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High Speed Raw Food Blender
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Yes we stock this item.

LexSun Professional Blender - raw food blenderLexSun Professional Blender

A heavy duty professional Super Blender that can process any food in a very short time.

Mixes, pulverizes and kneads with multi-knife blades (no changing blades necessary.) This blender is particularly popular with caterers, chefs and restaurant owners that require a heavy duty blender.

Multi functions: Blending - Hot Soup - Mixing - Grinding - Milling - Mincing - Kneading - Whipping - Crushing - Chopping - Hashing - Pureeing...

Powerful, easy to use, quick, easy to clean yet so affordable!

> > LexSun Professional Blender - heavy duty super blender > >
Industrial Model
$385.00 AUD
Includes delivery
 ON SPECIAL - buy now! 

Recipe E-book
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Yes we stock this item.

Ezy Kleen Stain RemoverEzy Blending Recipe E-book

Easy to use, well illustrated 190+ page, colour Recipe E-Book (8.4Mb - PDF). Includes: Beverages - Smoothies - Breakfasts - Breads & Muffins - Desserts - Soups - Dips & Spreads - Pestos & Salsas - Sauces - Condiments - Snacks etc.

Easy to use!

Preparing Nutritious Yet Delicious Food Could Not be Easier!

Your blender can be used to make beautiful tasting beverages and smoothies, incredible savoury snacks, appetisers and gourmet main meals, delicious decadent desserts, and the most incredible ice-cream imaginable.

Impress family and friends with these amazing recipes that not only look good, they will be good for you!


Multi Mix Blender
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Gold Mill Multi Mix BlenderGold Mill Multi Mix

Processes any food in a short time. Mixes, pulverizes and kneads with multi-knife blades (no changing blades necessary.)

This is the first multi mix blender to sport a round jug, both inside and out. Everyone loves the way it blends things so much more efficiently, as there are no internal corners for ingredients to become stuck in. Thus lumpy mixtures are reduced or eliminated entirely!

Not manufactured any longer.

> > Gold Mill Multi Mix - Raw food blender > >
Very good
domestic model
$445.00 AUD

Even though the Gold Mill Blender was a really good blender, for some reason it did not sell very well, as opposed to the LexSun Professional Blender which has proven to be extremely popular in comparison.


Just blend it!

Comparison Between Blenders - top

>> LexSun Professional Blender - with 2.0 litre jug - heavy duty super blender >>

> > Gold Mill Multi Mix - Raw food blender > >
Discontinued - why?

LexSun Professional Blender
. High speed, raw food, super blender - up to 42,000 rpm
. Capable of most blending and food processing requirements
. Makes hot soup in minutes without pre-heating
. Grinds grain into a fine flour for making bread
. Jug sits snugly onto base - no effort required to remove
. Excellent industrial class model
Gold Mill Multi Mix Blender
. Medium speed, raw food blender - up to 18,000 rpm
. Capable of most blending and food processing requirements
. Unable to make hot soup
. Grinds grain into a medium flour for making bread
. Jug requires firm pressure to lock into place on base
. Ultra efficient smooth pulsing / blending action at lower speed
. Suits serious Raw Food enthusiasts as lower speed preserves more nutrients
. Excellent domestic model

Phytochemicals - Raw Foods for Better Living - top

Healthy families are happy familiesThousands of years ago the ancient Chinese stated that 'Food is medicine.' Today modern science is discovering that one of the most important parts of our living raw foods are called 'phytochemicals.'

Powerful blenders such as the LexSun Professional Blender (high speed, heavy duty super blender) and Gold Mill Multi Mix Blender (lower speed raw food blender) can break open the cells to release the phytochemicals. Even prolonged chewing is not enough.

Today many scholars and medical journals openly recommend phytochemicals to aid in cancer prevention.

Tasty blended apple juice
Tasty blended apple juice
Delicious blended mango smoothie
Delicious blended mango smoothie
Tasty blended desserts
Tasty blended desserts

Dictionary Definitions - top

Delicious banana, strawberry and kiwifruit smoothiesblend-er (blen-der) n.

1. A person or thing that blends
2. An electric culinary grinding and mixing appliance, consisting of a container with propeller like blades at the bottom that are whirled by a high-speed motor to puree, chop, or mix foods.
3. Pastry blender.

liv·ing (lvng) adj

1. Possessing life
2. In active function or use
3. Of persons who are alive
4. Relating to the routine conduct or maintenance of life
5. Full of life, interest, or vitality.

food (food) n.

1. Any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc.
2. More or less solid nourishment, as distinguished from liquids.
3. A particular kind of solid nourishment: a breakfast food; dog food.
4. Whatever supplies nourishment to organisms: plant food.
5. Anything serving for consumption or use: food for thought.

juice (js) n.

1. A fluid naturally contained in plant or animal tissue: fruit juice
2. The liquid contained in something that is chiefly solid
3. A substance or quality that imparts identity and vitality; essence.

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
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