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Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
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Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate1 x 600ml bottle of concentrate - (makes 36 litres)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured delivery within Australia
1 x bottle of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate4 x 600ml bottles of concentrate - (makes 144 litres!)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured delivery within Australia
4 x bottles of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate24 x 600ml bottles of concentrate - (makes 864 litres!)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured delivery within Australia
24 x bottles of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Orders are usually dispatched (from Australia) the same day - or the very next working day!
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Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate4 x 600ml bottles of concentrate - (makes 144 litres!)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured delivery to New Zealand via Air Mail
4 x bottles of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate24 x 600ml bottles of concentrate - (makes 864 litres!)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured delivery to New Zealand via Air Mail
24 x bottles of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Orders are usually dispatched (from Australia) the same day - or the very next working day!
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Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate4 x 600ml bottles of concentrate - (makes 144 litres!)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured world-wide delivery via Air Mail
4 x bottles of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Amazing Micro Water Concentrate24 x 600ml bottles of concentrate - (makes 864 litres!)
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateRatio = 1:60
Amazing Micro Water ConcentrateIncludes insured world-wide delivery via Air Mail
24 x bottles of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water

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JUICERS AUSTRALIA About Amazing Micro Water Concentrate

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Ionized Magnesium & Calcium
More than 77 Colloidal Trace Minerals
in Oxygen & Alkaline Enriched Distilled Water
Simply mix and drink!
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water Concentrate - mixed and ready to drink

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  • Why so Unique?
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Amazing Micro Water Concentrate - top

Amazing Micro Water - delivered in a convenient concentrated form!
Amazing Micro Water - delivered in a convenient concentrated form Amazing Micro Water - delivered in a convenient concentrated form!
Simply mix and drink! Simply mix and drink! - with your favourite water
Amazing Micro Water - delivered in a convenient concentrated form pH 10.50 to 11.00 ~ alkaline - in concentrate form *
Amazing Micro Water - delivered in a convenient concentrated form pH 8.50 to 9.00 ~ alkaline - once diluted
Ratio = 1 : 60 - previously 1:30 ratio prior to 2010 Ratio = 1 : 60 - previously 1:30 ratio prior to 2010
1 x 600ml bottle makes 60 x 600ml bottles 1 x 600ml bottle makes 60 x 600ml bottles
1 x 600ml bottle makes 36 litres 1 x 600ml bottle makes 36 litres
For best results add to distilled water, or your favourite filtered water For best results add to distilled water, or your favourite filtered water
Thousands of customers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India have benefited from the use of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water Thousands of customers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India have benefited from the use of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water
Thousands of customers from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and India have benefited from the use of Amazing Alkaline Micro Water The bottle is made of a non leaching material - more
There is no use by date! Can be stored indefinitely if kept out of sunlight There is no use by date! Can be stored indefinitely if kept out of sunlight
100% made in Australia 100% made in Australia


[* The pH of Amazing Micro Water at the bottling stage is 11.00. The pH can drop to 10.50 if Amazing Micro Water is exposed to heat.]

How Acidity Affects our Body - top

The acidic effect of soft drinks, coffee and alcohol:
The not so innocent soft drink, especially the cola type, is highly acidic. A dentist friend of Sang Whang (1) said that he can demonstrate the tooth decay process by submerging an extracted tooth into a glass of cola and watching it decay. Most people love carbonated soft drink. The word carbonated indicates that it has been aerated with - and now contains - carbon dioxide.

We learned at school that we breathe-in oxygen and breathe-out carbon dioxide. When we consume food, our metabolism creates carbon dioxide which our body then works hard at expelling, so we might ask: 'Why would we want to burden our body with additional carbon dioxide from soft drinks - adding to the burden?"

It is estimated that for each glass of a cola (pH of about 2.5) consumed, you need something like 30 glasses of alkaline water with a pH of near to 10 to negate the effect of the cola drink in your body. Bear in mind that carbon dioxide mixed with water becomes carbolic acid.

So consumption of cola, carbonated drinks, alcohol, coffee, or smoking, as well as ingesting sugar and fats, all rob our body of oxygen. These drinks are not pure water, as far as our body is concerned. They are actually diuretic agents that osmotically draw more water out of the cells than they supply to the cells. For thousands of years the Chinese have been advocating keeping the body in balance, so it will then be healthy and free from diseases. Modern Western discoveries maintain that the blood pH values must be within a narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45 for our body to remain healthily alive. Consumption of highly acidic drinks, such as cola with a pH value of 2.5 is exponentially tens of thousand times more acidic than blood, hence the difference from the cola with a pH value of 2.5 to the blood's pH is nearly one hundred thousand times more acidic!

Not surprisingly, the body has to act quickly to restore the pH values to the safe range.

Beverages pH (average)
Battery acid 1.0
Stomach acid 1.0 - 2.0
Wines 2.3 - 3.8
Coca Cola 2.5
Soft drinks 2.0 - 4.0
Coffee 2.5 - 3.5
Orange juice 3.5
Beer 4.0 - 5.0
Rain water 5.5 - 6.0
7.0 if collected in pure environment
Distilled Water 5.8
when tested with cheap pH tester strips
Milk 6.5
Distilled Water 7.0
when tested with a professional high quality,
temperature compensated pH tester
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water 8.5 - 9.0

Loss of calcium:
When we drink soft drinks with high phosphate content, then calcium is drawn from the bones to act as a buffer. Eating or drinking acidic food taxes our bones heavily since it ultimately leads to a calcium deficit that renders our bones vulnerable to brittleness and breakage.

We need to drink enough water (health professionals say about 6 to 8 glasses daily) for our body to rid itself of toxins. Most of us do not drink enough water and for that simple reason many people are dehydrated to some extent. For the body to function properly, it is imperative that it be properly hydrated. Drinking alkaline water daily assists the body in flushing out toxic and acidic wastes.

High acidity (low pH):
When we eat food, our body breaks down the food in a process known as our 'Metabolism'. The process produces carbon dioxide, which in an ideal condition is quickly removed from the cells through breathing, and through the skin, kidneys and bowel movements. As most of us are not really in a perfect healthy condition, acidic waste accumulates in our body. This combined with air pollution, eating processed foods, daily stress and often a lack of exercise, creates a platform for entry of degenerative diseases.

Degenerative diseases in adults:
Degenerative diseases (sometimes referred to as adult diseases by the Japanese), are diseases such as:

  • high blood pressure
  • arthritis
  • gout
  • diabetes
  • indigestion
  • osteoporosis
  • cardiac disorders
  • cancers etc.

The accumulation of acids in our body together with poor cell circulation, is the major cause of degenerative diseases, as strongly believed by the Japanese researchers. Even the following conditions can be helped by alkaline water:

  • asthma
  • angina
  • migraine headaches
  • back pain
  • colitis pain
  • constipation
  • heartburn
  • hiatal hernia
  • depression
  • chronic fatigue syndrome
  • high cholesterol
  • morning sickness
  • overweight problems
  • and heart problems needing bypass surgery

Sang Whang, author of 'Reverse Aging' says: "We age because we accumulate acidic waste products."

There are a number of theories about the causes of ageing. One theory holds that ageing is based on genetics determining the number of times cells can regenerate, or new cells replacing old cells, if you like. When that number of exchanges has occurred, you age and ultimately die. Another theory postulates that the cause lies with a breakdown of glucose, blood sugar. Whichever of the many theories one considers correct they do nothing to stop, hinder or slow down the ageing process, and none leads to better health.

That was until science, medical and natural healing expertise in America, Europe and in Asia looked closely at the developing theory of ageing and degenerative diseases being caused by the accumulation of acid waste products in the body. The validity of this newer theory is gaining solid ground.

In the Monaro region of the Australian Snowy Mountains, farmers had known for years about the longevity of cattle and sheep (2). The government run Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) had been researching for 35 years why some animals lived twice as long, and most lived at least 30% longer. It produced long lived stock. Farms next door to each other produced completely different results. Some had long lived livestock while on the adjoining property the life-span was normal. This meant the farms on the very edge of the lava flow were on a mixture of basalt and underlying granite. The rest of the farms were either granite or basalt. It was the seven farms that coincided exactly with the seven farms that produced long-lived stock. Nature's freak accident, the right mix of minerals, had produced the natural conditions of the spring water, with its rich natural mix of magnesium bicarbonate which was the agent that has been trial by the Japanese and the Koreans to attack carbon dioxide and ageing. And it had already been created by nature. It was the water. So the old folk of the Monaro region who for three generations had insisted there was something in the water only to be laughed at by outsiders, were proved right:, as there WAS something in the spring water, increasing the life of their farm animals.

We have already established that processed food like fried foods, soft drinks or refined sugars, as well as meat and dairy products are part of acidic diets, and that they contribute heavily to the build up of acid salts in the body. These are stored away from blood flow and can accumulate in the body. Physical and mental stress can also increase the creation of acid deposits in the body. Acid salts thus stored in the body can, over the years, become a burden to our body system and a potential danger to our health. Ways must be found to rid the body of acid wastes.

Amazing Micro WaterFortunately, there is an answer!
For many decades, doctors in Japan have been researching and testing the effects of an alkaline body condition, which lead them to believe that many degenerative diseases can be treated by alkalizing the bloodstream. Now one simple and effective way to achieve a balanced body pH is the daily intake of alkaline water.

Medical researchers have been looking for medicine to cure every kind of disease including degenerative diseases. None of these drugs reduces the acidity of the body. In fact, most drugs are themselves acidic.

Since too much acid in our body causes these degenerative diseases, then according to the Japanese, unless the treatment actually removes acids from the body, the 'cure' at best will only be temporary. Even if the medicine were successful in moving acid from the affected area, the acid would go to some other place in the body to create side effects there, so a treatment would require complete disposal of acids from our body. For this reason, today's medical 'science' rates rather poorly when it comes to the cure or reversal of degenerative diseases.

Growth of cancer cells
A German biochemist by the name of Dr. Otto Warburg, discovered the 'cause' of cancer back in 1923 (3) and he was awarded in 1931 the Nobel Prize for it. Dr. Warburg demonstrated that the primary cause of cancer was the replacement of oxygen in the respiratory chemistry of normal cells by the fermentation of sugar, as explained in his book, 'The Metabolism of Tumours.'

The growth of cancer cells is a fermentation process which can only be initiated relative to the absence of oxygen. It seems that the National Cancer Institute verified Warburg's theories in the 1950's; however, very little work has been done to determine the causes of a lack of oxygen to the human body.

An American doctor called Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler, is one of the very few who is advocating oxygen deficiency as the cause of many illnesses, as explained in his book, 'The Oxygen Breakthrough, 30 Days to an Illness-Free Life.' (4)

Ever since Warburg's discovery, many researchers all over the world have been attempting to stop the fermentation process through drugs, radiation and surgery, in some instances with limited and temporary success. At the same time, the Germans were trying to find ways of getting more oxygen to all of the cells. This they believe would prevent the initiation of the fermentation.

Dr. Alexis Carrell, Nobel Prize recipient (1912) (9), said: "The Secret of Life is both to feed and nourish the cells and let them flush their waste and toxins."

Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize recipient (1931 & 1944) (10) stated: "If our internal environment was changed from an acidic oxygen deprived environment to an alkaline environment full of oxygen, viruses, bacteria and fungus cannot live."

The true cause of cancer:
'The Hidden Truth of Cancer' book by Dr. Keiichi Morishita (5), explained that if the blood accumulates excess acidic wastes in an acidic condition year after year, the steady increase in acidity causes the cells to die, thus creating a platform for cancer growth. Some cells in the affected area may survive by becoming abnormal in glycolysis, and such cells are known as malignant cells that do not respond to brain commands. They undergo a cellular division that is out of control, free radical cells, ultimately becoming cancerous. Unfortunately, modern medicine in the Western World treats these malignant cells as if they were bacteria or viruses. Treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. None of these treatments will help long term if the acidic environment remains.

Herman Aihara, in his book 'Acid & Alkaline' (6), wrote: "If the condition of our extra cellular fluids, especially the blood, becomes acidic, our physical condition will first manifest tiredness, proneness to catching colds, etc. When these fluids become more acidic, our condition then manifests pains and suffering such as headaches, chest pains, stomach aches, etc."

Dr. Warburg states that the primary cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen in a cell. He didn't say what caused the lack of oxygen. Mr. Aihara talks about the acidification of extra cellular fluids that causes cancer.

Dr. Warburg was addressing the symptom and problems leading to acid build-ups rather than the cause. For this reason, Dr. Warburg's solution is to supply more oxygen, while Mr. Aihara's solution is to reduce the acidity, the very cause of degenerative diseases, and concludes that to reverse degenerative diseases the drinking of water with high alkaline pH can de-acidify the body and help prevent cancer and other degenerative diseases.


You may recall that the pH number is an exponent number of 10; therefore, a small difference in pH translates to a big difference in the number of oxygen or OH-ions. A difference of 1 in a pH value means ten times the difference in the number of OH-ions, a difference of 2 means one hundred times the difference in the number of OH-ions. In other words, blood with a pH value of 7.45 contains close to 65% more oxygen than blood with a pH value of 7.30.


You can raise your pH and oxygen level naturally.

What is important to remember is that because of our poor life styles, we gradually store large amounts of waste products with acidic properties or toxins throughout our body, slowly causing acidification and problems. Another important thing to remember is that acid coagulates blood, that in turn causes poor blood circulation around the places where acids accumulate. Hence, this can cause some organs to act sluggish and then we start to see the indicative signs of aging and disease.

Alkaline therapies
When you drink alkaline water, you are drinking water with excess oxygen, not in the form of O2, but in the form of OH-, which is very stable because it is mated with positively ionized alkaline minerals. Two of these hydroxyl ions can form a water molecule (H2O) and give out one oxygen atom. The alkaline mineral is used to detoxify poisonous acid compounds and when that happens, the hydroxyl ion is freed to supply excess oxygen to the cells to prevent the development of malignant cells. Therefore, you can see that the alkaline water serves two purposes in this instance.

Of the two kinds of oxygen, one is in a dynamic form, O2, and the other is in the stable bias form of OH- matched with positively ionized alkaline minerals. The body needs both kinds of oxygen. If you hold your breath, O2 is cut off and you die. If your body pH goes down below 7, OH- is cut off and you would likewise die. When breathing stops, first O2 is used up, and then the body will use up the OH- secondly, after which death will occur. That takes about three minutes. People with high alkalinity, like babies, would survive a wee bit longer.

Orthodox medical therapies:
Modern medical industry treats malignant cells as if they were bacteria or viruses by attempting to destroy malignant cells at any cost, and usually the cost is the immune system of the patient. Malignant cells derive from healthy cells; therefore trying to destroy one cell will affect the other cell. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments can destroy malignant cells, but at the same time the healthy cells are damaged to the point that they no longer can dispose of simple every day bacteria. Such a person may lose his / her life from secondary infection.

Surgery for a malignant tumour is perhaps more selective. However, even after 'successful' surgery where 'all' of the tumours were removed, they can all too easily recur because the acidic environment has not been changed to an alkaline one.

It is discouraging to see that cancer research is divided into specialties such as cancer of the liver, cervical cancer, cancer of the colon, cancer of the pancreas, and the list seems never ending. Yet many doctors claim that the cause of all cancer is a lack of oxygen caused by acidification. When so many medical researchers are specializing in narrow specialty cancer research, then finding the magic bullet / pill to cure the cancer is likely to be a never-ending story. They will be forever lost in a maze.

Why is there no cancer of the Heart?
In 1933, Dr. Warburg discovered oxygen-transferring enzymes of cell respiration, and in 1944 he discovered the active groups of the hydrogen transferring enzymes.

Cancer is not compatible with a healthy pH environment full of oxygen. Note that primary cancer of the heart does not exist. Why? Because blood flowing from the lungs into the heart is at its highest pH and highest oxygen level than found anywhere else in the entire body. As blood travels through the lungs, acidic toxins are removed from the system and oxygen drawn in.

Cancer of the heart exists as a secondary condition only.

As Dr Wolfe says: "The acid/alkaline theory is going to be the foundational health decision of people in the next five years. We now have the opportunity to permanently change 75% of our body from an acidic liability and breeding ground for germs, to a natural alkaline state; a state we are designed to live in before we polluted our planet and our bodies."

Cancer prevention:
Drinking high pH alkaline water and eating alkalizing food will definitely help in preventing cancer. Depending upon how far the cancer has progressed, research should be done by medical researchers to see how alkaline water may help in reversing early stages of cancer. However, since the healthy cells are alkaline and the malignant cells are acidic, drinking alkaline water will not harm healthy cells, while it may destroy malignant cells. It is worth trying. Why it has not been routinely applied may be because there is not much money that can be made out of supplying alkaline water to help reverse cancer.

Of course, there is a point of no return when the cancer cells have engulfed almost most of the vital part of the body, but then at that stage no pill or drug is likely to be of much help.

The transport system:
Your blood is our body's transport system. It carries both nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of the body. It also carries waste products from the tissues and helps maintain body temperature. To do these things, your blood must circulate continuously. Your heart is the centre of the circulation and it pumps over 5 litres of blood every minute.

Acidification of the body starts in the blood. The blood performs a balancing act in order to maintain the blood pH within the safe range of 7.3 to 7.45. The blood has a buffer pool of sodium bicarbonate to neutralize strong acid compounds coming out of the cells as waste products of the metabolism. When this buffer level is too low, acidosis is developed.

High blood pressure, heart disease and atherosclerosis:
High blood pressure pills are designed to fool your body by chemical means to force the blood pressure down. That is why virtually all blood pressure pills have side effects. Unless you are lowering the acid level in the blood, which is the real cause of the high blood pressure, everything else is going to be more harmful and you have to take the pills for the rest of your life. Remember that the blood pressure is high because your body, always fighting for survival, is trying to compensate for some deficiency in your body.

High blood pressure and acidosis:
Dr. Kancho Kuninaka, (7) one of the pioneers of the alkaline water treatment in Japan, states that virtually without exception, the patients with high blood pressure have an acidosis condition. He has many successful clinical cases where the acid free pH alkaline water lowered blood pressure.

There are several probable explanations for this observable fact. Since the higher pH blood contains excess oxygen, the heart does not have to work as hard. Another factor may be that the viscosity of the higher pH blood is low so that the heart does not need to pump as hard. A further reason may be that the calcium ions in alkaline water may be dissolving plaque and cholesterol build up in the artery walls, thus opening up the passage allowing blood to flow more easily.

If you take several deep breaths right before the blood pressure measurement, you can get a lower reading. What you have achieved is to temporarily elevate the pH of the blood by breathing out more CO2 and by breathing in more O2. If you can lower your blood pressure by using this exercise, your high blood pressure may be caused by the one or both of the first two causes listed earlier, and you should be able to lower your blood pressure within a few months of drinking alkaline water.

The above example is the case where your blood pressure fluctuates between high and low. However, if your blood pressure is always high, chances are that your arteries are getting narrow (atherosclerosis) and it will take a long time, possibly a few years, for that blood pressure to come down by means of alkaline water. It takes time to dissolve plaque and cholesterol build up, but eventually it will work. This slow process has no side effects. It lowers the blood pressure by eliminating the very causes of the high blood pressure.

Blood pressure and smoking:
According to an article from Sang Whang author of 'Reverse Aging', he tells of a friend of his in Tampa, Florida who was telling him about her peculiar blood pressure problem. She had to go to her doctor's office several times a week to measure her blood pressure. She was taking the blood pressure pills but wanted to cut them out, and her doctor wanted to make sure that it was all right to do so.

The peculiar part of her problem was that at the end of a hectic day at the office, she would be sure of the high pressure, but her blood pressure measured normal. However, during the weekend when she had been relaxing at home, watching TV and reading books, her blood pressure measured alarmingly high, so high that the nurse had to call the doctor in.

As she was telling him this story, he observed that she smoked. So he told her that the fact that her blood pressure went up and down indicated to him that her problem may be caused by the oxygen level in her blood going up and down. Then he told her that her smoking would lower the oxygen level in her blood.

She looked at him with wide eyes and said: "You know, Sang? We are not allowed to smoke in our office!" Her definition of relaxing at home meant smoking and watching TV, etc. He told her that she didn't have a blood pressure problem, but that she had a smoking problem. She said that she would have to work on that.

Blood pressure and sugar:
For people with hypertension, doctors advise them not to eat too much fatty food, to cut down on meat, and to stop smoking. Maybe they should add: "cut out soft drinks" to that list. What do all these things have in common? The answer is that they all rob your body of oxygen. Smoking not only reduces the available oxygen from your body, but the nicotine has the effect of narrowing capillary vessels. We know by now that all of the acidic foods and drinks lower your blood oxygen level, but no mention of sugar has been made.

Sugar grabs oxygen as a high priority. Mr. Gregory Grosbard of Miami, USA received a U.S. patent on improving plastic strength by using sugar. Each time plastic material goes though a heat cycle it loses strength, because oxygen in the atmosphere goes into the material under heat, creating oxygen 'holes.' As Mr. Grosbard mixed a small amount of sugar into the plastic material during the heat cycle, the sugar grabbed the oxygen first, making the plastic stronger.

Kidney disease:
As the body consumes toxins, the kidneys become over burdened with acid wastes. Nephritis, uraemia poisoning and bladder diseases are all acid related conditions, which can be helped greatly by alkalizing the bloodstream. Kidney stones begin as tiny specks; they gradually build into solid stones, composed of phosphates, urates, etc. They are another form of acidic salts. Drinking plenty of alkaline water will prevent kidney stones from forming, and even after their formation, it can help dissolve them.

In a healthy body, the pancreas produces insulin and the insulin manages and helps the body to use sugar and carbohydrates properly. The adult disease diabetes is called insulin independent diabetes mellitus.

In this form of diabetes mellitus, which usually affects people over 40, the insulin is inadequate for your body's needs. People who have this form of the disorder usually eat too much and are overweight. Their over-eating causes an excess of glucose to their blood, and the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to cope with it. Heredity is also an important factor. In nearly a third of all cases, there is family history of the predicament. Age is also a factor, because the efficiency of your pancreas decreases with age.

Dr. Keijiro Kuwabara (8) of Japan has been clinically treating diabetes quite successfully by the use of alkaline water. He reports that a 49-year-old company employee was diagnosed by the company physician as having a case of insulin-independent diabetes mellitus. After only one month's use of alkaline water, the sugar count came down to virtually an undetectable level, from 300mg / dl one month previously.

The pancreas produces very high pH body fluids, pancreatic juice, with its pH value of about 8.8. A shortage of calcium ions in the body impairs the production and the release of the insulin hormone. This in due course leads to an acidic blood condition. Congested blood vessels caused by excess protein buildup also impairs pancreatic function. Alkaline water, by supplying calcium in an ionized form and by helping prevent excess protein buildup, can prevent and help reverse this condition.

As we age, or putting it another way: 'as we accumulate acidic waste products', the efficiency of our pancreas decreases. Apparently, we accumulate acidic waste products around the pancreas, men more so than women do. Men initially begin to build up fatty acids around the waist.

Here heredity may mean that somehow in that particular family, there is a tendency to accumulate waste products at or near the pancreas first. Until we reach the age of around 40, the amount of acid accumulation is insufficient to slow down the functions of the pancreas. If we prevent wastes from accumulating by means of alkaline water, we may not get diabetes even if we reach say 70 or 80 years old.

Heredity may not have to be related to chronological age.

The alkaline water treatment will not apply to diabetes of different causes such as a damaged pancreas, etc.

Osteoporosis - every woman's nightmare:
Many women worry about taking too much calcium supplement, believing that it may lead to calcium deposits. All calcium deposits within the body have been found to be leached from the body and not from nutritional calcium. The true cause of calcium deposits is lack of hydrogen, alkaline minerals and proper cleansing, which precipitates a state of crisis, causing calcium to be commandeered away from the body tissue and bones due to acidosis.

Dr Wolfe says that when we are talking about cancer of the breast, of the ovaries, or liver, or cancer anywhere in the body, these are areas already in the grip of severe acidosis.

How alkaline water can be of assistance to better health:
Alkaline water works in two ways. First, let's look at pH or the degrees of acidity or alkalinity. pH ranges from 0-14 with 7 neutral, 1-6 is acidic and above 7 basic or alkaline. Our body systems work to keep our blood and the fluids surrounding our cells slightly alkaline. The process of metabolism - the digestion and burning of our foods to produce energy - results in waste products. These waste products are acidic. If conditions were ideal, we'd get rid of our acidic wastes as fast as they formed through breathing and through the kidneys, bowels and skin.

Even under the best conditions, a diet of largely fresh alkaline foods and regular exercise, acidic wastes still build up in our bodies because of air pollution, processed foods, pesticides, and too much stress adding to the toxic waste burden our systems struggle to eliminate from the body.

Sang Whang says: "We age because we accumulate acidic waste products."

In Asia, and especially in Japan and Korea, alkaline water is regularly served to patients under treatment. Drinking alkaline water could help in preventing cancer and degenerative diseases mentioned earlier because it helps to reduce acid wastes.

Is it worth trying alkaline water? By now, you would have concluded that alkaline water is not magic water or a medication. It is simply alkaline water acting as a buffer to the acidic conditions of the body; and we have learnt that an acidosis condition of the body is creating a platform for degenerative diseases. Therefore, it makes sense to drink it on a daily basis. After all, it does not cost more than your normal bottled water and according to the experts, we are supposed to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water to assist in maintaining good health. Your health is your responsibility and the water you choose to drink is your choice.

1. Sang Whang author of 'Reverse Aging'
2. Sydney Morning Herald – April 8 & 9, 2002.
3. O. WARBURG, Oxygen, The Creator of Differentiation, Biochemical Energetics, Academic Press, New York, 1966.
4. Dr. Sheldon Saul Hendler author of 'The Oxygen Breakthrough, 30 Days to an Illness-Free Life'
5. Dr. Keiichi Morishita author of 'The Hidden Truth of Cancer'
6. Herman Aihara author of 'Acid & Alkaline'
7. Dr. Kancho Kuninaka, a pioneer of alkaline water treatment in Japan
8. Dr. Keijiro Kuwabara using alkaline water to treat his patient
9. Dr. Alexis Carrell, Nobel Prize recipient, 1912
10. Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize recipient, 1931 & 1944

Why is Amazing Alkaline Water so Unique - top

Amazing Micro Water is Ionized, Alkaline and contains Oxygen, Magnesium and Calcium Ions that are rich with over 77 Colloidal Trace Minerals.

We must drink water for our body to regulate our temperature, assist in digestion and maintain our bodily functions. Our body is about 75% water; hence all the chemical reactions within our body that support life take place in a water medium.

We need Alkaline, Magnesium, Calcium & Ion rich water that provide negative ions to promote a healthy body, but water with those qualities containing Colloidal Trace Minerals is rarely readily available in nature anymore, let alone in our industrialized society.

Carbon Dioxide is a toxic gas, and particularly toxic to the brain. When we consume food, carbon dioxide is produced inside the body cells - during the metabolizing of digested food - in quite high concentrations of up to 1 kg/day for an average human. It is released from the cells primarily through the blood, exchanging oxygen with carbon dioxide, which is then carried to the lungs and exhaled, and to a lesser degree also released via the skin.

Amazing Micro Water is Ionized, Alkaline and contains Oxygen, Magnesium and Calcium Ions that are rich with over 77 Colloidal Trace Minerals

Carbon dioxide will react with some of the water in our body cells to form acid. Indeed most of the acid in the body originates in this manner.

When there is a rapid production of acid in the cells and the concentration becomes too high, the cells are damaged. The cells are dependent on the oxygen / carbon dioxide exchange taking place almost as the carbon dioxide reaction occurs, (the so-called homeostasis) but delays are always present, so to compensate the body increases the oxygen intake - subsequently, the increased response for the removal of excess acid - always lags behind.

Damage produced by excess carbon dioxide and acid concentrations in the body is correlated to many, if not all, degenerative and inflammatory diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Why is Amazing Alkaline Water so Unique? Today's medical knowledge acknowledges that damage to individual body organs from such cell-death results in degenerative diseases such as ageing and diseases mentioned above. When carbon dioxide concentrations are high and acidic, degenerative conditions are common, and a platform for cancers and degenerative diseases to emerge is created. Carbon dioxide is toxic to cells, and the acids formed may lead to degenerative and inflammatory diseases and is believed to be directly involved in the ageing process, unless effectively removed and the cells alkalized.

To maintain a healthy body and to prevent or slow the onset of ageing, it has become clear that one of the most important ways of achieving this is the reduction - and maintenance - of low Carbon Dioxide levels in the body via a higher pH.

To stay healthy our blood and cells must stay alkaline. It may not be well known, but it is a fact that a slightly alkaline cell condition is important for our body functions.

Why is Amazing Alkaline Water so Unique?

Magnesium Bicarbonate in the water improves the water's ability to detoxify, hydrate and alkalize. Magnesium Bicarbonate is also a factor in a number of body processes including energy production, cell growth and regeneration, and it is the 3rd largest mineral in bones next to calcium and phosphorous. It helps repair and maintain body cells and is a major component of nerve impulse transmission.

Summary / Benefits - top

  1. Carbon Dioxide build-up will react with some of the water in our body to form acid
  2. The consumption of appropriate bicarbonates is correlated to the neutralisation of acid and carbon dioxide concentrations in the human body.
  3. An alkaline condition (higher pH) is very important to maintain normal body functions.
  4. Ionized, alkaline water clusters readily permeate body cells, which mean it enhances the water's ability to transport nutrients to the cells.
  5. Colloidal Trace Minerals are well known to be beneficial to the body.

Amazing Micro Water starts with pure water and colloidal trace minerals, which is then ionized to alkalinity (charged with negative ions, like being in a lightning storm).

The presence of complex Hydrated Salt & Magnesium Bicarbonate - in Amazing Micro Water, boosts the alkalinity of the water, thus enhancing the oxygen in the water. The special method of ionizing pure water containing colloidal trace minerals with Magnesium Bicarbonate ensures a higher alkalinity in the water.

Continuous daily intake of ionized, alkaline water with Magnesium Bicarbonate (Amazing Micro Water) is important to the neutralisation of acid and carbon dioxide concentrations in the human body, resulting in a more ideal pH.

Amazing Micro Water - delivered in a convenient concentrated form!

Ingredients - top
Amazing Micro Water
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water Starts With:
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water 100% Australian sourced ingredients
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water pure distilled water
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water colloidal trace minerals
  ..which are then ionized to alkalinity (charged with minus ions, like being in a lightening storm)
  ..in the presence of:
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water complex hydrated salt &
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water Magnesium Bicarbonate
  ..which enhances the alkalinity of the water, thus boosting the oxygen in the water.
By design, Amazing Micro Water copies the very qualities so essential to proper hydration and to the maintenance of the critical balance between acidity and alkalinity, just as in unpolluted rainwater of yesteryear.
[Note: Please do not inquire as to how the Amazing Micro Water is made, as it is a trade secret and propriety information only. Thank you for your understanding.]
Made with the finest ingredients Nature has to offer
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What our customers are saying...
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2010, June. Mr Michel Lafond, Lyon, France.

I received the package today at noon june 24. I am very pleased

I wish you a very good day

Cordially, Michel Lafond"

Amazing Alkaline Micro Water

2009, September. Kaushik Dutasharma, Salt lake, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
"As the last delivery [24 x Amazing Micro Water] was done through the courier DHL satisfactorily to home [India] and the parcel in good shape, I would request you to do the same [with next order] with an instruction to specifically deliver it to home...,

..there are 3 to 4 flight changes and the Parcel being handled at different countries."

Amazing Alkaline Micro Water 2005, April, Kathryn L, Bargara, QLD, Australia.
"Hi Juicers Australia,
Could you send me 1 bottle
Amazing Water to try. The Showerwise Filter is really lovely to use.
Regards, Kath."
Amazing Alkaline Micro Water 2003. Pat L. Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
"Hello, I just wanted to thank you for bringing out an amazing product such as Amazing Water whereby I drink it like the daily recommended intake of 6 to 8 glasses of water and I feel the benefit. What is more amazing is that it cost no more than the usual cost of bottled water that I usually buy when I am out and about. I had gout and have the nagging pain and a friend of mine told me about your water and when I flew in (I work as a crew in one of the Asian airline) I bought a 600ml bottle of concentrate and diluted it to try it and I was at first disappointed that my nagging pain was still there after I finished the bottle.

My friend then told me that this is alkaline water and not medication and he said according to Dr. Arthur C. Guyton almost all pain and diseases are associated with acidosis in the body; thus the idea of alkaline water is to act as a buffer against the acidic condition of the body. My friend told me it may take a few months or even longer, depending on how much acid forming type of food that I continue to consume. So I continue to drink Amazing Water and after 3 to 4 months I realized that my pain has diminished. That has saved me the trouble of worrying about pain killer medications. I know some of you would say that it is pseudo effect and not the Amazing Water that has rid me of the pain I suffered from gout. Well, as for me for the price of ordinary bottle water, if my pain disappeared because of pseudo effect, if so - let it be, I am quite happy to continue to drink Amazing Water rather than suffer the pain I had to suffer. Yours truly, Pat L."

Amazing Alkaline Micro Water

2003. Sandra L W, Toombul, Queensland, Australia.
"To whom it may concern.

Dear Sir / Madam, My son Mark could not stop talking about the benefits of the Amazing Micro Water. Finally I told him to get me some. I am very pleased I did. I am a diabetic, asthmatic and also suffer hypertension. I have to have 3 monthly blood tests. After my last test, my specialist informed me that my Platelets were a lot clearer. I have been off the blood thinning tablets as my 4 times a day finger tests bleed a lot easier. I have also found that I don't puff at all now when I go for my daily walks. Also, I have had my blood pressure tablets cut down. The Micro Water is used with Nobles Water (Distilled Water). It has helped me health-wise Many thanks for a fantastic product. Yours faithfully, Sandra L W."

Amazing Alkaline Micro Water

2003, December. Margaret U, Morphett Vale, South Australia.
"Dear Sir,

I wouldn't have believed it! A friend of mine some time ago told me of your Amazing Water because I suffer from hip problems, that is to say difficulty getting up stairs, not to mention early mornings getting out of bed. The pain was getting to me and whilst I am not yet in the hip replacement category I tried all sorts of pain remedies for arthritis without luck. I am very pleased to tell you that your Amazing Water really is amazing, it has made a great deal of difference to me, slowly but surely it has reduced my discomfort till now I can again move freely without pain.

But that's not all. My husband who suffers from osteoarthritis in a foot also got onto it, and he likewise is now free of pain and as he enjoys walking he can once more go for walks without having to resort to prescription medicine with all their undesirable side effects.

We are now using one of your water distillers and the Amazing Water concentrate and wouldn't be without it. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to market.

Yours faithfully, Margaret U."

DISCLAIMER: This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, disorder, pain, injury, deformity, or physical or mental condition.

This information is not medical advice. Because every person's situation is different, the author of this article will not be held responsible for any positive or negative results which come from reading or acting upon the information in this article. Use at your own risk.

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