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Showerwise Shower Filter
5 Star Recommendation

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Orders are usually dispatched (from Australia) the same day - or the very next working day!
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ShowerWise Shower FilterShowerWise Shower Filter - complete unit
ShowerWise Shower Filter
Includes insured world-wide delivery
The latest Sprite Shower Filter can be ordered here
Orders are usually dispatched (from Australia) the same day - or the very next working day!
Replacement Parts
The complete Shower Filter above is made of the following 3 components

Part 1: Replacement Housing / Body (does not include the Filter Cartridge below)

[Want to fit the filter Housing / Filter only (no Rose Head) to your shower? - view]

Replacement Housing / Body.  Filter sold separately
$35.00 * Add  To  Cart

Part 2: Replacement KDF-55™ Filter Cartridge (Fits inside Housing / Body above)

Suits both ShowerWise and Sprite Shower Filters

Replacement KDF-55™ Filter Cartridge.  Fits inside Housing / Body
$65.00 * Add  To  Cart

Part 3: Replacement Rose Head

Even though we are unable to supply the Rose Head at this time, any standard Rose Head with a 15mm female thread can be used in conjunction with the above two filter parts

Replacement Rose Head
$20.00 * Discontinued - why?

spacer* 1) Accessory / part only orders will incur a postage & handling fee of $15.00 within Australia
spacer* 2) Accessory / part only orders will incur a postage & handling fee of $15.00 (or as applicable) for non Australian destinations
spacer* 3) Unless specified, parts are supplied with no warranty, express or implied - hence they are offered as a service to customers at a discounted price

~ ShowerWise Shower Filter ~

JUICERS AUSTRALIA 5 Hidden Dangers of Your Morning Shower
JUICERS AUSTRALIA Testimonials / Reviews - Showerwise Shower Filter      >> all Testimonials >>

Risks of Chlorinated Showers

Showerwise Shower Filter

The dictionary defines chlorine as a "gaseous greenish-yellow element used as a bleaching and disinfecting agent." As a disinfectant it kills bacteria. As a bleaching agent it makes contaminants colourless. In your shower water it is just another vaporised chemical that may increase your risk of illness and make you feel like you are showering in swimming pool water.

"The skin, the body's largest organ, can easily absorb contaminants found in water which pass through it into the bloodstream." The experts are just beginning to understand the potential health hazards from skin absorption of water contaminants.

Health & Longevity August 1994

Chlorine in your Shower - top

Chlorine free showersChlorine is universally used to chemically disinfect water. It kills germs, bacteria and other microorganisms. Chlorine readily passes through cell walls, and attaches to fatty acids in the cell, disrupting life-sustaining functions. The human body is composed of billions of similar cells, which also absorb chlorine.

It may be necessary to disinfect our tap water with chlorine, but with today's technology, we do not have to be exposed to it. The quality of our drinking water can be improved, by filtering chlorine from the tap water or drinking bottled water. However, only part of the problem has been addressed.

One half of our daily chlorine exposure is from showering. Not only is chlorine absorbed through the skin, but also vaporizes in the shower, inhaled into the lungs and transferred directly into the blood system. In fact, chlorine exposure form one shower is equal to an entire day's amount of drinking the same water. Therefore, drinking filtered or bottled water addresses only half the problem. ShowerWise Shower Filters offer the answer for the complete solution.

Use Showerwise - top

Shower Wise Shower Filter

Enjoy de-chlorinated showers and enjoy smoother, softer skin and healthier hair.

Feel healthier and safer when you shower with the ShowerWise Filter. Say goodbye to that swimming pool smell. Breathe a lot easier. No more stinging, burning eyes, itchy, dry skin or unmanageable hair.

To enjoy a chlorine free bath, just fill your tub with water from your Shower Filter. Your shower and tub stay cleaner longer. It's also easy to take your ShowerWise with you when you travel.

Chlorine Free Showers! - top

~ Now everyone can afford the luxury of showering in filtered water!! ~

ShowerWise Shower Filters combines patented high strength construction with an exclusive patented filtration media...

Chlorgon - the only non-carbon filtering media that removes:

  • Free Chlorine (CI-)
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Lead (Trace amounts)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Iron oxide (rust water)
  • Several types of bacteria including algae and fungi
  • Dirt, sediment
  • Odours
  • Plus, it's pH balance

Additional features of ShowerWise include:

  • Filters Chlorine, Dirt and Odors
  • For Softer Skin and Hair
  • Great for the Entire Family
  • Easy installation and cartridge replacement - No tools required!
  • Self-sealing threads
  • High-strength housings
  • Saves Water & Money (electrical bills)
  • 1 year warranty workmanship & materials
ShowerWise Shower Filters combines patented high strength construction with an exclusive patented filtration media...
With 3-Way Massaging Spray

How it Works - top

ShowerWise Filter - exploded view

The ShowerWise Filter uses a patented new filtering media called KDF 55. This "golden sand" is made of a special high purity copper and zinc alloy.

It effectively removes chlorine and other contaminants including: lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and hydrogen sulphide. The filter effectively controls several types of bacteria including algae and fungi. The stainless steel mesh strainer helps filter out dirt and sediment.

The ShowerWise Filter contains more KDF 55 than most other shower filters. It has 10 to 20 times the life and effectiveness of any carbon only filter. Unlike carbon filters, the ShowerWise Filter works best in warm or hot water. Its long life performance is a breakthrough in shower water treatment technology.

Save Water, Energy & Money - top

Save Water, Energy & Money

Enjoy the benefits of a chlorine free shower and save precious water and energy. The energy saving Massage Shower-head can save a family of four up to 30,000 gallons of water and about $300.00 a year in lower utility bills.

The 9 jet massage-action Shower-head is constructed from high impact ABS thermoplastic that is corrosion free. The shower-head flow technology offers you adjustable settings from soft to forceful.

Easy to Instal & Use - top

Your ShowerWise Filter with Massage Shower-head arrives already assembled and attaches easily to your shower pipe. No Special tools are required.

The replaceable filter cartridge is easily reversed for a back wash mode. This ensures optimum performance. Life expectancy is about 20,000 gallons or approximately 12 to 18 months, depending on water quality. The filter cartridge can be replaced in less than a minute.

Five Hidden Dangers in Your Morning Shower - top

Chlorine in Shower Water

U.S. News & World Report - July 29, 1991
"Is Your Water Safe - The Dangerous State of Your Water"

  • Chlorine:
    Added to most municipal water supplies, this disinfectant hardens arteries, destroys proteins in the body, irritates skin and sinus conditions, and aggravates asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems.

  • Chloroform:
    This powerful by-product of chlorination causes excessive free- radical formation (accelerated ageing!), normal cells to mutate, and cholesterol to oxidize. It's a known carcinogen!

  • DCA (Dichloro acedic acid):
    This chlorine by-product alters cholesterol metabolism and has been shown to cause liver cancer in lab animals.

  • MX (another chlorinated acid):
    Another by-product of chlorination, MX is known to cause genetic mutations that can lead to cancer growth and has been found in all chlorinated water for which it was tested.

  • Possible cause of bladder and rectal cancer:
    Research has proven that chlorinated water is the direct cause of 9% of all bladder cancers and 15% of all rectal cancers in the US.

You absorb more chlorine in a 10 minute shower than by drinking 8 glasses of the same water!

Tests show that your body can absorb more chlorine as a result of a 10 minute shower than if you drank 8 glasses of the same water. How can that be? A warm shower opens up your pores, causing your skin to act like a sponge. As a result, you not only inhale the chlorine vapours, you also absorb them through the skin.

The chlorine in your shower is a powerful toxin, deadly to bacteria and fungi, AND poison for your body.

Chlorine - Added to most municipal water supplies, this disinfectant hardens arteries, destroys proteins in the body, irritates skin and sinus conditions, and aggravates asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems

Testimonials - top

What our customers are saying...
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ShowerWise Shower Filter 2005, April, Kathryn L, Bargara, QLD, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,
Could you send me 1 bottle Amazing Water to try. The Showerwise Filter is really lovely to use.
Regards, Kath."
ShowerWise Shower Filter 2004. Jim P, South Australia.
"I love having a shower, but I always feel so tired afterwards. Immediately after I fitted one of your Shower Filters, I didn't become tired anymore. Now I enjoy my showers again, and feel great afterwards! Thanks Juicers Australia."
2002, October. Heather J, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia©™, Don't know if you remember me but you were a great help when I was looking for shower and bath filters [Shower Filters] in October last year. I got them fitted to all our showers and one adapted to go on our bath. My sister has sold her house and while it was on the market we removed the filters as they didn't go with the property. Up until then I thought the filters were doing a good job BUT once they weren't on I realised just how GREAT a job they were doing. I ran Kate's bath, and shut the door while it filled up, when I went back in I thought I was at the Public Pools!! The chlorine smell was horrendous. We put them all straight back on!!

I am so impressed I would really like to pass the word around..."

Specifications - top

Country of manufacture United States of America
Filter Weight 24oz (680g)
Replacement Cartridge Weight 17oz (482g)
Dimensions : Filter Length 4 3/4" (12cm)
Dimensions : Filter Diameter 3 3/8" (8.6cm)
Dimensions : Filter w/Shower-head 7 3/4" (19.7cm)
Filter Media KDF 55
ShowerWise Threads 1/2" BSP (15 mm)
Maximum Water Pressure Burst Test Exceeds 600 psi
  (pounds per square inch)
Maximum Flow Rate 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute)
Life Expectancy of Filter Cartridge Up to 20,000 gallons or 12-18 months
May vary depending on water quality.
Warranty One year warranty - (Workmanship and materials)

"Sprite" Versus "Showerwise" - What Is The Difference? - top

What are the differences between the Sprite & Showerwise Shower Filters


  • Both Shower Filters are made in the same factory
  • Both Shower Filter parts are fully interchangeable with each other
  • The replacement filters are identical
  • They are both patented, despite being the same the same filter


  • The Shower Filters are branded either 'Sprite' or 'Showerwise', depending upon the destination of the reseller
  • The Sprite is beautifully packaged
  • The Showerwise is plainly packaged
  • Each company uses slightly different advertising to sell the same thing
Summary: either brand is absolutely excellent and a 'must have' for any shower situation!

Don't put off your efforts to obtain
desired health and fitness improvements

Order your Shower Filter today!!

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
Testimonials - see what our customers are saying - in their own words

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