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Although the following article outwardly appears to have nothing to do with health in general; the fact is that millions of people world-wide are suffering major downtime and stress daily, due to the inherent problems caused by a major operating system designer.

In the interests of better health, happiness and sanity, management have decided to allow this review to be posted.

Article submitted by: Mr X. Windoze
19th January 2010

Billboard Creates Optimism
In 1995 I was passing through the country town of Inverell in New South Wales (Australia), when I saw a large billboard outside of the Harvey Norman computer store. The advertisement loudly proclaimed "Windows 95 - coming soon!"

Inside the building, staff were excitingly counting down to the 'big day', when they could sell their first copy of Microsoft’s Windows 95 to an eagerly awaiting public. The atmosphere in the air was tantamount to the childish thrill of Santa Claus' imminent arrival with new toys to play with; albeit toys for us grownups of course.

Windows 95 - coming soon
Bill Gates' attempt at plagiarizing Steve Jobs' Apple / Macintosh software was a success; well, at least until the Window 95 's platform soon began revealing holes in its coding and in your face glimpses of its rather unstable platform. Suddenly the public began hearing new phrases such as 'Window's blue screen of death', 'computer viruses' and copious amounts of other 'nerdy' terms.

Microsoft Windows Creates New Industry:
A whole new industry quickly emerged, from Personal Computer (PC) repair shops to PC magazines with tips on 'how to tune' your Windows computer to run with the least amount of problems. Although it was early days with the Internet, many new web sites were offering varying solutions to try and fix the many Microsoft related PC problems, which instead of diminishing, grew substantially.

Windows / PC / Microsoft - More Problems!
Within such a few short years Windows 98 was born, followed by a dog-leg Microsoft product called 'Millennium Edition' (ME), which was supposed to be the greatest computer software ever launched, but turned out to be a complete fizzer instead. While ME looked good and had some interesting concepts, it quickly proved to be Microsoft's worst operating system (OS) to date! Thankfully Windows 2000 and soon after Windows XP in 2001, helped divert much unwanted attention away from ME.

One bonus of having Windows XP was that it still felt and looked like Windows 95 and especially Windows 98, but was substantially better, especially after three Service Packs were thrown at it. Also, Windows XP had many more useful features and thankfully ran the same programs as its predecessors, which meant the move to XP was relatively enticing and straightforward. The downside was that XP was still built on the same foundation as earlier Windows operating systems and has since been subject to way over 100,000 viruses, each exposing yet another 'flaw' in the OS.

In the Mac world people were getting on with life and using their computers for education, art, literature, music, theatre and many other useful projects, as their Mac OS simply worked and worked extremely well!

Vista at left, incredibly bloated. Mac looks on...Millions Of People Suffering From PC Stress!
In January 2007, about twelve years after the launch of Windows 95, Microsoft released what was to become a debacle OS called 'Windows Vista.' This incredibly bloated and faulty software had so many issues which forced Microsoft engineers to regroup, listen to customer requirements for a change and design another OS as quickly as possible, aka 'Windows 7', but alas, on that faulty platform / foundation yet again.

It has regularly been said that Vista was Microsoft's obituary notice. Maybe we could all partake in a 2 minute standing silence?

Up until Windows Vista arrived, Microsoft had become one of the largest businesses in recent history, which is certainly living testimony to the power of massive marketing campaigns and collusion in the business world, as opposed to supplying good products at a fair price.

Despite the billions of dollars that have flowed into Microsoft's coffers over the years, millions of Windows users have suffered, and still suffer to this very day, with computer crashes, viruses and many other time wasting problems. Even Microsoft technicians cannot work out what causes all these problems!

Windows Cars:
Thankfully Microsoft does not sell cars! Imagine driving a Windows car and the engine just stops / freezes for no apparent reason and without any warning whatsoever! Or you are driving along and a wheel falls off; or a door opens which will never close again; or you can only use 3 of the 4 gears with great effort; or every time you apply the brakes - the horn blasts! Then you put on the lights which only seem to work during the day... What ghastly thoughts!

Microsoft's Main Success - Windows XP:
In late 2009 we saw the rather quiet launching of 'Windows 7', which put a slight blip on the radar for several weeks, and now is hardly discussed anymore.

Vista was very probmatic for many users, especially considering that many programs and peripherals that worked fine on 98 or XP, just would not work with Vista. Multitudes of millions of people were loathe to buy new programs and hardware, choosing instead to stick with what already works, i.e. Windows XP, Windows most successful OS yet.

Despite all of XP's faults, hundreds of millions of people globally have 'cut their teeth' on Windows XP, and many of these people are still only now becoming more familiar with how computers work and their potential; so having to learn an entirely new OS, plus find and buy replacement programs and printers etc is just too overwhelmingly unrealistic. Accordingly, so many XP users are staying right where they are for now, and Microsoft has had to extend its support for Windows XP to about the year 2014 due to popular demand.

Microsoft's Definite Achievement - Gaming:
One thing that Microsoft definitely had going for it was 'gaming.' Apparently the main reason for this is not because of Windows OS's, but because so many gaming manufacturers designed games specifically for the Microsoft Windows platform. But that is changing, FAST!

Previously Mac had put more emphasis in educational / vocational software and hardware over the years and achieved extremely high standards; however, lately Apple has also been aiming at catering for both gamers and disgruntled Windows users as well. This is a very exciting step and is such fantastic news for those tired of computer issues, freezes, crashes etc, as now there are an increasing amount of gamers using Mac computers who are experiencing great stability and having wonderful success.

Why Were So Many People Delayed In Moving to Mac?
With the release of Windows 7 late in 2009, many XP programs became completely redundant, unless the operator downloads a Virtual Machine Emulator so they can run XP on Windows 7 in 'XP Mode.' Again, Microsoft has put millions of people, like myself, in an awkward position. I have several programs that run on XP but will not run on Windows 7. If I move to Windows 7, I will have to run a Virtual Machine (VM) so I will not lose my favourite programs.

Interestingly, there are VMs such as Parallels Desktop 5 and VMware which run really well on Mac computers too, and allow so many programs to operate without any problems, to the extent that the fastest Windows computer in the world is a Mac! Yes, Windows starts and stops faster in a Mac, and runs programs faster too!

So if I (and millions of other XP users) need to learn a new OS (Windows 7 etc) and run XP via 'XP Mode', then this is the perfect excuse to move to the Mac world where I can run XP on a much more stable Mac computer. There appears to be few to no reasons left to delay moving to Mac or Ubuntu etc.

Apple Provides True Hardware And Software Integration

Apple Provides True Hardware And Software Integration:
Because Apple makes both the hardware and the operating system, the two work together easily - so when a change is made at the hardware level, the software automatically recognizes it and acts accordingly.

The advantage in hardware and software integration is evident in a number of areas, from basic system setup and configuration, to connecting and working with peripherals, to networking. In contrast, Microsoft develops Windows and many different manufacturers produce the hardware systems that run Windows. So the software and hardware do not always work well together.

Now The Really Good News!
Lately Mac computers have been engineered to cater for gamers as well as all other computer users, and are attracting a lot of attention from millions of dissatisfied Windows users as well, who are looking for stability, more power and more reliable computers and OS; and in many cases will let them run older XP software.

With the recent release of Mac's OS called Snow Leopard, plus Parallel's Desktop 5 VM, I can now run the following games and programs perfectly and with ease on a Mac Book Pro(specs: 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM, 500GB Serial ATA Drive @ 7200 rpm HDD):

  • Quake 2 (except water scenes, where you have to alter video setting to get through)
  • Quake 4
  • Unreal Tournament 2001
  • Crysis
  • Microsoft Word 2003
  • Dreamweaver 8
  • and many more programs
Mac Book Pro - 17 inch

All of these programs run effortlessly on my new Mac Book Pro (lap top), although with the resource hungry game Crysis, I had to set the graphics settings to 'low' to run it properly. Otherwise everything else is set to 'high' for all other games etc.

Parallels Desktop 5 has many settings and it can be configured to run Windows programs with ease. As an example, some gamers use the right Control key for the 'jump' command, but in the VM the jump is delayed. This can be easily fixed by clicking > Virtual Machine > Configure > Options > Services > select 'Optimise Modifier Keys for Games.'

If I had to sum up my long experience with PC in just one word, it would definitely be "clunky." To sum up my experience (and whole family) with Mac in just one word, it is "class."

In closing, the fact that higher end Mac computers can now run so many Window's games so well in a VM, proves that most, if not all other Windows' programs will now also run without a hitch on a Mac computer. Plus there is the added advantage of having a ultra stable OS (Mac), power, speed, reliability, quieter computer and greener; as well as access to many wonderful programs at a much better price! Plus, there is always 'Boot Camp', wherein you can boot your Mac natively into either Mac or PC.

The best of both worlds. Now that is all really good news!


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