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Grain Mill - electric
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Ionmax ION612 Desiccant DehumidifierWonder Mill Grain Mill

The Wonder Mill uses extreme high speed and high quality stainless steel micronizing milling teeth to explode the grains into beautiful home ground flour.

The powerful yet compact motor, together with the heavy duty stainless steel milling head assembly, are housed perfectly in the strong ABS plastic unit, with a tube connecting the side mounted ABS plastic canister - used to catch the flour.

Wonder Mill (previously known as the Grain Master Whisper Mill)
The life-time warrantied milling heads are sealed and they never need servicing.

Grain Mill - hand operated
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Ionmax ION632 Desiccant DehumidifierWonder Mill Junior Deluxe

Of the many hand grain mills on the market today, there is no other hand mill that can perform all the tasks that the Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe hand mill can. Not only can the Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe hand mill perform more tasks, but it does those tasks more effectively than all other mills.

The Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe hand mill can grind flour faster than any other hand mill.

Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe - Survival Ark Grain Mill - manual / hand mill
It can crack grains or produce pastry fine flour with one pass. It can grind spices, herbs, oily grains (like flax or coffee,) and makes smooth and delicious nut butters.

"Buy the best electric and hand grain mills from JUICERS AUSTRALIA"

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