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JUICERS AUSTRALIAJuicersJUICERS AUSTRALIAJuicer Comparison - slow speed v's high speed JUICERS AUSTRALIAchoice tv Juicer Comparison / Juicer Review

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choice tv independent juicer comparison / juicer review - 2010 - 1.39 minutes

Juicers compared:

  1. high speed centrifugal juicers
  2. high speed masticating Champion Juicer (endorsed by choice tv)
  3. slow speed cold press Greenpower Juicer (endorsed by choice tv)


Cold press juicers are mostly more expensive than centrifugal models. Despite this, they usually have a smaller chute size and no dishwasher-safe parts or cord storage. They're also slower at processing and you sometimes need to cut the fruit and vegetables more finely to get them down the chute.

However, there are several advantages to non-centrifugal type (cold press):

  • If you prefer to store your juice rather than drinking it soon after making it, one of these machines may suit you.
  • You can also use some of them for food processing, mincing, grinding coffee beans and for making sausages, pasta / noodles, seasonings, nut butter, soy milk, baby food and ice cream.
  • They have fewer parts and are easier to clean.
  • Cold press juicers can juice wheat grass and herbs.
  • Their warranties are generally longer than those for centrifugal juicers.
  • They're much quieter than centrifugal models.
  • Generally the juice remains fresh for much longer.


  • Cut produce into smaller pieces so that they can be fed through the juicer more easily.
  • Juice soft fruit first before juicing hard fruit - this will help to maximise extraction.
  • If you're using herbs like mint, add the leaves in between the fruit / vegetables to get the most out of them.
  • Add small fruits like grapes or strawberries in small handfuls.
  • Really soft fruit like bananas in particular can be more difficult to juice. Add them at the start and as the next piece of fruit is added it will help the banana nectar to move through the juicing screen.


Manufacturers claim that the juice from cold press machines is more nutritious and that it'll stay fresh and tasty for up to 48 /72 hours. According to the makers, the gentle, slow-turning action of a cold press machine produces a greater quantity of actual juice, which retains more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and fibre than that produced by other methods. Their argument is that high-speed centrifugal juicers heat up the juice, which allows air to enter and therefore causes damage to some of the perishable nutrients.

This is very similar to submarine propellers of old having just 2 blades turning quickly to travel at say 20 knots, creates a lot of turbulence and heat in the water, which creates lots of bubbles which explode and is easily heard by sonar. Great advances were made by having 4 blades instead of 2, which meant they submarine could travel at 20 knots, but with less revolutions of the propellers, which meant less heat / friction, which meant less bubbles, which meant less noise - hence stealth technology. In time many submarine propellers had 6, 8 or even 10 blades, which resulted in even less heat / noise.

As cold press juicers 'press' the juice out slowly, it minimises the heat problem that high speed centrifugal juicers have, which heat / oxygenate the juice to varying levels.


choice tv has reviewed / tested (2009) samples from carrot juice from high speed and cold press juicers in a laboratory, analysing and comparing the various minerals (potassium and calcium), Vitamin C and the phytochemicals alpha and beta-carotene, to see if the non centrifugal juicers did extract or retain more nutrients.

  • The juice from all the cold press juicers (non centrifugal juicers) contained about double - in some cases triple - the calcium of the juices produced some of the centrifugal juicers except for two models (however, the levels were small compared to the RDI.)
  • The juice from the Greenpower Juicer has more beta-carotene compared with juice from every other juicer in the test.
  • Potassium was much the same for all juices tested.
  • Vitamin C quantities were too low to measure accurately.


The 2009 test was also to see how long the juice would stay fresh for. A sample of apple juice was used from each juicer, refrigerated it for 48 hours, then evaluated for colour, overall appearance, smell and texture, to test the claim that juice from non-centrifugal juicers holds up longer.

  • High speed centrifugal: The apple juice from the centrifugal juicers separated and went brown a few minutes after juicing. After two days it was noticeably deteriorating, didn't smell fresh, had a hard froth on top and a layer of sediment at the bottom - indicating a higher
    level of oxidation
  • Cold press juicers: By contrast, the juice from the non-centrifugal juicers didn't separate, smelt fresh and looked palatable and green after 48 hours in the fridge, indicating less oxidation.

choice tv concluded that it's possible that the oxidation or friction from higher speed centrifugal juicers turns the juice bad faster than the slow turning machines.

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