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Juicing Remedies - Ailments and Formulas - 2000

The following ailments and corresponding formulas are listed here simply for general information. They are not intended to be used as prescriptions. Whether or not one has studied the intricacies of the human body, it is required by 'Statutory Law' that ailments be treated under the direction of a licensed physician; however, it is recommended that one visit an experienced naturapath / nutritionist.

Formulas are listed here in the order of their greatest efficacy, but remember - at least 1/2 to 1 litre of each combination listed must be taken daily for several weeks if perceptible results are to be noticed.

Some Common Ailments
(The numbers after the ailment depict the Juice Formulas below JUICERS AUSTRALIA)

Acne - 1, 16, 21
Avoid sweets and fried foods.

Anemia - 19, 2, 9, 11, 20, 21
Refrain from canned foods, starches, and pasteurised milk.

Arthritis - 7, 4, 12, 21
Eliminate meats and concentrated carbohydrates from the diet.

Asthma - 5, 21
Avoid eating or drinking mucus-forming foods such as white bread, cheese, milk, and other dairy products.

Blood Pressure (High and Low) - 2, 11, 6, 21
Smoking and alcoholic drinks are paramount reasons for high/low blood pressure. Get proper and sufficient rest. Exercise!

Boils - 11, 16, 21
Eat lots of raw fruits!

Bronchitis - 15, 5, 11, 21
Many victims of this condition have recovered after sufficient colonic irrigations and enemas. See a certified colon therapist!

Colds - 5, 11, 14, 21
Eat plenty of citric fruits and salads. Enemas have proved to be of primary benefit in ridding the body of colds.

Colitis - 11, 1, 21
Avoid eating an excess of cooked foods, but rather, eat an abundant amount of grated carrots and other raw vegetables and fruits. Enemas may also bring immense benefits.

Constipation - 6, 11, 1, 21
Eat lots of fibre!

Cystitis - 11, 13, 10, 21
Drink plenty of water!

Diarrhoea - 1, 2, 21
Nature is simply attempting to clean your colon because you failed to keep it clean, or perhaps you have just contracted some bacteria.

Fatigue - 1, 11, 21
Rest, sleep, and plenty of juices have been found to be the best methods of overcoming fatigue.

Gallstones - 11, 13, 10, 21
All starch, bread, and grain products should be avoided as well as cooked fats and fried foods. The unsweetened juice of a lemon in a glass of hot water taken several times a day for three or four weeks has helped to dissolve these stones.

Gastric Ulcers - 1, 11, 3, 21
This condition has been attributed to worry, lifelong resentments, anger, frustration, stress, etc. See a natural therapist.

Gastritis - 6, 11, 21
Avoid flour, grain, and sugar products as well as alcohol, tobacco, and condiments such as hot peppers, mustard, vinegar, etc.

Gout - 2, 11, 10, 21
Avoid alcohol and other stimulants.

Headaches - 2, 11, 21
Drink lots of pure water!

Haemorrhoids - 18, 2, 21
Avoid eating bread, starch, and grain products.

Impotence - 6, 1, 11, 21
Some consider ginseng to be a specific medicine for sexual impotence. Looking to China, where ginseng is highly used, who can doubt that ginseng is an aphrodisiac? See an herbalist.

Indigestion - 8, 1, 11, 6, 21
Avoid eating while under stress, fear, or anxiety.

Insomnia - 12, 21
Avoid eating late suppers. Try drinking some unsweetened camomile tea before sleep.

Kidney Stones - 8, 11, 21
For optimal results, the unsweetened lemon juice should be taken in a cup of hot water.

Menstrual Disorders - 17, 11, 19, 2, 21
Try drinking some red raspberry tea.

Nervousness - 12, 11, 21
See a natural therapist, but in the interim... drink camomile tea!

Obesity - 1, 21
Abstain from starchy, fatty, and sugary foods.

Rheumatism - 8, 11, 21
Completely eliminate meat from the diet.

Varicose - 2,11, 21
Avoid concentrated starches and sugars.

Juice Formulas - top

1) Carrot 8) Lemon 15) Carrot 12oz
Dandelion 4oz
2) Carrot 7oz
Celery 4 oz
Parsley 2 oz
Spinach 3 oz
9) Carrot 8oz
Beet 3oz
Celery 5oz
16) Carrot 8oz
Lettuce 4oz
Spinach 3oz
3) Cabbage 10) Carrot 11oz
Beet 3oz
Coconut 2oz
17) Carrot 12oz
Parsley 4oz
4) Celery 11) Carrot 10oz
Beet 3 oz
Cucumber 3oz
18) Carrot 12oz
Spinach 4oz
Turnip 2oz
Watercress 2oz
5) Radish 4oz
one Lemon
12) Carrot 10oz
Celery 6oz
19) Carrot 9oz
Fennel 7oz
6) Spinach 13) Carrot 9oz
Celery 5oz
Parsley 2oz
20) Carrot 8oz
Radish 4oz
Lettuce 4oz
7) Grapefruit 14) Carrot 8oz
Celery 5oz
Radish 3oz
21) * Most importantly, drink lots of pure soft water every day! (Most of the Western World's health problems are related to Dehydration & Constipation.)

Final Observations - top

  • By combining different kinds of juices, the chemical composition of each one changes so that the effect of the combination as a whole will be entirely different from that of each juice if taken separately and individually.

  • These juice treatments should be supplemented daily with at least one pint of the following combination:

Carrot 10oz
Spinach 6oz

Give God's raw, succulent vitamins a fair chance, and see the difference in the way you feel. You will enjoy increased energy, a glowing complexion, a strengthened immune system, stronger bones, and a substantially reduced risk of disease. And this is just the beginning. Happy juicing!

Juicing Remedies - Ailments and Formulas Juicing Remedies - Ailments and Formulas

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