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Just Juice It - The Importance of Juicing! - 2003

Would You Like To Experience Optimal, Vital Well-being?Would You Like To Experience Optimal, Vital Well-being?
Are you vexed by debility, sickness, and emaciation? Do you often feel stressed, exhausted, and overworked? If so, your body is not operating at its peak capacity; it needs to replenish its cells with the elements they lack. And incidentally, there is no better way to obtain high-quality nutrients than to drink fresh, raw juices. For imparting vitality and increasing resistance to disease, they have no equal. Supplementing your diet with raw fruit and vegetable juices is the quickest and most permanent way to restore your body to vibrant health.

Our Dying Bodies
With every second that flies, our body slowly dies. Every minute brings death to millions of cells; yet there is great news! The Master Designer has placed a miraculously restorative power within us. Each dying cell is replaced with a new one. Take the skin cells for example: about every four weeks, our entire epidermal layer is completely replaced. In approximately two months, virtually every cell in our heart muscles is renewed, and in only 12 months, our entire bone structure is rebuilt! One year from now, practically every cell in our body will have been replaced with a new cell.

The Importance Of A Popular Diet The Importance Of A Popular Diet
None the less, these new cells are wholly dependent upon the building materials which we give them, that is-the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the liquids we choose to drink. It can be compared to the construction of a home, which can only be as strong as its building materials. Anything less than the finest-quality building materials will result in a feeble and frail structure. Comparatively, health problems point to one inescapable conclusion: faulty selection and utilization of foods. You can decide today what kind of body you will have in a year from now. Will your new body be stronger or weaker? Will it be made up of living foods, or will its building blocks be flesh meats, fast foods, and chips?

Health - A Personal Responsibility

Whether it results from carelessness or ignorance, an improper diet is suicidal! At a young age, our bodies are generally capable of tolerating much abuse without apparent resistance. However, as the years advance, our dietary follies and other indiscretions will be met with a determined effort to correct these conditions, often manifested as various forms of diseases. Ray Lyman Wilbur, M.D., former president of Stanford University for twenty-five years, said: "Most people have but little idea how to care for their bodies.... From childhood they never play fair with the finest machine on earth. ... many of them care for their automobiles better than they do for themselves." More ominously, another famous physician stated: "We dig our graves with our teeth."

What Is Missing In Your Diet?
With our consumption of highly processed and overcooked foods, our bodies are sadly lacking adequate nourishment. Fewer and fewer people are meeting the national guidelines for nutrition, and in reference to this great tragedy, it is necessary to ask the question: "Where can these much-needed nutrients be obtained?"

The answer is simple - in raw fruits and vegetables. As long as we include them in our diet, we need not worry about obtaining all the minerals and vitamins which are required by our bodies. This leads to a most logical conclusion:

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables!
Virtually every national health institute agrees that we should be eating five to nine servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. But how many of us comply with the recommended minimum? Often, our fast-paced life styles get in the way of a proper, balanced diet. We have no time for breakfast, so we settle for a cup of coffee; we have no time for lunch, so we settle for some fast food; we are too tired to prepare dinner, so we let the microwave do it for us.

Why Juice It? - top

"Juicing provides a quick and easy way for me to increase my consumption of fruits and vegetables," stated an obviously precocious 21 -year-old Californian. Couple this with the greatly increased usability of nutrients, and one has powerful means to assist the body in restoring health and preventing future disease.

But besides convenience, why not eat more fruits and vegetables instead of extracting the juice? The answer is very simple. Whole foods require many hours of digestive process before their nutrients are finally available to be used by cells and tissues. Many of these nutrients are locked in the fibres which end up being expelled from the body.
Big Mac, fries and a healthy salad please

According to H. E. Kirschner, M.D., the power to break down the structure of raw vegetables and assimilate the elements they contain, even in the healthiest individuals, is somewhat fractional - decreasing further in the less healthy individuals. However, in the form of juice, these elements are easily assimilated.

Let us observe the following example: Suppose one were to eat a whole carrot. During the long and tedious process of digestion and absorption, the body would consume most of the nutrients found in that carrot. When the carrot is juiced, however, its goodness is released from the fibres and made available to the cells; thus many more nutrients can be obtained by simply freeing up digestive energy.

It is important to notice that an adequate fibre intake is an essential part of every health-building program. And since some fibre is lost through juicing, there is still a need to eat an abundance of raw fruits and vegetables.

Getting Started - top

  • Purchase fresh, superb-quality produce. Organic fruits and vegetables are ideal; however, if your selection is limited, purchase what you can.
  • Acquire an effectual low rpm 'cold press juicer.' There are various methods of extraction - centrifugation, mastication, and trituration - each producing a vastly different quality of juice.

    Low speed masticating 'cold press juicers' operating between 50 to 200 rpm is believed to preserve the highest amount of nutrients, with most pesticides and chemicals being separated from the juice and go out with the pulp.

    High speed centrifugal juicers operating at 1,000 to 30,000 rpm, although some people think this is too fast.

  • Whichever method you choose, the main rule to remember is to "Just Juice It!"
Low speed masticating 'cold press juicers' operating between 50 to 200 rpm preserve the highest amount of nutrients and are true juice extractors
  • Some raw, fresh juice is always better than none.Some raw, fresh juice is always better than none
  • If possible drink your juice no later than 10-15 minutes after extraction, as juice tends to oxidize very quickly with centrifugal and high rpm juicers, which results in you losing most of the nutrients in just a short time. The above mentioned juicers preserve maximum nutrients via a low rpm masticating method, and the resulting juice can be stored for periods of time, if necessary.
  • Chew your juice! It is better absorbed when mixed with the saliva. Never gulp it down.

Juicing is not a burden. Shun all negative thoughts about exerting the effort, and think about what a wonderful favour you are doing for yourself.

  • Fresh juices should not be substituted by bottled juices Fresh juices should not be substituted by bottled juices. These juices have been cooked, processed, canned, and / or pasteurised, and consequently, all / most of their nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins have been lost. These "dead" juices have little to no live nutrition to impart to your starving cells.
  • Juices work best when taken on an empty stomach either 20-30 minutes before a meal or in the place of a meal. In the absence of food, the body can immediately assimilate the juice and effectively absorb its nutrients. When taken prior to meals, juices tend to serve as a wonderful digestive aid - providing the body with enzymes that assist digestion.

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
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