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JUICERS AUSTRALIAJuicersJUICERS AUSTRALIAGreenPower Kempo Juicer JUICERS AUSTRALIAAccessories / Replacement Parts

Greenpower Kempo / Hippocrates Juicer Replacement Parts

The parts below suit the following models:
(Models from May 1999 onward)
  • KP-E1201
  • KP-E1202
  • KP-E1301
  • KP-E1302
  • KP-E1303
  • KP-E1304
  • KP-E1305
  • GPT-E1201
  • GPT-E1202
  • GPT-E1301
  • GPT-E1302
  • GPT-E1303
  • GPT-E1304
  • GPT-E1305

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Green Power Kempo Juice Extractor

Orders are usually dispatched (from Australia) the same day - or the very next working day!
Wholesale Price List
For Green Power Kempo Juicer & Hippocrtaes Juicer (as per models above)

Adjuster Knob / Cap - white - (for Vegetable Screen)

  • Has a stronger spring for maximum juice extraction
  • For models with external pulp adjuster knob - see Parts List below
Adjuster Knob - white $16.50 * Out of stock

Adjuster Knob / Cap - red - (for Fruit Screen)

  • Has a weaker spring for allowing pulp to flow through easily
  • For models with external pulp adjuster knob - see Parts List below
Adjuster Knob - red $16.50 * Out of stock

Casing, Upper Cover

  • Includes handle and plastic Locking Lever
  • Does not include switch or logo
Greenpower Casing - upper cover $33.00 * Add  To  Cart
Cleaning Brush Cleaning Brush $9.50 * Add  To  Cart

Drive Shaft Collar (has red seal)

  • An appliance repairer only should replace Drive Shaft Collar
  • The top of the Juicer Body must be removed, after removing 5 x screws at front, 1 x screw at rear and badge on left hand side
  • Stainless steel screws not included
  • Chute Cover stainless steel supporting rods not included
Drive Shaft Collar $27.50 * Add  To  Cart

Feeding Chute Cover - white

  • Only suits models with a plastic Lock Lever on the Upper Cover Casing (part with carry handle)
  • Does not suit models with a stainless steel Locking Pin on the Upper Cover Casing (part with carry handle)
Feeding Chute Cover $82.50 * Add  To  Cart
Juice Bowl (magnetic) Magnetic Juice Bowl $38.50 * Add  To  Cart
Multi-Purpose Accessory Kit - Greenpower Pro Kit
. For making pasta and juicing wheatgrass, pomegranate, grape, watermelon, orange, tomato etc
. Includes: 1) multi-purpose stainless steel twin gears, 2) wheatgrass screen (also for seeded fruits), 3) pasta / noodle screen, 4) Pasta/Noodle Outlet, 5) multi-purpose outlet, 6) 4 x nozzles (for wheatgrass, pomegranate, grape with seed, watermelon, orange, tomato) - view
. Suits Greenpower Kempo Juicer and Greenpower Hippocrates Juicer
. (Ships with Green Power Kempo Pro KP-E1305 Juicer purchase)
Greenpower Pro Kit - Multi-Purpose Accessory Kit $99.00 * Add  To  Cart
Motor (includes speed reducer / gearbox) X $289.95 * Add  To  Cart
Operator's Manual - 28 pages, e-book in PDF format (Hard copy accompanies juicer)
Includes: Special Features / Assembling / Disassembling / Cleaning / Trouble Shooting / How to juice Fruit, Vegetable, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa / How to make Fruit Sorbet, Jam and Hamburger Steak, Soy Drink, Tofu, Rice Cake (Mochi) / How to use Optional Multi-Purpose Parts / How to make Pasta & Noodle / A few recipes / Awards
Greenpower Kempo Juicer Users Manual Free Contact us to
request a free copy
Pusher, Fruit (Plastic with internal magnet, white) Fruit Pusher $16.50 * Add  To  Cart
Pusher, Vegetable (wooden - made of birch) Vegetable Pusher $16.50 * Add  To  Cart
Pulp Bowl (304 stainless steel) Stainless stee Pulp Bowl $40.00 * Add  To  Cart
Pulp Discharge Casing Juicing Cap Pulp Discharge Casing Juicing Cap $27.50 * Add  To  Cart
Screen, Crush (blank) Screen, Crush (blank) $45.00 * Add  To  Cart
Screen, Fruit (large holes) Screen, Fruit (large holes) $45.00 * Add  To  Cart
Screen, Vegetable (small holes) Screen, Vegetable (small holes) $45.00 * Add  To  Cart
Switch (on / off / reverse) X $24.75 * Add  To  Cart
Twin Gears (pair) Twin Gears (pair) $100.00 * Out of stock
EZY KLEEN Stain Remover - ½ kg white powder - view
JUICERS AUSTRALIAIs juice backing up your chute? Juicing taking longer than it used too?
JUICERS AUSTRALIAExcellent for cleaning juicing screen, auger, twin gears etc
JUICERS AUSTRALIAEnsures juicer operates at optimal performance - like new
JUICERS AUSTRALIAEnvironmentally friendly / contains natural ingredients / chlorine free
JUICERS AUSTRALIAUp to 5 year supply
EZY KLEEN Stain Remover - multi-purpose
$25.00 * Add  To  Cart

spacer* 1) Accessory / part only orders will incur a postage & handling fee of $10.00 within Australia
spacer* 2) Accessory / part only orders will incur a postage & handling fee of $10.00 (or as applicable) for non Australian destinations
spacer* 3) Unless specified, parts are supplied with no warranty, express or implied - hence they are offered as a service to customers at a discounted price

Greenpower Kempo Parts List - top

. 1 x Juice Bowl - polycarbonate with bio-magnet (ships inside stainless steel Pulp Bowl)
. 1 x Pulp Bowl - stainless steel
. 1 x Vegetable Screen
. 1 x Fruit Screen
. 1 x Crush Screen (for mincing - ice-cream - sorbet etc.)
. 1 x Pulp Discharge Casing
. 1 x Fruit Adjusting Cap, Red
. 1 x Vegetable Adjusting Cap, White
. 1 x Fruit Pusher
. 1 x Vegetable Pusher
. 1 x Cleaning Brush
. 1 x Operator's Manual (glossy)
. 1 x DVD - movie contains simple 'how to use' instructions, many recipes, awards, 21 minutes duration. Mini DVD plays on most computers and some DVD players
. 1 x Spare Fuse
. 1 x $50.00 Pasta / Noodle Set (optional - see here
GreenPower Kempo parts

Standard Parts Included with Standard and Pro Models - top

Greenpower Kempo Juicer with all parts

Vegetable Screen (Has small holes. Used for juicing vegetables and some fruit) Fruit Screen (Has large holes. Used for juicing sloppy fruit) Crush Screen (For ice-cream, nut butters, sorbet, mincing etc)
Vegetable Screen
Has small holes. Used for
juicing vegetables and some fruit
Fruit Screen
Has large holes. Used for
juicing sloppy fruit
Crush Screen
For ice-cream, nut butters,
sorbet, mincing etc

Pulp Discharge Casing

Precision Twin Gears

Fruit Pusher, Vegetable Pusher, Cleaning Brush

Pulp Discharge Casing Juicing Cap
and Vegetable and Fruit Adjuster Knobs
Precision Twin Gears Fruit Pusher - Vegetable Pusher
- Cleaning Brush

Stainless steel Pulp Bowl Magnetic Juice Bowl
Stainless steel Pulp Bowl Operator's Manual Magnetic Juice Bowl

Greenpower Pro Kit - Multi-Purpose Accessory Kit- optional - top

When the optional Multi-Purpose Accessory Kit below is purchased in conjunction with the Green Power Kempo Standard KP-E1304 Juice Extractor, it is commonly referred to as the Green Power Kempo Exclusive Pro KP-E1305 Juicer or Kempo Deluxe Juicer.
Greenpower Kempo Juice Extractor Pro Kit

Greenpower Kempo Juice Extractor - Pro Kit

Greenpower Hippocrates / Kempo Juice Extractor Multi Purpose Pro Kit

Pasta / Noodle Gears
Pasta / Noodle Gears

Pasta & Noodle Outlet
Pasta & Noodle Outlet

You can form either Pasta or Noodles by simply turning the Outlet around.
You can form either Pasta or Noodles by simply turning the Outlet around.
The lady above is pointing to the holes that form the Noodles.

Pasta & Noodle Screen
Pasta & Noodle Screen

Multi Purpose Accessory Kit

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