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JUICERS AUSTRALIAWater DistillersJUICERS AUSTRALIAGlacier Underbench Water Distiller

Glacier Underbench Water Distiller
4 Star Recommendation

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JUICERS AUSTRALIA©™ ceased marketing the Glacier Water Distiller in 2002.

You are welcome to view the latest Water Distillers here.

~ Glacier Water Distiller ~
makes ultra pure distilled water

Glacier Water Distiller (Free Delivery) $3,300.00

Glacier Water Distiller

Distillation far out performs all other methods of water purification. 

Hides away under your sink or any convenient location. Produces up to 36 litres of pure distilled water per day! Connects to your independent faucet or refrigerator.Distillation is the simplest, most economical and effective way to remove harmful pollutants from water. The process involves boiling water, capturing and condensing the steam generated from the boiling process, then collecting the condensed steam as pure water. It consistently produces water close to 100% free of contaminants and disease.


Specifications - top

  • USA owned
  • Manufactured to exact requirements for under sink automatic operation
  • Dual water preheating for energy efficiency
  • Automatic water cooling for instant usage
  • Dual gas elimination for superior quality
  • Largest domestic condensing surface (over 250 sq. in.) for maximum effectiveness
  • Feed and cooling water precisely controlled by U.L. solenoid and magnetic float switch for trouble free operation
  • Easy draining with pressure flush cleaning
  • Water cooled
  • Heat goes down the drain
  • Safely flow restrictor for water economy
  • Low density stainless steel U.L. element and storage tank (20 litre) for years of service
  • U.L. thermal cut off for safety
  • Only one moving part (the float) for simplicity
  • High capacity U.L. demand pump with bypass for consistent pressure to high rise stainless steel faucet or refrigerator if required
  • Compact size:

    Height 40 cm
    Width 55 cm
    Depth 33 cm

  • Post carbon (charcoal) filter
Hydrologic Cycle

Pure steam distilled water produced by the Glacier Underbench Distiller produces high quality water consistently. It is as pure as nature intended it to be.

A warranty on its major components
for your peace of mind.

The manufacturer warrantees its condensing chamber for 10 years and covers all vessels and electrical parts for one year. In addition, Glacier Underbench Distillers have been tested by the independent laboratory of Robb & Moody Chemists Inc., in Richmond, VA. The results of this analysis show a total dissolved removal of 99.97%.

Note: The Glacier Underbench Water Distiller is precision equipment, and accordingly the Glacier Underbench MUST be installed by a competent plumber, and a receipt / proof of plumber's installation is required for warranty purposes.

Warranty claims may be made void if it is found that installation was undertaken by anyone other than a professional plumber!

'today tonight' Show Anchor Claims that Fluoride is a Poison - July 2010 - top


6.33 minutes

The news anchor from Australia's 'today tonight' show opens the introduction to the clip by stating "..the truth is, fluoride is a poison and adding it to our drinking water is an evolving social experiment started 40 years ago. Now, one of the world's top fluoride experts has issued a grim warning about what it could be doing to our health and that of unborn children..."

Solution - video
Video -

Watch how easily the Divine High Speed Mk3 White Countertop water distiller /
water purifier makes fluoride free, ultra pure water! - Easy to use and very economical!
5.15 minutes
[Update #1 - 1st December 2015: includes stainless steel Post Filter Cup. Update #2 - 20th September 2016: 1 x 'On' switch]
Water Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as:
  Water distillation removes... bacteria
  Water distillation removes... dissolved solids
  Water distillation removes... heavy metals
  Water distillation removes... chemicals - fluoride / chlorine etc
  Water distillation removes... sewage - toilet paper / tampons / faecal matter / hormones as found in tap water of many towns across Australia
  Water distillation removes... pesticides
  Water distillation removes... insecticides
  Water distillation removes... crytosporidium
  Water distillation removes... giardia
  Water distillation removes... much more...

Divine Countertop Testimonials - Reviews

Solution continued...

2010, August. Ms Elizabeth & Erin Singh, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

It's only been 2 days since we've started using the Divine Ultra Countertop and so far my mum and I have been impressed. Even our cat Bella went back for seconds yesterday when she tried the water for the first time.... we stood back to watch her and she kept on drinking, drinking and drinking!

We had a cup of herbal tea last night. It was so smoothe on our palate. Last night we cooked with the distilled water and noticed a big difference in the flavour in our vegetables. This morning we ate boiled eggs using distilled water (for cooking and cooling them down). I was amazed by how clean the egg whites tasted. Prior to using the distiller, the egg whites tasted heavy and just wouldn't sit well in my stomach.

I can't get over what residue had been left behind each time we distilled the water from the tap. Even the smell of it was disgusting!

I wished we had of known about this a long time ago. Thanks JUICERS AUSTRALIA and for providing us a great book [The Choice Is Clear] on distilled water to read by Dr. Allen E Banik. All the best."

Water Distiller Comparison Chart - top
overview / reviews

Capabilities / Outputs Fully Automatic Semi Automatic Manual
Divine Automatic
Water Distillers
New! Divine Ultra HS Mk2 Countertop
Water Distiller
Divine HS Mk3 Countertop
Water Distiller
Genie HS Mk3 Countertop
Water Distiller
Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop
Water Distiller
Genie Deluxe HS Mk3 Countertop
Water Distiller
Genie Mk2 Standard Countertop
Water Distiller
Also known as here
Waterwise 9000 Countertop
Water Distiller
Waterwise 1600
Water Distiller
Divine Automatic Water Distillers Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 Stainless Steel Countertop Water Distiller - with Glass Collector Jug Divine High Speed Mk3 Countertop Water Distiller Genie High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller Divine Ultra Mk1 White Countertop Water Distiller - with Glass Collector Jug Genie Deluxe High Speed Mk3 White Countertop Water Distiller Genie Standard Water Distillers Waterwise 9000 / Pure Magic Waterwise 1600 Water Distillers
Price $1,389
$695 $795
Available at JUICERS AUSTRALIA©™ Yes Yes Yes Yes Superseded Superseded Superseded Superseded Discontinued
Electric Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Fully automatic
.- automatically turns on
.- automatic fill
.- automatically turns off
Semi automatic
.- automatically turns off
  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Easy to operate - difficult                 Yes
Easy to operate - easy   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Easy to operate - very easy Yes                
Inexpensive to operate and maintain Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Produces high quality distilled water Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autoclaves: Produces water suitable
for Autoclaves
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Smart Cycle Feature:
to prevent overheating, the water distiller
turns off slightly earlier than usual, which
extends the life of the element

Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes      
Post Carbon Filter Cup - polycarbonate         Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Post Carbon Filter Cup - stainless steel Yes Yes Yes Yes          
Boiling Chamber - stainless steel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes
Includes volatile gaseous vent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Condenser / Coil - stainless steel Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Collector Jug - polycarbonate     Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes  
Collector Jug - glass - with handle         Yes        
Collector Jug - glass - no handle   Yes              
Collector Jug / Reservoir - stainless steel Yes               Yes
Air cooled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fan cooled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Low noise fan / operation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Fan - nylon bush             Yes Yes  
Fan - carbon bush   Yes Yes Yes   Yes      
Fan - ball bearings Yes       Yes        
Materials / build quality - good             Yes   Yes
Materials / build quality - very good Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Yes  
Warranty - 6 month       Yes          
Warranty - up to + Yes   Yes   Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Warranty - up to ++   Yes              
Warranty - up to +++                 Yes

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