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Western Australia slow to recycle sewage as drinking water
October 29, 2008

Narelle Towie, science writer
October 29, 2008 02:00pm

WA should consider recycling sewage to tackle the state's water shortage crisis, a climate change expert says.

As Queensland prepares to become the first state to recycle waste water, climate change expert Dr John Dodson from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation has called for more urgent action to address the water crisis in WA.

A total of 2.6 million residents of southeast Queensland will become the first Australians to drink their own waste, as about 60 megalitres of recycled sewage a day will soon be pumped into their water supply.

“The crisis in south-western Australia is getting worse,” said Dr Dodson.

“This region relies heavily on groundwater to feed its water demand but the age of this water and its replenishment rate is not known.”

Water Corporation Spokeswoman Clare Lugar said that although WA’s approach to water management is not as forward as Queensland, the problem here is not as urgent.

“We have the second desalination plant coming online in 2011 so would we really need a recycling plant?” she asked.

“We are pretty secure here and in a good position so there is really no reason to rush into it. In Queensland it is different they have a real crisis over there and they haven’t really planned as well as we have here in Western Australia,” she said.

The first recycled water in Queensland will be pumped into Wivenhoe Dam, Brisbane's major water source, in February.

The Queensland Water Commission said the recycling process would go through seven levels of purification, ensuring the water was safe to drink for the people of Brisbane, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and other centres in the region.

A report submitted to the federal Department of Water by consultants Marsden Jacob Associates in June concluded that Queensland would be the only state to reach the commonwealth's target of recycling 30 per cent of water used by 2015.

Reclaimed water in toilet. Do Not Drink!NSW was the state most behind with the target.

The closest thing to reclying water in WA is a groundwater replenishment trial where 1.5 billion litres treated water from the Beenyup Wastewater Treatment plant will be pumped into Perth’s groundwater supply.

This trial is due to end in 2020.

Prof Dodson says that desalination plants use too much energy and that WA should be looking at places like London and New York who already use recycled water.

“In WA most of the surface water resources are already fully exploited and Perth urgently needs to identify sound ways of ensuring water security,” Professor Dodson said.

In Victoria, a leading water academic has urged the Brumby Government to consider using recycled sewage for drinking water, and dismissed calls for extra dams for Melbourne.

Melbourne and Monash University specialist John Langford said using recycled sewage had helped provide Singapore with extra drinking water, and should also be done in Melbourne.

With additional reporting by Greg Roberts and Rick Wallace, The Australian

You might be drinking it already
August 13, 2008 -


By Brendan O'Malley
August 13, 2006 11:00pm

PEOPLE in at least 30 Queensland towns are unwittingly drinking recycled sewage.

A study by The Courier-Mail showed twice as many towns as previously thought relied on water containing at least some treated sewage.

Most of southeast Queensland, including Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich, as well as Bundaberg, Maryborough, Rockhampton, Caloundra, Roma and Beaudesert take water from rivers that have wastewater treatment plants upstream.

Smaller towns include Gympie, Tiaro, Duaringa, Mareeba, Kuranda, Moura, Dalby, Chinchilla, Jondaryan, Tinaroo, Mitchell, Bollon, St George, Dirranbandi, Theodore, Tieri, Murgon, Kingaroy, Goondiwindi and Kooralbyn.

Toowoomba residents rejected a plan to pump recycled effluent into their main dam at a referendum two weeks ago.

But the city discharges treated sewage into Gowrie Creek, which Dalby uses for some drinking water.

"Obviously the debate on drinking treated effluent is going to develop over the next six to 12 months," Local Government Association of Queensland executive director Greg Hallam said.

"We hope the debate will take regard of the fact many people in Queensland already drink sewage treated to a much lower degree than what is proposed for Wivenhoe Dam," Mr Hallam said.

"People seem to have a psychological problem about what type of water body they will accept having sewage put in, but there is no scientific evidence that there is any difference between a dam or a river."

Mr Hallam said the quality of treated sewage entering waterways was rapidly improving because councils were spending $1.5 billion over the next three years on upgrading discharges, in line with tougher Environmental Protection Agency rules.

An inspection by The Courier-Mail this week showed the Wivenhoe-Somerset catchment, which supplies most of southeast Queensland, contained a heady cocktail of innumerable cow pats, treated sewage, decaying road kill, power boat emissions and farm fertilisers.

Linville grazier Simeon Lord, also a veteran Esk Shire councillor, said he had grazed his cattle beside the headwaters of the Brisbane River for decades.

"The water coming out of the dam is better than some tank water. We get a lot of tests coming in for tank water and the results are often bad," he said.

"I think recycled water should be used for industry first, but if the water scientists say it's fine I believe them."

Esk Shire has recently started allocating treated sewage from its Toogoolawah and Esk wastewater plants to local farmers. However some of their sewage still flows into Wivenhoe.

Despite popular impressions, the water coming out of the sewage plants appeared very high.

Treated water gushing from the Lowood sewage plant, which flows directly into the Brisbane River, looked and smelled almost as good as tap water.

Brisbane City Council water committee chairman John Campbell said Wivenhoe's water was cleaned up naturally after flowing downstream to the Mount Crosby treatment plant, where it was chlorinated.

"We have never been in a situation where we have not been able to bring it up to drinking water standards," he said.

Contaminants Removed via Distillation - top

Water Distillation Effectively Removes The Following...
(The following is only a partial list for demonstration purposes)

Little or No Effect Little or No Effect
Partial Reduction
Almost 100% Reduction * Complete Reduction

(and common)
Treatment devices
Charcoal Filters
Reverse Osmosis
Charcoal Filter
Water Distiller
* D *
Water Distiller
Charcoal Filter
(Partial list only)
Rust Particles       Complete Reduction
Sand       Complete Reduction
Silt       Complete Reduction
(Partial list only)
Aluminium Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Arsenic Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Asbestos Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Calcium Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Chloride Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
 CHLORINE        Complete Reduction
Chromium Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Copper Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
 FLUORIDE  Little or No Effect    
Fluoride Free Complete Reduction
Iron Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Lead Little or No Effect    
Lead Free Complete Reduction
Lime Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Mercury Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Nitrates Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Potassium Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Phosphate Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Radium Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Radon Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Silver Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Sodium / Salt Little or No Effect    
Salt Free Complete Reduction
Sulphates Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
(Partial list only)
Atracine       Complete Reduction
Benzene       Complete Reduction
Odours       Complete Reduction
PCB'S       Complete Reduction
Pesticides       Complete Reduction
Sewage / Sewerage      
Sewage Free Complete Reduction
THM'S       Complete Reduction
Trichloroethylene (TCE)       Complete Reduction
Trihalomethanes       Complete Reduction
(Partial list only)
Algae Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Bacteria Little or No Effect     Complete Reduction
Crypto Sporidium       Complete Reduction
Viruses (Giardia etc.) Little or No Effect Little or No Effect  
Virus Free Complete Reduction
* Complete reduction i.e. over 99%
  Water Distiller with Charcoal Filter for ultra pure drinking water
"Our drinking water is not as pure and clean as it once was!"

Stages of pollution

Seriously, what are you drinking?
There's a mountain in the water you drink!
Read the booklet "The Choice Is Clear" here
Seriously, what are you drinking?
MARTINBOROUGH’S water has six times the
coliforms allowed for humans to drink.

Read the newspaper article here

Scale / Mineral / Chemical Residue Removed from Drinking Water after just 6 Weeks! - top

Scale / Mineral / Chemical Residue Removed from Drinking Water after just 6 Weeks!
Front View
Scale / Mineral / Chemical Residue Removed from Drinking Water after just 6 Weeks!
Top View

The above photos show the scale / mineral / chemical residue removed from the base of the boiling chamber of one of our automatic Water Distillers, after just 6 weeks water distillation for a family of three. (All of our pure water distillers will produce the same results.)

This particular residue is from one of the purest sources of council supplied, non fluoridated drinking water in the South Island of New Zealand. Different locales produce various amounts, types and colours of scale residue, depending upon what minerals / pollutants are in the water, e.g. sewerage & industrial waste; as well as what poisons and chemicals e.g. fluoride, chlorine etc, that your local government adds to your the supply.

Because of water distillation, the owner's kidneys, arteries etc are now free of such scale / mineral / chemical residue.

Illegal Mass Medication   Illegal Mass Medication - top

Water suppliers find it "uneconomical" to supply the public with pure water, as up to 98% of the water supply will be used by the population to: flush toilets - mop floors - wash vehicles & clothes - industry etc. Although some councils and water suppliers claim that their water is suitable and safe for human consumption, they emphatically refuse to accept liability by supplying an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration to that effect, for fear of perjuring / implicating themselves!

Mass medicating the public by adding extremely poisonous toxic industrial waste to the water supply such as Fluoride (a corrosive Class 8 Dangerous Goods / HazChem 2 poison), is unethical, illegal and a serious crime against humanity.

Throughout 2000 to 2007, many builders in Kingaroy, Queensland found that the town drinking water was even unsuitable for making cement! During this period the Kingaroy Shire Council claimed that the town water was suitable for human consumption, while local farmer's calves would quickly die after drinking the town water supply! Go figure...

It is certainly wise (and cheaper) to make your own fluoride and chlorine free pure water at home.

"If tap water was truthfully labeled - most people would refuse to drink it."

The Importance of Drinking Pure Distilled Water - top

"Since we started using distilled water, our athletes have been drinking more. We can only attribute that to the fresh, clean taste…" Dave Ellis, Director of Performance Nutrition at the University of Nebraska Athletic Department.

"Even tap water invariably contains a variety of poisons such as chlorine, chloramine, asbestos, pesticides, fluoride, copper, mercury, and lead. The best way to remove all these contaminants is by distilling." How To Save Your Teeth: Toxic-Free Preventive Dentistry, Dr. David Kennedy, D.D.S.

Benefits of Water Distillation - top

Benefits of Water Distillation No heavy bottles to lift! My body is the most important real estate that I will ever own; that is why I look after it
Benefits of Water Distillation No ugly bottle clutter!
Benefits of Water Distillation No water wastage!
Benefits of Water Distillation Yes - Fresh, clean and contaminant free!
Benefits of Water Distillation Yes - Incredible savings over bottled water!
Benefits of Water Distillation Yes - 99.9% ultra pure drinking water!
Benefits of Water Distillation Yes - Excellent for making pure Colloidal Silver!
Benefits of Water Distillation Yes - Consistent purity glass after glass!

The Benefits of Drinking Pure Distilled Water - top

This is why people of all ages (as well as pets and plants), respond positively to pure distilled water. Animals will always choose distilled water when given a choice!

(Note: Certain champion race horses are always given pure distilled water to drink - a secret practiced by a few very successful and famous owners.)

'Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day'

How Does Water Distillation Work? - top

A water distiller heats tap water to 100 degrees centigrade, causing the water to change to steam, leaving behind harmful: volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - inorganic minerals - chemicals - diseases - viruses and contaminants.
Providing Ultra Pure Water in Australia

Click here to see the harmful contaminants that are removed from your drinking water via Water Distillation.

The steam vapour is condensed into pure distilled water leaving the remaining sediment in the bottom of the stainless steel chamber. The purified water then passes through an ingeniously positioned carbon filter, which further purifies the water. No other purification system can match the quality of distilled water with post carbon filtration. Most distillers produce ultra pure water with 99.9%+ purity.

Hydrologic Cycle - top

What is distillation?
Distillation is simply the process of heating water to its boiling point; capturing and then condensing the pure steam to form pure distilled water. In nature this process is known as the hydrologic cycle.

Consumable needs:
Pure distilled water should be used for all of your consumable needs, or anything that goes into your body. Whether you consume ice cubes, soup, coffee, tea, pasta, rice, baby formula, juices, or just drinking water, the contaminants that are in your tap water are still finding their way into your body – unless you are using pure distilled water.

How nature purifies water:
Water is essential to all life. Without it the biosphere that exists on the surface of the earth wouldn't be possible. Nicknamed the "water" planet, earth is covered by one of our most precious resources. However 97% is locked in the oceans, toxic to humans and many plants and animals. How do we obtain fresh water resources then?

Hydrologic cycleHydrologic Cycle:
To understand, we need to turn to the Hydrologic Cycle. The Hydrologic Cycle (also called the water cycle) is the process that moves water around the earth. The cycle starts with the sun heating water in our rivers, lakes and oceans and turning it into water vapour, which rises into the air (called evaporation). When water vapour cools it forms clouds (condensation), which become heavy with water and rains back to earth (precipitation).

Water is not created or destroyed:
It is this process that cleans the earth’s water. Water is not created or destroyed. Simply put, it is continually changing its form and location. The water you drink today is likely to have been lapped up by animals and people 6 thousand years ago, or helped fill Julius Caesar’s bathing pool, or could be from a tear from Jesus Christ (Aramaic = Eshoo). The water we use now is the same supply the human race started with. Its quality is renewed again and again by the natural Hydrologic Cycle that our Creator originally set in place.

Distilled water from the clouds

Distilled water from the clouds

How water distillers purify water:
Water Distillers are performing not only as one of the most effective forms of treatment, but they're one of the easiest to understand:

  1. untreated water is converted into water vapour
  2. which is then condensed back into liquid form

Most of the contaminants are left behind in the boiling chamber, with the condensed water being virtually contaminant-free. Anyone who has accidentally let a pot of water boil completely out on the stove is familiar with this process, and familiar with the crust of contaminants typically left behind after the water is gone.

In nature, this basic process is responsible for the hydrologic cycle. The sun causes water to evaporate from surface sources such as lakes, oceans, and streams. The water vapour eventually comes in contact with cooler air, where it re-condenses to form dew or rain. This process can be imitated artificially (e.g. water distillation), and more rapidly than in nature, using alternative sources of heating and cooling.

What About the Minerals that are Removed via Distillation? - top

MineralsAs water distillation removes most minerals / elements from the water, it becomes just like pure rain water (rain water is distilled water.)

Some people are concerned that if they drink distilled water (or pure rain water), they will suffer from a mineral deficiency. Naturally, if a person drank nothing but distilled water only and ate no food for the rest of his / her life, he / she would, in due course, develop obvious signs of mineral deficiency!

Conversely, if a person was drinking only municipal tap water, containing: chlorine, fluoride, alum, lime, copper, sewage etc, he / she would quickly develop obvious signs of chemical toxicity and subsequently feel very sick.

However, the reality is that people who regularly drink pure distilled water and eat a healthy diet, are predominantly showing the following results:

  • stronger teeth with less cavities - or or none at all
  • stronger bones with a higher bone density
  • greatly reduced sickness
  • healthier skin
  • thicker hair
  • etc

Please take note that the greatest amount of our nutritional / elemental requirements actually comes from the air that we breathe. To illustrate this point, imagine if a person stopped breathing for say 10 minutes. How long would that person survive without access to the nutrients / elements in the air? [i.e. Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Neon, Helium, Methane, Water vapour...]

The next greatest source of nutrients is from the minerals found within the physical food that humans consume. Unlike air, humans can actually survive for several weeks without eating physical food. Please note that for every 1 litre of physical food that humans consume, humans require approximately 10,000 litres of air. Sports people and extremely hard working people can consume up to 30,000 litres of air for every 1 litre of food eaten, during their rigorous regime.

Humans are mostly composed of water, i.e. approximately 75-85%. Every metabolic function that takes place within the human body is in a water medium. Water is essential for hydrating the body and especially the cells; and if pure enough, water is excellent for effectively keeping the cells clean by removing toxins and cell debris.

In summary, the greatest percentage of nutrients / minerals are obtained in the following order of priority:

  1. the air that we breath [approximately 10,000 to 30,000 litres per 1 litre of physical food]
  2. physical food that we eat such as a well balanced diet of vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, meats (chicken, beef, goat...)
  3. vitamin and mineral supplements etc
Some people who eat a healthy balanced diet also like to include vitamin and mineral supplements, as well as consume regular amounts of pure water for hydrating the body and cleaning the cells. Minerals can also be added into your pure distilled drinking water at your own discretion e.g. the Amazing Alkaline Water Flask.

Volatile / Gaseous Vent - top

All good water distillers have a 'Volatile / Gaseous Vent' incorporated into the beginning of the stainless steel condensing coil, to prevent Volatile Gases contaminating the pure distilled water, by releasing any Volatile Gasses (if present in source water) into the atmosphere.

Please note, if there are Volatile Gasses present in the source / tap water, then these Volatile Gasses are also being released into the air every time a consumer:

  1. runs a hot water tap,
  2. boils water for cooking, tea and coffee,
  3. showers in hot water,
  4. and is consumed every time the consumer drinks the water.

If the source / tap water is heavily contaminated with council poisons and subsequent Volatile Gasses, it maybe advisable to vent any room that has hot water from boiling / cooking / showering etc, as well as the distillation area.

Volatile / Gaseous Vent on Divine 48L water distiller
Top View of Divine 48L Water Distiller
Volatile / Gaseous Vent

Over the years we have had several Chronic Fatigue people explain to us that they have hyper-allergenic conditions and are not comfortable having a machine releasing 'volatile gases' in their house, and have asked what they can do to negate breathing volatile gases. As all traditional sources of heated water such as running hot water / boiling water in a kettle / cooking water / showering in hot water / distilling water all release volatile gases into the atmosphere, here are a few suggestions for Chronic Fatigue people with extreme hyper-allergenic conditions:

  1. Easiest solution: vent any area that has water being boiled;
  2. Easy solution: fit a carbon / charcoal filter to your water supply. [Note: the Divine Automatic Water Distiller comes with a pre-carbon filter]
  3. Radical solution: wear a suitable gas mask when in any area that has water being boiled;
  4. Extreme solution: remove all forms of boiling water from your dwelling;
  5. Ultra extreme solution: set up a hyper-allergenic free tent in a chemical free paddock (no phones, no computers, no vehicles), bath in a non polluted stream and eat chemical free - non hybrid - non genetically modified raw food.

Easy Maintenance - top

Boiling Chamber:
Distillation units require only minimal maintenance, which usually involves draining off the concentrated sediment and other contaminants that accumulate at the bottom of the boiling chamber. It is NOT necessary to keep the bottom (inside) of water distillers absolutely spotless (especially with semi-automatic type water distillers that have an internal element in the base), as there will ALWAYS be sediment film on the bottom after each and every use. The main requirement is that a scale does not form, otherwise if left unchecked it will become a heavy scale and will soon impede the efficiency of the distillation cycle.

The most important thing is to clean away the bulk poisonous / chemical residue, which if allowed to build up, makes distillation more inefficient.

Scale / Mineral / Chemical Residue Removed from Drinking Water after just 6 Weeks!
Front View
Scale / Mineral / Chemical Residue Removed from Drinking Water after just 6 Weeks!
Top View

The above photos show the scale / mineral / chemical residue removed from the base of the boiling chamber of one of our automatic Water Distillers, after just 6 weeks water distillation for a family of three. (All of our pure water distillers will produce the same results.)

This particular residue is from one of the purest sources of council supplied, non fluoridated drinking water in the South Island of New Zealand. Different locales produce various amounts, types and colours of scale residue, depending upon what minerals / pollutants are in the water, e.g. sewerage & industrial waste; as well as what poisons and chemicals e.g. fluoride, chlorine etc, that your local government adds to your the supply.

Because of water distillation, the owner's kidneys, arteries etc are now free of such scale / mineral / chemical residue.

The photo at right shows the chemical residue inside the boiler of a stainless steel countertop water distiller, after just one distillation cycle!

Chemical residue in a stainless steel boiling chamber of a countertop water distiller

The walls of the boiling chamber may also need to be cleaned of hard-water scale and other sediment that can accumulate. The required amount of cleaning depends greatly upon the initial quality of water used. Very hard water can produce heavy scaling in a relatively short period of time. If soft water is used, cleaning difficulties should be minimal. (For your convenience we supply a wonderful product called Steel Kleen for this very purpose. Steel Kleen can be ordered via the Divine Water Distiller page.)

[WARNING: Never use vinegar to cleaning the Boiling Chamber of your water distiller. It is highly corrosive and voids the warranty! Use Steel Kleen instead, which is designed for this purpose.]

Post Carbon Filters:
The carbon / charcoal filters must be changed periodically as well, usually every 6-12 weeks; although some people replace the charcoal at longer intervals such as 6 months or even every year. The best time to change is when you notice a 'taste' in the pure water. These are very inexpensive to replace. (Charcoal can be ordered via the Divine Water Distiller page.)

Fan and Condenser Coil:
Also, do not allow the Fan or Condenser Coil to gather dust, as it causes the distiller to become overheated, inefficient, shortens the life of the machine and VOIDS THE WARRANTY.

Here are a couple of pictures sent in by a customer who claimed he has always maintained his Water Distiller, but wonders why it is overheating and turning off prematurely. As the photos indicate, the machine has not been reasonably maintained whatsoever and he has in fact voided his warranty due to misuse! Note the heavy build up of dust on the fan blades and especially the disgusting build up of dust and filth on the condenser coil!

Never let your cooling fan look like this!
Never let your cooling fan look like this!
Underneath all this dust and filth is a stainless steel condenser coil begging to be cleaned!
Underneath all this dust and filth is a stainless steel condenser coil begging to be cleaned!

Cleaning of the fan and condenser coil is very easy. When dust starts to accumulate on the fan and condenser coil, use compressed air to gently blow the dust away from the machine.

Possible sources of compressed air are as follows:

  1. Some vacuum cleaners have a reverse mode which can be used as a blower,
  2. 12 volt car tyre pump,
  3. A compressor from your garage,
  4. Borrow an air gun from a local workshop / mechanic,
  5. Some supermarkets sell cans of compressed air.

What is the difference between Automatic & Semi Automatic Water Distillers? - top

Automatic Water DistillersAutomatic Water Distillers:

  • Distiller connects directly to the water mains, e.g. laundry tap, kitchen plumbing or garden hose etc;
  • Once the unit is turned on, the Boiling Chamber fills to the maximum level automatically and the machine begins distilling automatically;
  • As the water level drops, the distiller automatically replenishes the Boiling Chamber;
  • Once the reservoir (where the distilled water is collected) is full, the water distiller turns off automatically;
  • When the reservoir is about half empty, the distiller automatically turns on and will keep distilling until the reservoir is fully replenished again.

Summary: Although fully automatic water distillers are more expensive up front, they are excellent time savers when more than 8 litres of water per day is required - as the water distiller conveniently does it all for you.

Semi Automatic Water DistillersSemi Automatic (Countertop) Water Distillers:

  • The operator must fill the Boiling Chamber to the maximum water level mark manually;
  • The operator must turn the water distiller on manually;
  • The distiller will turn off automatically when all of the water in the Boiling Chamber has been distilled.

Summary: Semi automatic water distillers are inexpensive up front and excellent for making smaller amounts of water e.g. 4 - 24. litres per day. The only real downside is that you have to fill it up manually for the next cycle / batch of water.

Extremely Economical - top

Now you are able to produce your own pure drinking water, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. Compared to the cost of buying water, this distiller will usually pay for itself in just 3 or so months! It makes sense to make your own pure water!

Our Water Distillers are also excellent for making your own pure Distilled Water for Dr Beck's electronic colloidal silver maker / Blood Cleaner.

© 1996 - DID YOU KNOW? by Dr. Robert Bruce:

Providing Pure Water in Australia
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA One drop of water has about 5 billion molecules
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Rain, snow, ice and fog are all Distilled Water
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water is a soft water
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water is generally 99.99+% free of contaminants
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water has a pH of 7 when produced, which is perfectly neutral
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water is cationic, and is a high energy water
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water has a high electrical resistance and low conductivity
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water has polarised water molecules (i.e. made electronegative)
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water is used in major health retreats world-wide, due to it's incredible healing powers
WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIA Distilled Water is excellent as a facial cleanser for cleaner pores, complexion and scalp, and is the secret ingredient of many famous skin care products. Hard water will seal the pores, much as it spots windows. (These spots are visible under black light.) Switch to distilled water and non-detergent soaps and see the difference!

"It tastes so sweet!" "Thousands have died for want of PURE WATER and pure air, who might have lived... These blessings they need in order to become well. If they would become enlightened, & let medicine alone (drugs), and accustom themselves to outdoor exercise, and to air their houses, summer & winter, and use SOFT WATER for drinking and bathing purposes, they would be comparatively well and happy instead of dragging out a miserable existence." How to Live Ch4 p56.

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
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