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Steam Sauna
3 Star Recommendation

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Portable Steam SaunaPortable Steam Sauna JYS-A2 - complete package
Portable Steam SaunaIncludes insured world-wide delivery
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~ JYS-A2 Portable Steam Sauna ~
portable / easy to use

Excellent for Hydrotherapy - top

  • Minutes to be ready

  • Simply fill Sauna with air (pump provided)

  • Fill steamer with water

  • Plug steamer into power point

  • Set timer - (10 minutes to 1 hour)

  • Enjoy - (auto shut-off)

Enjoy yourself in warm clouds of steam.

Since the Romans, steam baths have brought a sense of well being with many beneficial effects.

Steam Saunas open the pores, causing impurities to be flushed out, leaving the skin clean and fresh. Calories are also burned because of the increased metabolic rate. The energy required for sweating can burn hundreds of calories.

You can even have your hands out to read a book!

Portable Steam Sauna
Sauna held up by air (pump included)
The lady is sitting on a stool



 New!   The latest model can be ordered here

Instructions for Use - top

Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UsePortable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseCarefully open the colour box and take out all components in the packing box.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseUnfold the sauna, connect the "air input" hole with foot pump, then tread it for about 1 minute un till the air cylinder is inflated. Feel with your hand to insure it does not become over-inflated.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseNow insert the white plug so that the air stays inside to support the sauna.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseFill the steamer with fresh water up to the watermark line. When using the sauna with Aroma oil, put one drop of Aroma oil on the water. When taking a Herbal sauna, please put in a herbal tea-bag.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseConnect the sauna to the steamer using the steam hose, make sure connections are firm.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseInsert the plug into a suitable mains socket and turn on the mains. The POWER light will switch on.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseTurn the TIMER knob to 5 minutes. Once the steam is being produced, turn the TIMER again for the desired time. Normally 20~30 minutes is preferred.
Portable Steam Sauna Instructions for UseNow you can place a chair / stool into the sauna and sit inside. Zip up the front of the sauna to keep warm. From both sides you can reach your hands out to read newspaper or book, now enjoy a nice sauna at home!

Specifications - top

The PLP Portable Steam Sauna packs away into a convenient carry carton. It is very easy to set up and takes only minutes to be enjoying a relaxing Steam Sauna.

The Sauna itself is filled up with air via an easy to use foot pump (provided). The Sauna is designed with special ribbing which when filled with air, enables the Sauna to remain upright. To store away simply release air and fold.

You only need to provide 240 volts, a little water and a small stool to sit on inside Sauna.

Cleaning: Occasionally wipe the inside down with a sponge / cloth soaked with an eco friendly detergent mixed with water. Rinse off with wet towel. Air dry after use.

Contents of the PLP Portable Steam Sauna include:

  • Sauna is made of strong durable canvas covered moisture resistant rubber
  • Steamer generator
  • Foot pump
  • Directions for use
  • 1 year Warranty
  • (Seat not included - simply use a stool or small seat)

The PLP Portable Steam Sauna is an inexpensive solution for those who want the benefits of an in-house Steam Sauna, which is also portable.

Sauna equipment
Steam Generator Specifications:
. Country of manufacture - China
Green 'on' light & Red 'off' light
Built in timer - Adjustable to 10 - 60 minutes
Auto shut-off
230 V - 750 Watts - 50 Hz
Boiler capacity 1.5 litres water
Steam 40°C ~ 50°C
1 year warranty on canvas and boiler
Carry Box / Packaged Dimensions:
40cm x 18cm x 29cm
Assembled Dimensions:
115cm highest point - 90cm lowest point - 95cm wide
Family sauna

 New!   The latest model can be ordered here

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