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JUICERS AUSTRALIA Origins Of Making Living Juice - Dr. Norman Walk and the Norwalk Press Juicer - 2010
JUICERS AUSTRALIA Norwalk Press Juicer - Charlotte Gerson Therapy
JUICERS AUSTRALIA Modern Cold Press Juicers - new juicing technology
JUICERS AUSTRALIA Matt Monarch - Raw Food Expert

Origins of Making Living Juice - Dr. Norman Walker - 2010

The concept of drinking living juice was first introduced by Dr. Norman Walker (1874-1983). Dr. Norman Walker declared that the enzymes in fruit and vegetables die at temperatures which exceed 42 degrees Celsius.

Dr. Norman Walker explained that any juice extractor that used high speed blade or centrifuge created friction heat leading to the destruction of enzymes.

Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer - 2010 - top

Dr. Norman Walker and the Norwalk Press JuicerBackground:
Dr. Norman Walker founded and opened the Norman Laboratories of Health Research in 1910, where he studied the beneficial effects of raw food consumption, and also how raw food can used in the prevention of disease, resulting in keeping the body and mind much healthier.

Living juice produced by slow crushing is nutritionally far superior and will last for up to 48 - 72 hours in a refrigerator.

Enter the Norwalk Juicer:
In 1934 Dr. Norman Walker designed the multi-step, high speed hydraulic press 'Norwalk Juicer' in the USA, and this old fashioned designed machine is still available from various suppliers today (USA) and usually sells for approximately $3,000 AUD.

Using the high speed hydraulic press Norwalk Juicer:
Juicing with the multi-step Norwalk Juicer is different and certainly a trip back in time - but it works!

The Norwalk Hydraulic Press uses a 2 step method to extract juice:

Step 1: Produce is put down the chute and shredded (exactly like a tree shredder) into a pulp via high speed trituration (Europe 2,850 rpm / USA 3,450 rpm approximately), which prepares the pulp for the next step, i.e. juice extraction

Step 2: The pre-shredded pulp is then wrapped into a clean linen bag, placed in the hydraulic press compartment and then the juice is squeezed / pressed out

There are many ways of using the high speed Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer; however from time to time some of them will result in the dreaded 'whole kitchen clean-up' scenario, when one of the LINEN BAGS or 'CLOTHS' used in the process leaks in the hydraulic press, spewing juice all over the wall, the floor and anyone in the vicinity! Naturally most people quickly learn how to avoid this in future.

You can also get soaked during the 'trituration' high speed shredding process, by what is called 'blow back.' that can occur when putting, for example, a tomato into the chute. It can explode back out at you! Or it may just squirt a little over your kitchen cupboards.

Keep in mind that this is a machine from the 1930s, and believe it or not, is still being built in mostly the same way. The Norwalk Hydraulic Press still requires skill to operate efficiently to prevent making a mess. The manufacturer of this machine has not improved it by sealing its systems and processes, nor automated it.

Even though the large Norwalk Hydraulic Press uses both 1) high speed shredding and 2) cold press juice extraction, and despite being expensive, it is still a great machine and obviously provides many wonderful health benefits.

[Note: JUICERS AUSTRALIA does not supply the Norwalk Juicer for the reasons listed here.]

Modern Cold Press Juicers - 2010 - top

Comparison between the Norwalk Juicer and modern day juicers:
If you had a time machine and could go back to say 1934, the high speed Norwalk Hydraulic Press would indeed have been a fantastic machine to own and operate.

Likewise the Model T Ford automobile was also a fantastic, highly coveted mode of transport back in the early 1900's; however, very few people (if anyone) still actually drive these cars today. The allurement of modern radial tuned suspension, electric windows, power steering, climate control etc, have proven to be an extremely heavy inducement away from old fashioned vintage cars.

Modern cold press juicers have evolved tremendously over the years and offer many benefits such as:

    • LifeSpring Slow Juicer - premium vertical cold press juicerlighter
    • quieter
    • smaller
    • cold pressed juice
    • much easier to clean
    • much easier to operate
    • are much less expensive
    • slow speed process only
    • no high speed stage used
    • no horrible soggy bag taste
    • no need to wash 10-30 bags
    • both shredding and juice extraction is via ultra low speed

LifeSpring Slow Juicer - Juicing Pineapple
54 seconds

The most important choice you can make is to start drinking cold press juice immediately. Your body will love you for it!

Gerson Therapy
[also known as the Gerson Protocol or Gerson Diet]

Charlotte Gerson was asked on September 2010: " Why don't you recommend any other juicers?"

Charlotte responded: " We have not tested other juicers, and do not have enough experience with other juicers to be able to recommend them."

Charlotte Gerson


[Note: JUICERS AUSTRALIA does not supply the Norwalk Juicer for the reasons listed here.]

Matt Monarch - Raw Food Expert - 25th August 2010 - top

'Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day'Dr. Norman Walker actually drank mainly distilled water and vegetable juices, to assure that he wasn't drinking inorganic minerals such as are contained in the majority of water sources on the planet. Dr. Norman Walker actually states that distilled water is not only VOID of all inorganic minerals, but it also helps to leach out ONLY the harmful inorganic minerals from the body, which are then eliminated through our urine. Many people think that distilled water is leaching out our good minerals because urine tests show that when you drink distilled water, minerals show up within urine. What is actually showing up in the urine is the ejected inorganic minerals. Dr Norman Walker says that leaching organic bio-available minerals that have already been utilized is impossible and he gives an explanation about this in his book "Water Can Undermine Your Health."

Just like Dr Norman Walker, in my opinion, only harmful inorganic minerals are being leached out of the body when a person drinks distilled water. Additionally, Dr Norman Walker is the only raw food pioneer I know of who made it close to or past the century mark. Norman Walker ate small amounts of food, was careful about what he drank to avoid inorganic minerals, lived in a place and time where air pollution wasn't so intense, and he practiced colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis.

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
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