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JUICERS AUSTRALIAShower FiltersJUICERS AUSTRALIASprite Shower Filter JUICERS AUSTRALIALow Pressure Installations

WARNING: The warranty is made void if you tamper with the shower filter!

The following must only be undertaken by a competent handy person!

Fitting Instructions - top

If you have a low pressure or 'gravity' system with a low 'head' pressure (e.g. with only a 1-2 metre head / height above the shower outlet), you can easily alter your Sprite Shower Filter to allow more water to pass through it.

The Brass / Chrome Housing has no pressure reducers, so no modification is required.

NOTE: It is mainly the Shower Rose that has the water restrictor, and as it is illegal for us to supply unregistered Rose Heads, there is nothing for the customer to adjust any longer.

Step 1: Undo parts as follows... (Take note of the "O Ring" at each end of the actual filter, inside parts 1 and 3. Do not damage or lose these. Make sure they are properly seated when you reassemble the filter.)
Sprite Shower Filter in parts
Step 2: There will now be four parts. Put an arrow on the actual filter showing the direction that the water flowed through it, so it can be put together correctly.
Parts - legend
Step 3: Remove rubber washer from part 1. (Note: If you remove this washer, you may require plumbers threading tape to prevent water leaking past the pipe and filter housing.)
Step 3: Remove rubber washer from part 1
Step 4: Temporarily remove rubber washer from part 4, then remove actual water flow restrictor as shown below.
Step 4: Temporarily remove rubber washer from part 4

Step 5: With the washer and restrictor removed (see below), you can now see the tiny hole in the shower rose (part 4) that the water must pass through. If you require even more pressure / water flow, carefully drill this to a larger size, 8mm maximum.

If you drill the shower rose, rinse with water and make sure all swarf comes back through this hole, so as not to clog the rose jets.

Step 5: With the washer and restrictor removed (see below), you can now see the tiny hole in the shower rose

Step 6: To put the filter together again, hold part 1 in your hand and make sure "O Ring" is in place.

Insert shower filter (part 2) downwards into the housing (parts 1 & 3), making sure "O Rings" are intact.

Connect the rose head (part 4).

Install assembled filter in shower and test. You may need plumbers threading tape on the inlet thread if you removed the original washer.

Sprite Shower Filter complete Sprite Shower Filter

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