bought it 8 months ago.

It was easy to set up and very easy to use. It works extremely well and gets REALLY hot - although I like it without the hood fitted.

I absolutely love it, thank you."


2010, June. Mr Michel Lafond, Lyon, France.

I received the package today at noon june 24. I am very pleased

I wish you a very good day

Cordially, Michel Lafond"

Angel Juicer

2010, June. Mrs Jennylee Norgard, Peppermint Grove, Perth, WA, Australia.
"Hi, Thank you very much, I really appreciate your prompt response and fantastic service.

Have a great day,"

LexSun Deluxe Juicer by Oscar Electronic Company Ltd

2010, June. Mrs Elaine Cross, Biggenden, Queensland, Australia.
"We heard about this product [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] while reading a book on beating cancer (Join Our Escape From Death Row - Cancer Jail by Barry THOPMSON).

We have read the testimonials of other product users and were impressed."

Divine 16L automatic Water Distiller Divine 16L fully automatic water distiller2010, May. Mr Paul Thomson, Panania, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"We purchased the Divine 16L [Divine 16L Water Distiller] in April. Very easy to install too. For anyone who is considering the benefits of distilled + filtered water then think no more.

My blood work in March showed me with subclinical hypothyroidism even though I exercise regularly and eat quite a healthy diet with various supplements. However I was also consuming large amounts of tap water and at that time although I knew of the impurities, I did not realise the effect that chlorine and fluoride have on the thyroid gland. Needless to say after around 6 weeks of using only the water from the Divine for drinking and cooking, my latest bloods show my thyroid function to be normal.

Thanks Juicers Australia!"

Lexen Healthy Juicer - Happy Juicer

2010, May. Vanessa Ritchie, North Parramatta, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you for your reply. I am very pleased with your service. I found the extracts of the DVD online, - very helpful!...

..I made my first ever juice last night. First was a carrot. Took a sip of this brightly orange coloured liquid - WOW! That was amazing - so strong flavoured. Tasted some of the pulp extracted - tasteless - all the juice had been extracted.

Next tried a small granny smith - not much juice from a small apple and the pulp still did have some apple taste. I am wondering how much fruit on average will be needed to fill a 250ml glass?...

..I am impressed. I love that my new juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer] doesn't require electricity, is so easy to clean and small enough to store eaily +/ or attractive enough to keep on the kitchen bench. thank you for your service!"

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller - water purifier

2010, May. Mrs Leonie Stanbridge, Kingston, TAS, Australia.
"Hello, I received my [Divine] ultra water distiller very quickly after I ordered it on 29th April. Thank you for your prompt service.

Have been enjoying distilled water. Actually I have a water tank and was surprised by the residue in the distiller but can confidently drink pure water with no nasties in it now. Thanks again. Leonie"

LexSun Professional Blender and LexSun Standard Juicer

2010, May. ILONA Schultz, Hahndorf, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
"Thankyou - Am looking forward to using my super blender [LexSun Professional Blender]!

Bought a juicer [LexSun Standard Juicer] from you guys a few years back - still going and makes the best juices ever.

Have a great day. Cheers, Ilona"

BL30 Manual Wheat Grass Juicer - stainless steel

2010, May. Mr Jeff Turner, Royston Park, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
"Thankyou for your patience...

I have juiced a carrot and some celery and got about one third to half a cup of JUICE!!! [BL30 Manual Juicer]

Once again, thankyou for patience and instructions. PS Thankyou for your VERY quick reply also!"

Divine Standard Countertop water distiller

2010, May. Ross Thatcher, Bangalow, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you, yes, you have been very much of service, with excellent response time. The product [Divine Standard Countertop water distiller] is working well with the first 'filtered' batch now in the making, after two 'cleansing' batches made yesterday.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your services to others, or to use again in the future. I have my eye on the hand-cranked grass juicer, but the water distiller kind of blew the budget for a few weeks. Oh well.

Thanks again,

Sincerely, Ross Thatcher"

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, May. Mrs Jane Sherlock, Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia.
"Ordered the LexSun Super Blender 2.0 and it arrived 2 days later - great delivery.

It works beautifully, does everyth ing it claims to do AND it is so much cheaper than the VitaMix. Well done JUICERS AUSTRALIA!!"

Angel Juicer

2010, April. Mr John and Kate Elliott, Scarborough, QLD, Australia.

The juicer [Angel Juicer] has been received and has already seen action.

Thanks, John."

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, April. Mrs Eva Leube, Manly, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of my replacement juicer [LexSun Professional Blender] jug, you guys are incredible. Will return the faulty one asap. Will also recommend your company to everyone!

All the best, Eva"

BL30 Manual Wheat Grass Juicer - stainless steel

2010, April. Theresa Ruttle, Bolton, Ontario, Canada.
"Thanks for all your help.

The juicer [BL30 Manual Juicer] arrived today and looking forward to using tonight, and for many years to come.

Cheers, Brian and Theresa Ruttle
Puddle Jumper"

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, April. Ms Joanna Forbes, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I absolutely love my super blender [LexSun Professional Blender] Thank you so much

Have to say delivery was very efficiently managed and yes you have been of service...

Keep up the good work

Many thanks"

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, April. Mr Paul Davies, Petrie, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Blended juice of apple, carrot, kiwifruit, and ginger for lunch.  Yum.

I am a naturopath, and am recommending this product [LexSun Professional Blender] to my clients.  Cheers."

Super Angel Juicer

2011, April. Anonymous, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi, we purchased a Norwalk juicer about a month ago.

We would prefer to purchase a Super Angel juicer now and wondered if we could post our Norwalk for sale on your second hand page.

I know this is probably contrary to your policy but as we would consider purchasing our Angel juicer from yourselves, I wondered if you would consider it. We need to sell our juicer before we can afford to buy the Super Angel. Of course we paid AUS $3,500 for the Norwalk and would like to get about $___ for it as it is so new - is that realistic?..

Do you have any other customers who sold a Norwalk in recent times? Thanks."

LexSun Professional Blender

2010, April. Mr Paul Davies, Petrie, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you very much for your prompt delivery. The LexSun blender arrived at approximately 8 o'clock this morning! I haven't had a chance to use it yet - that will be at lunch time. I look forward to many years of fine food!

Warm Regards, and may God Bless you beyond your wildest dreams!

Paul Davies"

Divine 16L Water Distiller

2010, April. Mr Reuben Bluff, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia.
"We bought a 16L distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller] from you last year, and we have been enjoying the crystal clear water it provides... Thank you."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2010, April. Nathan Ritonja, Belmont, Victoria, Australia.
"Hi, I recently bought a Ultra divine water distiller... love this distiller."

LexSun Deluxe Juicer

2010, March. Mr Craig Woodburn, Duffy, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
"Your service last time was great. [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] Will definitely keep coming back! Thanks."

LexSun Deluxe Juicer

2010, March. Mr Michael Mulhearn, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.

We ordered a juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] about 12pm on Thursday 4.3.10 and it arrived on our door step at 7.30 THE NEXT MORNING!!!!

I was astounded by your amazing service, Thank you so much.

I made our first batch of juice last night, the kids were horrified but I loved it. Looking forward to much more...."

LexSun Deluxe Juicer

2010, March. Szanthie Taylor, Lisarow, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you.

I received and used my juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] today, excellent."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2010, February. Mr Charles Thibodeau, Largs North, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
"Hi there. I was just sending a reply to thank you as I have received my distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop - Jug] today.

It is working as we speak etc... Thank you and thumbs up on the machine. It works very well.

Thanks again."

Waterwise 1600 Water Distiller - non electric

2010, February. Viki Zangari, Salisbury, Adelaide, SA, Australia.

Once I gave the unit [Waterwise 1600] a clean, we learned that, the rust was actually the appearance of rust and not rust itself.

Wow is all I can say, our drinking water, the water I have been consuming for 51 years has done that to my brand new distiller after one good session, I think I better keep on keeping on with distilled water.

Thank you soooooooo very much for your support and all the best for the new year.

Cheers, Viki."

LexSun Standard Juicer

2010, February. Ms Kerry Shepherd, Currumbin, QLD, Australia.
"Hi guys,

I recently ordered a couple of spare parts for a juicer (auger and juicing cone) [LexSun Standard Juicer].

They arrived today - WOW, I couldn't believe how fast the order went through..."

Angel Juicer

2010, February. Mrs Nicole Foley, Narrabri, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you for the timely delivery of a great product [Angel Juicer].

May God bless you in everything you are trying to accomplish.

Kind regards, Nicole."

Divine 16L Countertop Water Distiller

2010, January. Mr Eric Dermott-Powell JP, Mortdale, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I would like to order (6) six bags of carbon for the Divine stainless steel distiller [Divine 16L Water Distiller].

We enjoy the distiller.

Like to get the carbon as soon as possible. with thanks."

Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller

2010, January. Mr Franz Pirchmoser, Theodore, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
"Good day;

Thank you for the excellent service, the parcel has arrived Monday 25th.

The jug [Divine Ultra Countertop - Jug] tested my ingenuity a little until I positioned the handle across the poring spout and tightened the bands; clicked the little plastic horseshoe into the small opening that is supposed to allow the distillate to enter closing it and, rotate the lid at 90 degrees from the spout for the distillate to flow in."

BL30 Manual Juicer - stainless steel

2010, January. Mr Douglas Coulter, Fort Bragg, California, United States of America.
"Juicer [BL30 Manual Juicer] just arrived today and it looks great, did not have good veggies to try but some older stuff came out quite nice.

Its built like a truck and will try some wheatgrass tomorrow."

Angel Juicer

2010, January. Mrs Robyn Dols-Ringleben, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Thank you so very much for your email.

The Angel juicer was for me and I LOVE it sooo much. My next purchase is a water purifier - just need to read which is the best for me.

Regards, Robyn"

LexSun Professional Blender 2010, January. Mrs Gabriel Holmes, Alderley, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
"The Blender arrived. Thank you very much for such prompt service. Much appreciated."

What our customers are saying...
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LexSun Professional Blender

2009, December. Mrs Cathy Moonen, Prospect, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hello Sales Team,

Thank you so much for the surprise scales... What a kind gesture!

The Blender rocks too :)

A lovely Christmas to you all. Cathy Moonen"

Angel Juicer

2009, December. Miss Elizabeth Park, Queenscliff, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you!

I would like to pass on that I am extremely impressed with your service.. I bought the Angel Juicer the other day and was amazed at how quickly it arrived! I will have no hesitation in recommending you to others!

Regards, Liz"

Portable Far Infrared Sauna

2009, December. Janine Dalton, Mermaid Waters, QLD, Australia.
"I purchased a Portable Far Infrared Sauna 6 months ago, have had amazing results, using it for Detox. After recent retesting the heavy metals have been reduced dramatically. My health is improving day by day.

Thanks. I was also impressed by your speedy delivery."

LexSun Standard Juicer

2009, December. Christiana, Rosebank, NSW, Australia.
"Hi, I bought a lexsun single gear juicer from you last year and I love it.

However, I've lost the instruction book, and I'd like to know how to make frozen fruit ice cream (like mango and banana).

Can you please provide any advice re the juicer."

Note from JUICERS AUSTRALIA: "Yes our Recipe Section has such recipes.

Or you can purchase a 50 page manual that has many recipes."

Divine Standard Countertop water distiller

2009, November. Mr Marcos Vazquez, Blaxland, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thanks Guys i received my goods [Divine Standard Countertop] today without a problem.

Thanks for the speedy delivery, Marcos."

Sprite Shower Filter

2009, November. Mrs Sinead Bright, Coomera Waters, Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you so much for the speedy service. I love the product [Sprite Shower Filter] and will be recommending you guys to all people I meet.



2009, November. Mr Max Finkelstein, Caulfield South, VIC, Australia.
"re the juicer [LexSun Standard Juicer] that i received several weeks ago, I was going to mix some carrot and beetroot juice together. Out of beetroots I juiced carrots only. In 30 minutes the ulcerated liver and melenoma pains that had been troubling me for years ceased and have not troubled me further...

..I owe my life to this machine and I wish to enjoy my present good health. Yours sincerely Max Finkelstein."

LexSun Professional Blender

2009, November. Mr Tony Barry, Victoria Street West, Auckland, New Zealand.
"i LOVE my blender [LexSun Professional Blender]and use it 3 times a day...

.. and if i am away from home overnight it always goes with me. 80% of my diet are greeen smoothies and your blender makes smoothies like no other blender can. thankyou....."

..i am 63 years old and most people think i am 45.

i do 12 gym class's a week including aerobic's, weight training, martial arts and yoga. i put my unusual health , energy and strength down to raw foods. i would like to share my recipe with you... it has served me well for many years and reached a peak of perfect digestion when i ist i started using your blender [LexSun Professional Blender].

i blend lots of raw greens & carrot with an aple and some sultanas . everything is absolutely pulverised for easy assimilation. i have never had a blender before that could totally blend sultana's and this helps to sweeten up the mix.!!.

i have these green smoothies 3 times a day but add sunflower, linseed and pumpkin seeds to the breakfast smoothie.

hope this may be of interest to you.

regards .......... tony barry"

Tony Barry loves using his LexSun Professional Blender
Samson Juicer parts

2009, November. Mr Christopher Newlove, Tanah Merah, Logan City, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you for your utmost efficiency.

Regards, Chris Newlove"

LexSun Deluxe Juicer

2009, November. Mr Troy Weekes, Scarborough, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia.
"Hello Juicers Australia,

I purchased one of your Lexsun juicers [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] ~1.5 weeks ago and I have been very happy with it.

I have an inquiry about your Lexsun Super Blender. Do you have any information on how SLOW it can blend at the lowest setting? It would be used primarily for raw foods and I see the Goldmill is recommended, but the Lexsun looks far more robust.

Thanks in advance."

Note from JUICERS AUSTRALIA: "The slowest setting for the LexSun Pro Blender is 11,750 rpm as per specifications

Please do not be put off the Gold Mill by its low price. It is excellent as well, especially because of its' round jug, which is easy to clean etc."

Genie Standard Water Distiller 2009, November. Mr Suleman Kesh, Lynwood, Canning, Western Australia, Australia.
"I've had the distiller [Genie Standard Mk2] for a little while now and it's working like a charm. I'm very happy with it."
Divine Ultra Countertop Water Distiller 2009, October. Mr Reg Gray, Holden Hill, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
"Hi, the Distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop] arrived today and I can hear it whirring away in the laundry. All seems fine at present, thanks for the quick delivery. Cheers Reg."
Angel Juicer

2009, October. Mr Michael Artmann, Lower Beechmont, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"Dear Sales Team,

Yes thank you very much we got the juicer [Angel Juicer] and we love it...

Thanks again, Michael"

Sprite Shower Filter

2009, October. Jayana McMahon, Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine, QLD, Australia.
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for being so clear and taking a stand on sharing the info about the removal of the shower rose heads [Sprite Shower Filter] and why. I am also totally disgusted and its a complete joke.

Having worked hard to keep a level of health for many years, against all the nay-sayers in the medical profession who said I would be this or that, dependent on medication etc , I found not only did I have to do my own research, and trial and error but I would often have the added maddening obstacle of Govt rules and policies snatch life enhancing products out of my grasp just as I began to have good results.

I wonder if its time to start looking for a new planet to live on, one filled with intelligent, life affirming, compassionate and generous beings, humans welcome. In health and hope, Jayana"

Angel Juicer

2009, October. Mr Liang-Chun Yu, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you so much for the Angel juicer and free book!!

I feeel much better now taking fruit juice everyday!

Just have a question about distilled water, is it really true that can get rid of the waste off your body? do you take distill water yourself? What about calcium supplements that I take, like the coral calcium, is that inorganic and is it bad for me?

thanks again"

LexSun Pro Blender

2009, October. Mr Peter Thornton, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"hey there

cant wait. i blew up my panasonic 10 year old thing.. I NEED my new blender :-) [Lexsun Professional Blender]


Amazing Alkaline Micro Water

2009, September. Kaushik Dutasharma, Salt lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
"As the last delivery [24 x Amazing Micro Water] was done through the courier DHL satisfactorily to home [India] and the parcel in good shape, I would request you to do the same [with next order] with an instruction to specifically deliver it to home...,

..there are 3 to 4 flight changes and the Parcel being handled at different countries."

Genie Water Distiller

2009, September. Mr Suleman Kesh, Lynwood, Canning, Western Australia, Australia.
"I have set up this unit [Genie Mk2] and it is now going through its second cleaning cycle. Everything is working like a charm and I hope this continues (touch plastic).

Your instructions are very good and clear. When I taste the first water, and make a decent cup of tea with it, I will let you know. Thus far I am pleased with it.

Cheers, Suleman Kesh"


2009, September. Mr Paul Adams, Rutherford, NSW, Australia.

Received my juicer this morning at 7.30 am. Unbelievable. Your service is second to none


Paul Adams

Genie Water Distiller 2009, September. Mr Barry Watt, Aberfoyle Park, SA, Australia.
"I bought a MK11 [Genie Mk2] from you a few years ago. is still going strong..."
Divine Standard Countertop water distiller

2009, September. Mr John Evans, Bokarina, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi Guys,

Just left a message on the answering service. wondering if someone can give me a call on phone... re a maintenence issue with my Divine Standard Countertop water distiller... which is fantastic.... every home should have one!!

Thanks and looking forward to talking with you. Every blessing John"

Genie Water Distiller

2009, September. Mrs Madeliena Fong, Aspley, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
"Hello there, many thanks for getting my distiller machine [Genie Mk2 Water Distiller]to me at a very fast speed. I am sure, my family will get many years and great use out of it.

PS. I have fax my registration to you. Hoped that you have received it. Thanks, Madeliena"

Champion Juicer

2009, September. Mr John O'Donohue, Merewether, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
"thanks guys - arrived this morning [Champion Juicer]

John OD"

Lexen Juicer 2009, September. Mr Morné Barnes, Blossom Naturopathy, Mooloolah, QLD, Australia.
"Thanks, I received it [parts] yesterday and had my first juice again – just love the juicer [Lexen Mk2 Juicer]… so thanks for your prompt service."
Angel Juicer

2009, September. Mr John Baxendale, Kumeu, Auckland, New Zealand.
"Good morning Sales, have picked up Angel Juicer this am. from DX Mail bond store, at mangere airport ...

We are really impressed with the quality of the machine , the finnish is excellent. Again many thanks for all your help.

Kind regards , John."

Compact Juicer

2009, September. M L, NSW, Australia.
"Hi there, we recently purchased a Compact juicer after trialling my sisters Samson Juicer for a month and aren't happy with the Compact. I am having to put the fruit & veg thru twice to get nearly as much juice as I did with the Samson.

Anyway, I will be returning the Compact juicer to the co. I bought it from as thankfully there is a 30 day money back guarantee. We are now trying to work out whether to go with the Angel Juicer or LexSun Deluxe - my question is how much more do you get out of fruit & veg from LexSun vs Angel? And are the parts of the Angel much more expensive than the Lexsun?

Thanks, M"

LexSun Deluxe Juicer

2009, September. Mrs Jeanette Byrd, Carseldine, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you for your prompt service!

We received the juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] the next day & all was in good order. I have enjoyed the process of getting the fresh tasty juice from fresh organic vegies. I hope to improve my recovery from Lymphoma by supplementing with this top quality juice.

So thanks for the fast turn-around – 24 hrs from online order to delivery – Excellent!

Regards, Jeanette Byrd."

Angel Juicer 2009, September. Mr John Baxendale, Kumey, Auckland, New Zealand.
[re Angel Juicer purchase] is absolutely commendable & is extremely reassuring as this is our first purchase in this manner, MANY THANKS , John."
Water purifiers

2009, August. Mr Ratziel Bander, Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia.
"Hi, We are really loving our Divine distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop]. Thanks so much.

Can you advise please: what do you use to store and dispense your water? And how long does it keep?

Thanks so much for your help. Ratziel."

Sprite Shower Filter

2009, August. C. M, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
"Well I am really saddened to learn that you will no longer be selling the shower filter units [Sprite Shower Filter]. Actually I have bought two from you and absolutely love showering in the chemical free water.

I wonder, will you be continuing to sell the filter cartridges for those who have already got the shower units like me, or will they be deleted from stock also? I really hope that I will be able to continue buying the filter cartridge in future.

Thanks for all the great quality products and service - I thoroughly enjoy shopping with JUICERS AUSTRALIA and have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone ."

Note from JUICERS AUSTRALIA: "Yes the HOUSING BODY and FILTER CARTRIDGE will still remain available."

2009, August. C Doyle, Australia.

I am the proud owner of a Divine Standard water distiller.

As a consumer of organic, fresh, raw, ripe wholefoods only I am not looking for minerals in my water because I get these from my foods (so no complaint from me about the water being too pure), I am only looking for assurance that all toxins have been removed from the water in one distillation.

I am completely satisfied with the model I chose to purchase...

Cheers and kind regards."

2009, August. Mr Andrew Pratt, Jingili, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
"That is great thank you.

Great machine! [Lexsun Blender]


2009, July. Mr Tony Lambert, Cervantes, WA, Australia.
"Many thanks for your prompt response and ready assistance.

Regards, Tony"

2009, July. Mr Kelly Warn, Millers Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

The distiller [Divine Ultra Countertop] arrived yesterday afternoon and worked fine. Thanks for the prompt response and the extra's.

Kind Regards, Kelly Warn."

2009, July. Ms Diana Spierings, Yeppoon, Australia.
"Hi there,

So far I am very happy with my portable infared sauna sauna...

Thanks, Diana Spierings"

2009, July. Mrs Sonia Whitehead, Deagon, QLD, Australia.
"Thanks so much.

I received my part [Samson part] this morning and am eternally grateful to you for such prompt delivery. I have been ill and my juicer is the only thing I survive on while I'm sick so it was really important to me to have the juicer back up and working again. Sonia"

2009, July. Mr John Di Gravio, Mayfield, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Sales Team,

The Juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] arrived very promptly and we are making juice and everything is in order.

Thanks for all your help and fast service. Much appreciated. Yours sincerely, John"

2009, July. Mr Max Moore. Newborough, Victoria, Australia.
"Sales Team,

Thank your for your reply... Another plus for the distiller [Divine Standard Countertop]. It doubles as a heater for the kitchen!"

Greenpower Kempo Juicer

2009, July. Mr Chris G., Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"I just read on your site the reason you have discontinued the greenpower juicer. What an '&%#@!#$&' of a company they are to have the cheek to blackmail you so as to deny your customers the best juicer available (Angel). If I was you, I'd tell them where to go and on principle would not do business with them for even attempting such tactics.

I've had a greenpower juicer and threw it out after I purchased an Angel juicer from you. The Angel is by far a much better juicer in terms of its construction and the quantity (and probably the quality) of juice obtained. Also, after a while, the plastic on the greenpower twin gears cracks which is not good for a juicer which wants to dominate the market.

I say, stand your ground and '$%&@' them off, for good. On a much happier note, I'm still thrilled with my Angel and the two distillers I bought from you. I hope Bob-Bruce and Ruffles are doing fine.

Regards, Chris G."

2009, June. Mr Ian Wippell, Langwarrin, VIC, Australia.
"Received my new Angel today. Just goes to show..... You get what you pay for. This juicer is the mostest. Not Ju ice --- Nectar of the gods. I first tried it on some Imperial mandarines and I could not believe the difference in quality and taste over canned / bottled juice and soooooooooooooo little waste!

Have gone shopping and got some pears and granny smith apples and a big bag of unsalted peanuts. (Peanut butter freak). My next purchase will be a distiller for clean unpolluted drinking water. I have made purchases that I regret but this aint one of them. This is my first juicer I purchased and took me a few weeks to make up my mind after much research on juicers (apart from the usual citrus juicer thingies)

Regards and thanks to Juicers Aussie Aussie Aussie for your prompt service. Hope back-up is the same, Ian."

Yes 2009, June. Mrs Anita Hjalmby, Arendal, Norway.
"Your juice [Immun Boosta] is wonderful. I was diagnosed with loungcancer in 2005, they told me i would die within a few months. but, im still here... with cancer though the ulcer is much smaller. i have just taken regular cancer treatment and your juice. the doctor doesn't understand. so thank you for the juice... and my life."

2009, June. Mrs Aileen Sebastian, Woodcroft, Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi Guys,

Thanks for the prompt delivery of my Lexsun Blender. I received it yesterday morning as what have promised to me. It was really nice doing business with you. I didn’t have any issues whatsoever not like with other stores I had dealt with before. Also I wanted to thank you for the good thought of including an environmental bag inside the parcel. It was so nice of you to think that I would need one in taking the blender home since it was delivered here at work.

I will definitely recommend you to my other friends and relatives and I will definitely buy more from you in the near future. Thank you so much...

Regards, Aileen."

2009, June. Dr G. L. Rao, Canberra City, ACT, Australia.
"Dear Friend,

Thanks. This is the fastest response I ever had from a business. Good on you. I will buy a juicer from you. At present I am overseas. I will contact you again when I return to Australia.

Thanks once again,

G. L. Raojust"

2009, May. Michael Catanzariti, Two Wells, SA, Australia.
"Hi.. I've used the juicer [LexSun Deluxe Juicer] .. its brilliant... Regards, Mike."
2009, May. Lisa Pelosi, Broome, WA, Australia.
"thanks, I received juicer [Lexen Mk2 Juicer] today, very quick for our part of the world..used it already works really well..thanks again, Lisa."

2009, May. K. K., Springwood, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
..Yes, this time I spaced my factory visits so that it was not so taxing on my energy. Previously within 3 or 4 weeks in China I had breathing problems. This time I spent 6 weeks in China and it could be because I spaced out the factory visits and or because I took 4 bottles of the new Amazing Immun Boosta with me, drinking 3 times a day, I returned with my health in perfect condition.

I was surprised that this is the first time I did not use my puffer at all during my 6 weeks in China considering the air in China is very much polluted."

2009, May. Miss Aimee Mehan, Hamilton, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
"Thank you for offering the
large manual juicer, I am an environment conscious person, and value being able to run on 'banana power' rather than on electricity. Many thanks, Aimee"

2009, April. Ms Shanti Portia, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.
"thank you very much, you're so helpful and prompt. The people I bought my juicer off [Lexen Juicer] won't reply to my emails, so it's a relief that you guys are here. I wish I had gotten it off you, but fortunately my Mum purchased from you so if she has any hassles at least she'll get a response!

thanks again, shanti"

2009, March. Mrs T. Brooks-Kinsella, Southport, QLD, Australia.
"I purchased a Divine 16L water distiller from JUICERS AUSTRALIA.

It removes everything. I only bought a 16 litre to start with but I'm eventually going to upgrade to a larger model. It's a really great machine. Since purchasing it, we've all been drinking pure water (even our dog!).

I'm definitely going to be looking closely at the upcoming electoral candidates in the Qld State elections to see who is going to remove fluoride from our water. I know there is an independent running in the seat of Gaven that is against fluoridation but I haven't heard of anyone else against it. We'll see what happens!"

2009, March. Mr Lyndon Cowan, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.
"What a machine (Lexsun Blender) - sounds like a jet taking off - but the smoothies are amazing - thanks for the prompt service - and we saved NZ$350 buying from you rather than 2hp Vitamix."

2009, March. Mrs Helen Frazer, Ingle Farm, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
"Thank you for your speedy service - much appreciated.

Kind regards
Helen Frazer.

2009, March. Mr Stephen Corry, Armadale, Perth, WA, Australia.
"just a quick email indicating that the angel juicer has arrived in good condition and appears to be working well.

steve west australia"

2009, March. Mrs Helen Howell, Cleveland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Very pleased with the quick service – it arrived Friday. Juicer [LexSun Standard Juicer] works very well too.

Thanks very much."

2009, March. Shirleigh Donehue, Eltham, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Thanks, your service has been perfect "
2009, March. Paul Donovan, Moggill, Queensland, Australia.
"A BIG Thankyou for such a swift and efficient delivery of a very superior product [LexSun Deluxe Juicer]. We are delighted. Cheers, Paul"
2009, February. Mr Terry Lukehurst, Duncraig, Perth, WA, Australia.
"I bought a LexSun juicer DO-9001 a year ago, use it every day and think it is great... Thank You."
2009, February. Mrs Carole Goddard, Cornwall, United Kingdom.
"Hi , I bought a far infra red sauna from you a few years ago, it's been amazing... many thanks. Carole Goddard."

2009, February. Ms Serena Hart, Cheltenham, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Hi, I have been meaning to email you all week to let you know we are delighted with your excellent service and our new distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] which is working perfectly. We are getting a full bottle every time!

We sent the other one back around a week ago. You may have it by now.

Thanks again for your wonderful help.

Regards, Serena Hart."

2009, February. Ms Elizabeth Eldridge, Macquarie Park, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I refer to my previous order
[LexSun Standard Juicer] made on 20 Jan 2009 which I purchased for our Group CEO.

She has been so 110% pleased with the purchase and talked endlessly that our Group HR Director would now like the same please. Please have this delivered ASAP this week, but by latest this Friday morning 27 Feb 2009.

By the way the GCEO loves the fact there is not much to wash up!"

2009, February. Ms Jennifer D, Batemans Bay, NSW, Australia.
"Thankyou juices australia. I have just recieved my
angel juicer today only 3 days after ordering. Your service has been a pleasure to do business with. Easy, efficient, professional and quick to deliver.

I have a condition known as Gastroparesis which is frought with a diet based mainly on liquids. The only way I will be able to get the necessary nutrients from vegetables will be through daily juices. I look forward to knowing that with the Angel juicer I will be recieving the most nutritional form available to me. I can''t wait to try it!!

Kind regards, Jenny"

2009, February. Julian Convey, Australia.
"I have just bought a Divine Standard Countertop distiller, and I love it..."

Divine 48L Water Distiller2009, February. Mr David Peters, Toowoomba, QLD, Australia.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the Divine 48L Water Distiller. It arrived so soon after ordering, and was so easy to set up!

For some time now I have been thinking about whether water effects our health or not, and after some research was amazed that water quality really has such a bearing on ones' health.

Attached to this e-mail is a picture of the new distiller. We connected a drain hose (at right of distiller), for when we flush the boiling chamber. The hose runs into the laundry tubs at left.

Connecting the mains' water to the distiller was easy enough. The Pre Carbon Filter is at the back and also fitted in without any problem.

I fitted the Post Carbon Filter 'without' the charcoal as per instructions and ran the unit for one complete cycle, to sterilize the distiller as per the instructions. Our family were so excited after we discarded the first cycle, then put charcoal in the post carbon filter, then turned the unit back on.

The first batch had a bit of a taste, which we figure is some leftover residue from manufacture, but the second batch tasted better, and third batch is brilliant! On hindsight, we should have put the distiller though two sterilization cycles.

We allow the water to cool to room temperature, and in the photo below you can see us filling a 15 litre bottle for our water dispenser. It is delicious, and the guests just love it too. Tea tastes better, and my wife cooks with distilled water too. Our dog prefers the distilled water as well and has more energy!

Thanks again for this awesome product! It is a real blessing."

2009, January. Mr Dave Armytage, Padstow, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Thanks you for the speedy delivery of the juicer [Angel Juicer] and the power cord. It works just great and easy to clean.

Regards, Dave."

2009, January. Cherie Harrich, Stafford Heights, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you, we have received the distiller [Waterwise 1600] and are making great tasting water.

We would like to buy the 5 gallon storage container you offer. How much does it cost?

Cheers, Cherie"

2009, January. Mrs Donna Bonelli, Ningi, QLD, Australia.
"Thank-you. I received my juicer [LexSun Standard Juicer] this morning and have already made some fresh organic orange juice for my self and my 2 children. This will be a valuable product for my family and I over the next few years as I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have the Gerson therapy book as my guide to my treatment Thank you... all the best. Donna."

2009, January. Ms Pamela Goodchild, Brunswick East, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Thanks, the Sprite Shower Filter arrived and it is fantastic... yeeehaaa no chlorine, the water is so much softer.

You were fast and efficient, would buy from you again.

cheers, happy new year. JP Goodchild... in freezing Melb."

What our customers are saying...
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2008, December. Mr Ron Cross, Moorebank, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"This distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] is to replace our Pure Magic West Bend model (9 years old) which we brought with us from NZ.

We used it virtually every day, including the year we spent travelling the East coast of Aus in a caravan.

It has just stopped and a continual supply of distilled water is essential. There is no other water that we would choose to drink. My wife and I are in our 60's and have never been healthier - in body and mind.

Thanks, and blessings in Jesus' Name."

2008, December. Mr Chris & Margaret TeRore, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"..great products, great service. Distiller [Genie Mk2] and Angel [Juicer] are going like a house on fire and never miss a beat! Couldn't be happier. Hello to Ruffles and Bob-Bruce. (We love animals, we have 3 miniature doberman pinschers, Minnie, Winnie and Linnie who are sisters and a persian cat called Misty Wits.) Go Aussie. Oi, Oi, Oi."

2008, December. Mrs Jean Small. Maroubra, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Good morning..., I'd also like to add that I'm so very happy with the product [Divine Standard Countertop] - the purified water is just delicious, and I wish I'd heard about distilled water YEARS ago!

Now I'm telling everyone who visits me, and showing them the bottom of the boiling chamber - encouraging them to take a whiff of the awful stuff left behind. People are amazed when I tell them. I make sure I clean that out once a week. Just goes to show how awful Sydney water is!!"

2008, December. Mrs Susan Mistler, Kenthurst, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Arrived safely today [LexSun Deluxe], made juice already, thank you very much."
2008, December. Neil Stone, Thorneside, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Received [LexSun Standard Juicer] today and gave it a spin tonight. Great juice, easy to use and easier to clean than my old high speed type. Thanks for your speedy processing and delivery.

Regards, Neil Stone"

2008, December. Ms Isabel Collins, Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Thank you for my Divine Standard Countertop Water Distiller which arrived safely on the 4th of December. I was so close to getting a water filter and it was only by chance that I found my way to your web-site and made the decision to buy a water distiller instead. I'm so glad I did.

The 'Divine' is a good looking appliance and very easy to use. But the real benefit began when I tasted my first glass of pure distilled water, it was a real thrill. The water tasted soft and sweet and was a such a pleasure to drink, a real luxury. And another bonus is that all my drinks - coffee, tea and soft drinks, etc. - have tasted better since I began using distilled water.

On a negative note I was horrified to find out the true quality of the tap water I've been drinking. After running through the set up regime with 8 litres of water there was a thick brown sludge left behind. I have the Kleaner which you advise to use every few weeks but I can see I will be using it far more often.

Of course, I'm aware that normal water contains elements that are necessary for health, so please will you direct me to information, or a website, that discusses these issues. I will be quite happy to take a daily tablet or tonic that supplies me with the minerals I need.

Thank you once again.
Kind regards, Isabel Collins

2008, November. Mrs Margaret Elliott, Brighton, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
"Hi there, Thanks for the super quick delivery of the juicer [LexSun Deluxe]. I am delighted."
2008, October. Mrs Alison Rizzolo, Dynnyrne, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
"Juicer [LexSun Deluxe] is for my son - Early Xmas present as he is on health kick and I know how important this juicer will be for his health now!"
2008, October. Mr Bruce Owens, Warburton Community, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia
Just to say thank you for your amazingly prompt service.  It would normally take 1.5 to 2 weeks to get stuff out here so well done.  I had the juicer [LexSun Deluxe] on the following Tuesday.  Started enjoying my fresh juice immediately.
Kind Regards, Bruce Owens."

2008, September. Mr Ryan Hoppitt, Engadine, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Juicer Australia, The
Lexen Healthy Juicer arrived this morning. Thank you for your efficient and prompt service.

We will definitely recommend you to other people and we’ll be back when we’re ready to purchase other great products from you. Thanks, Ryan"

2008, September. Dr Monty Glass, Kendall, NSW, Australia.
"We recently bought an Angel Juicer. I was amazed how quickly the unit arrived. This is an absolutely awesome juicer. Beautifully constructed from polished stainless steel and truly built to last. The juiced pulp is almost dry to touch. Brilliant!"

2008, September. Mr Chris G, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"I would like to thank the staff at Juicers Australia for their prompt response to my numerous enquiries. That\'s one thing I really appreciate, courteous efficicient service which these days, is quite rare.

I\'m very happy with my Divine Standard Countertop distiller, drinking litres and litres of lovely distilled water every day. The distiller is simply superb, taking only 3.5hrs per cycle compared to nearly 6 hrs for the Genie Mark II which I used for 8 months before deciding to upgrade.

My advice to anyone considering buying one of your distillers is to pay the little extra and go for the Divine Standard Countertop model. It\'s a much better unit even though there\'s nothing wrong with the standard one.

We\'ve only got one body so why not look after it? Give it some distilled water today and it\'ll never stop thanking you.....

Regards, Chris."

2008, September. Mr Andrew Dickinson, Balmain, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Thanks for the excellent service. Juicer [LexSun Deluxe] arrived and very happy. Andy"

2008, September. Mrs Jean Small, Maroubra, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hello! Just wanted to send along a warm and heartfelt thank you.

I received my water distiller [Divine Standard Countertop] within 3 days of ordering - that's awesome - and as I type this, it is merrily distilling away in my kitchen. I'll let it run twice before I start drinking the water, as suggested.

I'd just like to reiterate once more how impressed I have been with the level of service from your company... excellent and straightforward ordering process, to the timely delivery and the follow up emails.

I was also happy to receive a copy of the booklet "The Choice is Clear" - even though I had already read it on the website before making the purchase, I'm glad to have it in hard copy. It has amazing information.

I've been delighted, and won't hesitate to recommend Juicers Australia to my friends and family.

Best regards, Jean Small"

2008, September. Mr Nick Theodorakis, Baulkham Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I recently bought a Kempo juicer from your second hand section, after having a champion for many years. I greatly appreciated your websites reviews, which consequently informed me of the advantages of a juicer that would give me living juice. The Kempo has been and will continue to be a big blessing in helping me maintain the health of my liver. Thanks so much for the after sales service too. I\'ll be recommending you guys in the future. Thanks so much, Nick!!"

2008, July. Mr Mark Gibbs, Briar Hill, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"You were right. The drain [Divine Water Distiller] was not tight. More Teflon and a tight attachment solved the leak.

PS: It is amazing that with a woven sediment pre-filter followed by a ceramic cartridge prior to the Devine, I still get a teaspoon of sediment out of the drain every 3 months. And Melbourne water is supposed to be one of the better town supplies."

2008, July. Mr Paul Chapman, Saint James, Western Australia.
"Hi Everyone, I just bought a Kempo juicer from you guys... I would like to say thanks for great service and the juicer is fantastic. Thank you.

2008, June. Ms Karen Foster, Kalamumda, Perth, WA, Australia.

This is a note to say thankyou for your speedy dispatch and most excellent service regarding my purchase a few weeks ago, of Green Kempo Twin gear Juicer. It is wonderful to use, and the best choice for me. Thankyou to all the team @ Juicers Australia. Cheers, K Foster."

2008, June. Mr Tony McGarry, Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Sydney water is practically "poinsoned". Those who say it isn't come round my house and I will give you a glass of water the contaminents left over from the distillation of just 4 liters of water [Genie Mk2]. If you drink it, you are either increadibly brave or incredibly stupid."
2008, June, Mrs Louise Williams, Strahan, TAS, Australia.
"Hi, Just letting you know that I have recieved the Chi Machine and am completely happy with the service and the machine itself. Thank you, Regards, Louise Williams"

2008, June, Mr Nigel Proctor, Kungala, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Sales Team,

Thank you for your email and your efforts on my behalf. I started reading my emails from the top so I have only just seen this. Your service, efficiency and generosity are exemplary! Thank you again. [Genie Mk2 customer]

With kind regards, Nigel."

2008, May, Mr William Wallace, Warwick, Queensland, Australia.
"Well I am totally impressed with the Sprite Shower Filter, and so are all our guests who use our showers! The water is clean now and feels so soft. Awesome product - thanks!"

2008, May. Ms Gail Skipworth, Buderim, Maroochydore, QLD, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,

The first wash I used the shampoo twice to get rid of the old product and my hair feels great after brushing it.  Soft and silky with plenty of bounce. Regards, Gail."

2008, May. Mr David Collett, Unley, Adelaide, SA, Australia.
"Hi, I received the juicer yesterday. I just want to say thank you for the quick despatch and also that I am very impressed with its build quality! [LexSun Juicer] Thank you! Regards, David Collett, Director"
2008, May. Mr Nick Wadsley, Elwood, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Dear staff, Thank you very much for sending me a new jug. It arrived on Friday. The juicer works great!! [ Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3] Cheers, Nick."

2008, May. Mr Tony McGarry, Leichhardt, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
This order is for a present - I actually own one of these [Genie Mk2] and I have to say that it's one of the best investments I have ever made!

The difference between tap water and distilled water is very noticeable when you put them to the taste test.

Thanks once again."

2008, April. Mrs Nadia Maidment, Tourrettes sur Loup, Alpes Maritimes, France.
"Great, thanks. Can’t wait to receive it! [LexSun Juicer]

And thanks for your brilliant service and rapid responses to all my emails – it’s been like having someone at the end of the phone. Kind regards, Nadia"

2008, April. Mr Constant Chiew, Hougang Avenue, Singapore.
"Good day, My family and I are enjoying the goodness of the juices that Angelica [Angel Juicer] has produced for us. It certainly is a God sent juicer...

Thanks for answering my quiries so quickly. I am impressed. Yes Juicers Australia has one of the best support team I had encountered so-far. Keep up the good work.

Best regards to staff and to a service much appreciated."

2008, April. Mrs Bernadette Harris, Melbourne, Australia.
"Hi, I appreciate the time you took to reply and provide me with the information albeit bad. Certainly if we are looking to purchase another Juicer in the future, I will be contacting you again. I am very impressed with your customer service.

Kind regards, Bernadette"

2008, March. Mrs Susan Coleman, Adamstown Heights, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.
"Our last one [Genie Mk2] that has served us without a hitch for over three years needs replacing URGENTLY. Thank you for your prompt service and great product (the plastic in the upper section has worn out - no wonder, we've run it 2 times a day for last three years....it's been great!).."

2008, March. Ms Margaret Terore, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"..Noticed the price of the Angel juicer has dropped, I'm still very happy with mine. I note on your site at one part you say the Angel operates at 86 rpm and then further down it says 82 rpm. I know it's only very minor but it is an inaccuracy.

My distiller [Genie Mk2] is working very well and gives the best tasting water I've tasted, bearing in mind I've had both ion exchange and reverse osmosis over the past 20 years!

Regards to Bob-Bruce and Ruffles I'm glad they're happy."

2008, March. Ms Dawn Pye, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia.
"My mum and dad have just brought one [Genie Mk2] last christmas, and they think its wonderful."
2008, February. Mr Jeffrey Shilton, Empire Bay, New South Wales, Australia.
"This [Angel Juicer] is A Birthday Present For my brother up in Qld, I already own a Angel juicer and am very pleased with it. Thank You."
2008, February. Mr Justin Ammerlaan, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Hello JA. we purchased a lexsun juicer about 6 months ago and have been absolutely amazed at what a great product it is. 4 of our friends have purchased one themselves after seeing what we do with ours!"
2008, February. Sharon Wilkes, Blaxland, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Fantastic service - arrived Monday! Thankyou. Regards." Sharon Wilkes
2008, January. Mrs Nicole Jakich, Papamoa, Tauranga, New Zealand.
"Thanks JUICERS AUSTRALIA. I received the juicer this morning - very impressed with the speed of delivery!... All the parts are here, product [Lexen Juicer] in great order. Am very impressed with your service & such prompt replies."

What our customers are saying...
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2007, December. Paul Maloney, Amiens, Stanthorpe, QLD, Australia.
"I am so happy with my Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3, I bourght one for a friend a while back from you..."

2007, December. Ms Karen Maigrot, Merrylands, Sydney, NSW Australia.
"Hello again... I am just gob smacked at the speed at which you guys deliver your customer service!!! I just found your email, which you sent at 9.52pm!!!

Anyway, thanks so much for your help and speedy assistance... I will put the cap [Lexen Juicer] in the post over the weekend so please convey this to the appropriate person.

Thanks again for your incredible customer service... the world would be a much happier place if there were more people like yourselves!

Kindest Regards, Kaz :o)

2007, December. Ms Margaret Terore, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia, as you know I recently took possession of an Angel juicer (16/11/07) a distiller (28/11/07) [Genie Mk2] and a 5 litre fridge pack and am delighted to report I couldn\'t be happier with your products...

I note that for December you\'re including a free copy of Dr Banik\'s book with distiller purchases. As I only missed this offer by a couple of days and have been a good customer, would you by any chance be able to send me a free copy of his book?

I really would like a copy and would be most grateful if you could accomodate my request. Thankyou. Margaret."

2007, November. Ms Margaret Terore, Bargo, NSW, Australia.
"I purchased one of your Angel juicers last week and am over the moon with it. I\'ve had a champion juicer and a Greenpower twin gear plus numerous centrifugal models and the Angel runs circles around the lot of them...

The only improvement I would like to see on the Angel is for the front of the base under the feed chute to protrude forward so that the machine doesn\'t tilt forward when your pushing fruit or vegetables down the chute. I overcome this by pressing down on the rear of the juicer as I\'m feeding it. I\'m not complaining, it\'s the best juicer I have ever owned, but I just thought I\'d offer a bit of feedback..."

2007, November. Mr Stuart Bentley, Gnangara, Perth, WA, Australia.
"This is my second juicer [Lexen Juicer] very good product."
2007, November. Mr Leonard Croll, Coominya, Queensland, Australia.
"Hello Juicers Australia, I have had the pleasure of juicing with the Angel for a month now. It is quite a machinee. Well engineered. I have treated and cleaned it very carefully. I cut all fruit and vegetables into thin strips and feed into th spout so the Angel takes it in without force... I am greatful to own this machine. Thanks. Kind regards, Leonard."
2007, November. Mr Ravinder Chemay, Sth. Caulfield, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.
"Hi. Received [Angel] Juicer.... thanks for great service. rgds ravinder"

2007, November. Mrs Nerina Matten, Wembley, Perth, WA, Australia.
"Well hi and good evening,
I must say the LexSun Juicer is fabulous. I love the juices, they’re so rich and beautiful in flavour. My husband and I are have so much fun using it, we have a our juices everyday.

Will keep in touch with how we are going from time to time. Thanks to you and the team for keeping me informed. >From a very happy customers. Kind regards Nerina Matten."

2007, October. Joshua Wulf, Red Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I purchased an Angel Juicer about a month ago, and it\'s the greatest thing since sliced home-made wholegrain organic bread."
2007, October. Ms Marion Sutton, Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand.
"Hi JUICERS AUSTRALIA, I received my [Lexen] juicer. It is really wonderful. The best juicer I have ever had - so easy to clean and to use. Such a brilliant design. It is great that it juices wheat grass as well as other vegetables etc. I am really enjoying it. Thanks so much. Best wishes, Marion."

2007, October. Mr Simon Cameron, Honiara, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands.
"Your water distiller is excellent, and that is no hype. It\'s a truly class performer. I\'m really really happy with it. As for your service, it\'s unparalleled and unsurpassed, and I mean that quite literally.

Although I live in overseas, I received my order from you in just two days! This is easily one of the best investments I\'ve ever made. Thank you so very much.

(And you can use that as a testimonial, too, AND quote my name, city and country)."

2007, October. Mr Lee Ascroft, Mr Lee Ascroft, Farnworth, Bolton, Lancashire, United Kingdom.
"Hi.. I received it [Genie] this week... and have used it today... it's brilliant ! Thanks a lot.. Lee"

2007, September. Mrs Christiana P, Rosewill, New Zealand.
"Nothing has ever cleaned my skin properly without causing a reaction. I have had problem skin ever since amalgam / mercury fillings were put in my teeth and doctors kept giving me antibiotics. After cancer and fibromyalgia set in, my skin and hair was even worse.

A friend from Australia sent me a bottle of Wonder Mist Body Wash for me to try, and as I have tried just about every body wash and soap made, I left it unopened for about nine months, then after desperation I gave it a go.

Am I so glad that I finally tried the Wonder Mist Body Wash! It really worked for me and is absolutely terrific! Nothing had cleaned my skin before but water, which was not enough. I even use it to wash my hair, it is that good!"

2007, September. Mr Gary Rowe, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom.
"Hi Juicers... Just a note to say thank you for your help in sending the water distiller direct to Bali for me as I'm in the UK, and for your prompt efficient service. My family member in Bali has now received the goods which arrived much quicker than expected (4 days after ordering). Once again thank you and best regards Gary."
2007, September. Gary & Mandy Sharples, Valentine, Lake Macquaire, NSW, Australia.
"To Juicers Australia, Thankyou for your help and support in choosing our "Angel" [Angel Juicer], it has improved our health even further in such a short amount of time! The "Angel" is incredible..."

2007, September. Ms Jenny Allan, Mahora, Hastings, New Zealand.
"I am so looking forward to getting it
[LexSun Juicer]. I have tried my sisters (her partner, Alan Tait bought one off you a couple of weeks ago) and the juice it made was gorgeous. Go the word of mouth!

Thanks for everything, Jenny"

2007, September. Mrs Marjorie Drewitt, Silvan, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Thanks for my lovely juicer! [Lexen Juicer.]"
2007, August. Mr R & J Lambert, Chatham, Taree, NSW, Australia.
"...the seive surface area [of Angel Juicer] is quite large and certainly extracts more juice than GreenPower's models. The use of all metal in the load bearing parts rather than molded plastic seems to be an improvement too. The all metal twin-gears appear particularly robust."
2007, August. Miss Pipina Lazaris, The Esplanade, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
"Hi JUICERS AUSTRALIA. My juicer [LexSun Juicer] is magnificent. I received it the day after our last email, contrary to the delay I was told to expect from Australia Post. It is all very lovely. Thank you again."
2007, August. Dr. P. Farnbach, Malvern, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"I am extremely pleased with the Angel Juicer. It is better than I expected and I cannot believe how much juice it extracts from everything! I was surprised at how well it extracted juice from fruit as well, like pears and oranges. It is easy to clean and operate too. Please send one kilogram of Ezy Kleen Stain Remover, thank you."
2007, July. Steven Elphick, Ashfield, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi,this just a quick note to say thanks for getting some replacement parts for my Lexen so promptly. Cheers Steven"
2007, June. Mr Donald Wallman, Flaxton, Queensland, Australia.
Many thanks. Now that was FAST. Expecting juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3] in about 4 to 5 days. What a nice surprise to find it at the door this morning. Do have a great day, THANKS, Donald. (Not accustomed to such service these days.)"
2007, June. Mrs K. Watt, Cronulla, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"I purchased a Kempo Juicer from you at the start of the year and we couldn't be happier with the juice it makes!"

2007, June. Mrs T. Pippenger, Clermont, Queensland, Australia.

Just recieved the missing parts from my water distiller [Genie]. Thank you so much getting them to me so quickly. Just thought I would let you know that I had a friend over the other day and she was very impressed with your distiller [Genie]. Her husband had been wanting to buy one and so I passed your business card on to her with my full recommendation.

Thanks again for all your help."

2007, May. Mrs Jennifer H, Narangba, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Thankyou for your prompt delivery of my Lexen Juicer. I\'m very happy with its performance. It\'s easy to clean, easy to use and makes beautiful juice. I have also found your after sales service excellent."
2007, April. Mr Andrew Lee Horton, Mooroopna, Victoria, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia - I just want to thank you for great service! I received my distiller [Genie] a week ago and I can\'t believe I lived without it! I love the taste of the pure fresh water; what I find most incredible is the amount of gunk that is left behind after the water is distilled. Distilling water is the BEST idea, copying nature to make perfect water..."

2007, April. Mr David Stonestreet, Heathcote, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Thank you for the [Kempo] juicer . It works well and is nice and compact for a true living juicer. Had my first carrot juice today.

The DVD is helpful you are right. God Bless."

2007, March. Ms Wendy Davidson, Clontarf, Redcliff, Queensland, Australia.
"Hi, I love the juicers [1 x Kempo Juicer - 2 x LexSun Juicers] – business is doing very well and Juicy Lucy is a great hit!!"
2007, March. Mr Yasser Ibrahim, Maadi, Cairo, EGYPT.
Thank you very very much.
The Juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3] just arrived and its great.
Its amazing that it arrived to Egypt in just 3 days.
Thank you very much,
2007, March. Mr A. Shetliffe, Sunnybank, Brisbane, Australia.
"I recently purchased from you the lexSun juicer and I am very happy with it. I was thinking of getting the ice shaver and vegetable slicer but have not found much information about this device... Many thanks for your impressive service already received with regard to the juicer."
2007, February. Mr Earle M, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia.
" I bought a Samson 6 in 1 Juicer (latest model now called LexSun Juicer) from from your company around 3 years ago, and it has been fantastic. We juice every day (we have a partially autistic son as a direct result of the MMR innoculation) and he is making tremendous progress but of course diet is crucial."
2007, February. Mr Clem L, Silverwater, NSW, Australia.
"Hi JUICERS AUSTRALIA, Thank you for the high quality service you've given me. Your company is certainly worth recommending. Cheers, Clem." [Lexen Juicer customer.]
2007, January. Mrs Wendy Welch, Shamrock Park, Singapore.
"Hi Juicers Australia, I recieved my juicer [Kempo Juicer] last week. I am very pleased with it. It in perfect condition and is working well. Thanks, Wendy."

What our customers are saying...
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2006, November. Pauline Jordan, Principal Consultant, Boston Kennedy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Thank you for the prompt service, the juicer arrived 2 days after ordering and is already being put through it's paces.

There is something very satisfying about all the chopping and juicing, not to mentioned the superior taste compared with the juice bar we used to frequent. Both myself and my newly converted partner are looking forward to our LexSun being part of our new healthier lifestyle. Thanks, Pauline"

2006, November. Steve and Marilyn Finn, Kambah, Canberra, ACT, Australia.
"Dear Sir, We have just received our order (as below) and appreciate the quick delivery. The service, as always, has been excellent. Thankyou. Steve and Marilyn Finn."
2006, October. J. Hodges, Ferney Grove, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Hello, nearly 2 years ago I purchased a portable infrared sauna from you which has more than paid for itself! We love it!!"

2006, August. Mrs Alison H, Thornbury, Victoria, Australia.
"Where to start:  I bought my first Samson Juicer (latest model now called LexSun Juicer) a year ago after overworking a commercially available popular brand of juicer and researching other possibilities to replace it.  I discovered your website and was amazed at the differences between the quality of juice purported between the centrifugal and masticating juicers.  I thought it was a lot of money to pay for a juicer but found once I had it I just can't leave it alone!! 

My sister came over from England and loved it so I had to buy one for her as a special birthday present, and you organised for it to be delivered in a true celebratory fashion.  I regularly make juices for my family. and when I go away they all tell me that they missed the juice, not me!!  It takes pride of place on my limited bench space and has replaced my Kenwood mixer as most  used and useful kitchen 'gadget'.  I often find myself 'selling' it effusively to other people who might be considering a juicer.  Sounds crazy I know but by your testimonials I know I am not alone in wanting to extol its virtues!!"

2006, August. Mrs Dagmar C, Birkdale, Queensland, Australia.
"Hello, thank you so much, the Kempo Juicer is just wonderful, easy to use and clean. Your service in every way is just great, I will recommending you to all my friends. Thank you again for your help, advice and service. Kind Regards Dagmar."
2006, July. Mrs L. Westcott, Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
"The new Lexsun sounds great - my 82 year old mother will benifit greatly [just purchased a LexSun Juicer for her Mother]. We are more than happy with our Samson and continue to tell everyone how good it is."
2006, June. Mrs H. Mckeon, Dawesville, Mandurah, Western Australia.
"Many thanks for my lexsun juicer I am thrilled with it. It is everything that I expected and the juice certainly does taste better and keeps longer than I've ever known before..."
2006, June. Mrs S. Henderson, Pingelly, Western Australia.
"Received it [LexSun Juicer]. Thank you so much it is awesome..... Thanks again....Lynn"
2006, June. Mr A. Krasnoff, Milton, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"I would like to thank you for your excellent service.  The juicer [LexSun Juicer] arrived the next day and we tried it out that night - it was excellent.  We crushed nuts (almonds and Hazelnuts) and made juicers (carrots / apples etc).  Looks like we will be very happy with this model.   Also it was SOOO much easier to clean compared to our old Panasonic Centrifugal juicer.   Thanks again..."
2006, May. Daniell T, Beechboro, Perth, Western Australia.
"Hi, Juicers Australia,  Thanks for the great Lexen Juicer.  I was skeptical that  the juice would really taste that much different from my old centrifugal juicer, but of course I found it does!  I used to have to add lemon juice to the carrot and vegetable juice to make it taste better, but now I have found there is no need...   Thanks, Danielle T"
2006, May. Douglas P, Sylvania, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"hi Juicers Australia recipient, my order [Samson Juicer parts] arrived safely this morning and I can now resume vegetable juicing. Thank you for the prompt delivery. It is a pity that more companies are not as efficient. Good health. Doug P."
2006, April. Mr Sean W, Hamilton East, Waikato, New Zealand.
"I'm an existing customer of Juicers Australia/NZ, having purchased products from you. I've also referred several people onto your website when they were looking for wellness products - as I knew your company was great... Thank you kindly. The juicer [Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3] you provided me has yielded great health benefits! Keep up the great service. Regards, Sean W"
2006, April, Mrs Angela P, Sellicks Beach, Adelaide, South Australia.
"My father has Oesphageal Cancer and is on the Gerson Therapy. He requires fresh hourly juices daily and the LEXEN has proven to cope beautifully. It's great value for money with great back up customer service. I was so impressed I'm buying another for my little tribe of four."
2006, April. Mitford - Burgess, Manly, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
"this is our second juicer [Samson Juicer] from you. its the best thing i have ever brought it my whole life. this is a retirement gift for my parents. i am wondering if you could deliver asap as they are about to go away and i want them to have it before they leave. could you please call me and tell me when the juicer will be delivered. thanks."
2006, April. Mrs Bernadette B, Sanctuary Cove, Queensland, Australia .
"When moving house recently I came across a sample of Ezy Kleen. My elderly mother had asked me to try and get a tea stain out of a shirt, I had tried the lot, to no avail, then I fond the ezykleen, whamo, no more stains in this house! even old stains, gone. Problem I have now is can\'t find it anywhere and I have only a teaspoon left. HELP PLEASE."
2006, April. Mr Angus M, Mount Waverly, Melbourne, Australia.
"Hi Guys’, I have the pleasure of owning a LexSun Juicer for the past month and our family absolutely loves the juices, including our 2 young children..."

2006, March. Tracy B, South Canterbury, New Zealand.
"I had the flue and was sick for 10 days and took your recommendation and bought a bottle of your Olive Leaf Extract and took 1 tablespoon three times per day. That night I was already feeling better and the next day I was just fine.

My boys are so impressed with these natural products and they are now also taking Olive Leaf Extract as well. It has made a huge difference to our autistic boy and he is much calmer and is doing well at school. Thank you so very much."

2006, March, Mr K Cheng, Oatley, New South Wales, Australia
"Dear Support, I ordered the LEXEN Juicer on 1st March 2006... and which delivered to me on 3 March 2006, I’m very happy with the machine, which is very easy to clean.."
2006, March, Mr Justin P, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.
"Thank you for the prompt delivery. Easy to install [Sprite Shower Filter]. Regards, Justin P"
2006, March, Mr Michael F, Bayswater, Victoria, Australia
"I spoke too soon. Less than an hour after your e-mail, the package [Genie Mk2-SS Water Distiller] was delivered. Incredible service. I thank you. Mike"
2006, March, Mrs J Penney, Mildura, Victoria, Australia
"I recently bought this machine [Lexen Juicer] from you for my daughter, Robyn J of Naracoorte SA, she is delighted with it !! Service is great too."

2006, March. Mr Silvio T, Auburn, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia
I received my Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3 today and even though I am somewhat sceptical on internet products I do take the chance to buy something if it looks good and useful.

The Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3 took me by surprise, it far exceeded all my expectations by it's quality and ease of use, a bonus DVD instruction disc. I am very happy and I'm sure the people I will show will want one too.

Thanks for a quick and great service."

2006, January, Sushil R, Gladsville, New South Wales, Australia.
"Hi, I have been using the Samson Juicer for about a year now and the results have been great. My one and half year old son also enjoys the nutricious and fantastic juices from the Samson Juicer."
2006, January. Danielle K, Resort Manager, Savusavu, Fiji Islands
"hi Juicers Australia, I have faxed the warranty resgistration to you for the Kempo Juice Extractor - which is fantastic by the way."

What our customers are saying...
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2005, December. Selwyn J, Woodvale, Perth, WA, Australia



2005, November. Otto & Denise S, Gisbourne, New Zealand
"Hi Juicers Australia,

Thanx for the jug [re Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3], it arrived today in perfect working order.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on an excellent operation and customer service that you have provided for us. It was a very pleasant "shopping" experience, which I might add we have yet to experience here in New Zealand (our new home having immigrated from South Africa)

Once again THANX, Regards Otto & Denise

2005, November. Mr Stuart C, Toolalea, QLD, Australia.
...BTW, I am very pleased with the juicer [Kempo Juicer], it beats my old single gear one hands down..."
2005, November. Craig B, Phegans Bay, NSW, Australia.
"My 2nd Chi massager for the family. Loved by all users. Very impressed"
2005, October. Sue B, Midland DC, Perth, Western Australia
"Hi. Have been using the water distiller [Genie Mk2-SS] for some time now and it is brilliant. We have recommended your site to well over 20 people, especially the distillers - Living in the north of WA, the water is terrible. Thankyou, Sue B."

2005, September. Richard J, Brookvale, Sydney, NSW, Australia
"Dear people, I have had a Samson juicer for some months now and love it. Makes great pulp free juice and is so easy to clean.

I then recently purchased a Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3 to take away on a 3 week camper trailer holiday so we could still enjoy the daily juice ritual..."

2005, September. Pamela W, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
"Thank you to all at JUICERS AUSTRALIA. Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of Order #..... to my sister in Donvale, Victoria!! As I have been using my Samson daily since purchasing from you approx a month ago, it was wonderful to receive the one for my sister, who is battling cancer, so quickly!!

She will be sending the warranty back in her name and is thrilled with her present! Regards, Pamela W."

2005, September. Adam C, Edinburgh, South Australia
"Wow!! Thank you for your prompt reply and service. Your service lives up to the claims made on your website. I am so impressed!!! thank you."
2005, July. Greg & Annette C, Cairns, Queensland, Australia.
"We bought a multipurpose juicer [Samson Juicer] while in Cains, and I just had to let you know it was the best investment we had ever made. Not only does it make nice pasta but it make the best fruit ice-cream I have ever tasted. I have recommended this machine to all my freinds and family. Thanks"
2005, July. Mr John F, Luganville, Santo Island, Vanuatu.
Hi Juicers Australia,
Received both juicers [Twin Health Juicer & Kempo Juicer] and conducted trials. Both juicers did the job without any worries. The Kempo proved 25% faster, and (averaging) about 15% more efficient, the product did not oxidise with the Kempo but did slightly with the Twin Health. I will put an order in for one more Kempo juicer and continue trials for a few more weeks."
2005, July. Margaret L, Waverton, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia.
Thanks for your very prompt reply to my questions and your phone call follow up regarding delivery on Friday. As it happened the juicer [Samson Juicer] was delivered about half an hour after I called you. We have used it a couple of times already and are very happy with it. I am sure our neighbours are also pleased as it is so quiet compared with the high speed B______!"
2005, June. Douglas Branch, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
"Thanks Juicers Australia great service and a very good website, good business. "I'll be Back" Regards Doug Branch." [re Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3]

2005, June. Suja Joseph, Maryland, USA
"Dear Sir/Madam,My family has been using Olive Leaf Extract for the past 5 years with unbelievable results. My brother got over mumps with it, my grandfather who is 87 years old did not take antibiotics, but Olive Leaf Extract when he got pneumonia, my husband who has seasonal allergies (and a phobia of anything that resembles a capsule or tablet ) saw them disappear, and is now a devoted consumer. At the sign of cold or flu this is what we take. All my friends and co-workers take Olive Leaf Extract for various symptoms and mostly for general well being. A post-doc co-worker of mine from Japan was so impressed with the results obtained for a chronic dry cough that he had that he has decided that he wants to see Olive Leaf Extract sold in the place where he lives.

I believe in the healing properties of Olive Leaf Extract... A little bit about myself -- I have a Masters degree in Biochemistry and I just graduated with a Masters in Health Science (Public Health) from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health... Thank you so much. Sincerely, Suja"

2005, June. Nik von Senden, Holland Rise, Singapore.
Hi Juicers Australia,
Used the Kempo this morning with an unbelievable result completely inline with its' stated abilities. In Singapore, I found it necessary to add ice to the juice produced by my Ch******, as it was quite warm. The Kempo did not require this, the juice being pleasantly cool with a superior flavour together with a very dry pulp.

The CD makes operating the Unit a breeze. My, and the household's thanks for your patience and sound unbiased advice. Kind regards. Nik."

2005, May. Nicolay M, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
"Dear Sirs, The Water Distiller [Genie Mk2-S] from my online order it’s been delivered. Thank you very much ! It’s a fantastic appliance. It’s really made one other clean drinking water. And the test after the charcoal filter, made it much better ! I really appraise ! Thank you very much for the excellent costumer service ! With best wishes !"
2005, April, Mr Paul H, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia.
"BTW – The juicer [
Samson Juicer] is a Godsend – I don’t know how I managed without it. A GREAT machine!. Paul"
2005, April, Kathryn L, Bargara, QLD, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,
Could you send me 1 bottle Amazing Water to try. The Showerwise Filter is really lovely to use.
Regards, Kath."

2005, February. Penelope V, Timaru, New Zealand.
"To Juicers Australia,

Sometime in 2004 my husband bought me a Far Infrared Sauna thru your web-site and had it shipped to us in New Zealand. I was very excited and couldn't wait to try it.

Well it is fantastic and works so well. I always look forward to sauna time as it is so relaxing and improves my wellness. All our guests use it as well. Thank you!"

2005, February. Andrew & Debbie L, Lismore, NSW, Australia.
"hi all at juicers australia, as you would appreciate, when someone is diagnosed with terminal cancer, everyday is critical. we ordered the samson 6 in 1 juicer thru your website at about 11pm tuesday, as a gift for our ill father, and it arrived at his remote qld property on friday morning. he love's it, and is looking forward to making a healthier lifestyle change.
we cannot thank you enough. every company should try and emulate your standard of professionalism, customer service, expert despatch & delivery, and simplistic hassle-free approach to ordering with a very user friendly and informative web-site.and then there's the incredible product itself. what other electrical product offers 12 years warranty? and at such a great price, too. (actually, cheaper than a well-known auction site, where u don't get back-up and support!)

our only complaint is that you did not send us enough of your business cards. we will just have to tell everyone we know. thanks once again, very much."

2005, February. LInda H, East Ipswich, QLD, Australia.
"Looooooove my juicer.... [Samson Juicer] and so do my kids. Hence the two new ones, so I can get mine back. Thanks."

2005, January. Penelope V, Timaru, New Zealand.
"I have been taking olive leaf extract in the past and had great results, i.e. more energy, less sickness / colds, and I sleep much better at night.

I noticed that your brand of olive leaf extract [Immune Boosta] contains Bud Sap and Stevia. I have heard of the benefits of Bud Sap and Stevia so was curious to try your Immune Boosta. It is excellent! It knocks colds and flues so much faster, thank you!"

2005, January. Carolyne M, Helensville, Auckland, New Zealand.
Just to let you know that the juicer [Kempo Juicer] arrived and is now in use - very effective juicer... driest residue we've ever seen... - thanks for speedy service - ... best regards"

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