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Juicers - electric cold press juicers

Cold Press Juicers - electric

Vita Juice Juicer - more nutrients without the fuss!Vita Juice Juicer
LifeSpring Slow Juicer - premium vertical cold press juicerLifeSpring Slow Juicer
LexSun Standard JuicerLexSun Standard Mk2 Juicer
Matstone Mk1 JuicerMatstone Mk1 Juicer
Samson Juicer partsPARTS - Samson Juicer
Compact Juicer partsPARTS - Compact Juicer
Angel Juicer partsPARTS - Angel Juicer
Greenpower Kempo Juicer partsPARTS Greenpower Kempo Juicer
JuicePresso Juicer partsPARTS - JuicePresso Juicer
Lexen GP62 Juicer partsPARTS - Lexen GP62 Juicer

JUICERS AUSTRALIAall other juicers...

Our range of multi-purpose, slow speed Juicers are ideal for: juicing wheat-grass, sprouts, carrot, fruit & vegetables, making ice cream, mincing and so much more...

  • Cold press, low rpm juice extractors - video
  • Non centrifugal juicers / nutritious & delicious!
  • Single gear, twin gear and vertical cold press juicers
  • Taste the difference with living juice!
  • Juicer comparison chart
> > Juicers - cold press > >

Exercise Vibration Plates

ReViber Plus - Exercise Vibration Plate / Slim PlatesReViber Plus - slim plates

ReViber Plus Elite - Exercise Vibration Plate / Slim PlateReViber Plus - Elite
ReViber Plus Swift - Exercise Vibration Plate / Slim PlateReViber Plus - Swift

In just 10 minutes a day, you can achieve a powerful workout equal to half an hour at the gym!

ReViber Plus - Exercise Vibration Plates / Slim Plates

Stimulate weight loss and increase muscle and bone density. ReViber Plus exercise vibration plates / slim plates gives you the power to get fit in in the comfort of your own home.

The results and time saved speak for themselves. If you're not totally satisfied after a committed 30 day trial we will refund you the purchase price!

ReViber Plus Vibration Slim Plates .
Take Action - Get fit fast!
Stimulates Weight Loss
Builds Muscle Tone
Assists Increasing Bone Density


Water Distillers

Water Distillers / Purifiers

Divine automatic Water Distillers - stainless steelDivine Auto' Water Distillers
Divine Ultra High Speed Mk2 SS Countertop Water Distiller - with glass jugDivine Ultra HS Mk2 SS Ct
Divine High Speed Mk3 Countertop Water DistillerDivine High Speed Mk3 Ct
Genie High Speed Mk3 Countertop Water DistillerGenie High Speed Mk3 Ct
Divine Ultra Mk1 Countertop partsPARTS - Divine Ultra Mk1 Ct
Genie Deluxe HS Mk3 Countertop partsPARTS - Genie Deluxe HS Mk3 Ct
Divine Standard Mk2 Countertop partsPARTS - Divine Std Mk2 Ct
Genie Deluxe Mk2 Countertop partsPARTS - Genie Deluxe Mk2 Ct
Genie Standard Mk2 Countertop partsPARTS - Genie Std Mk2 Ct
WaterWise 9000 Countertop parts - Pure MagicPARTS - WaterWise 9000 Ct

WATER DISTILLERS AUSTRALIAall other water distillers...

> > Water Distillers > >
  • Check out our range of Water Distillers!
  • Now you can make your own fluoride / chlorine / sewage (sewerage) free, pure drinking water at home or work - video
  • Save $$$. Pays for themselves within months!
  • Pure distilled water, better than filters!
  • Effectively removes poisonous chemicals and diseases such as: Fluoride - Chlorine - Mercury - Lead - Pesticides - Giardia - Cryto-Sporidium and much more...
  • Water Distiller comparison chart

Grain Mills

Grain Mills

Wonder Mill - electric grain millWonder Mill - electric mill
Wonder Mill Junior Deluxe - manual grain millWonder Mill Junior Deluxe

Now you can enjoy the great taste of natural, whole grain flour any time.
Wonder Mill Grain Mills

It's always ready in an instant with the Wonder Mill (previously called Grain Master Whisper Mill).

For centuries wheat was milled into flour with large milling stones which crushed the seed grain into whole wheat flour. There were no supermarkets for selling flour, so people made their flour when they needed it, ensuring minimal time difference between making flour and eating the results...

Electric and manual grain mills available.



Juicers - manual cold press juicers

Cold Press Juicers - manual

Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3Lexen Healthy Juicer Mk3

Produces juice from Fruits, Vegetables, Wheatgrass / Barley Grass, Pine Needles and other Leafy Greens.

Lightweight - strong - tough - durable - portable - inexpensive.

Very good for: home - caravan - camping - survival. Possibly the most efficient manual juicer ever! No electricity needed!

> > Manual Juicers > >
Delicious cold pressed juice – orange juice - tomato juice - pineapple juice - apple juice - carrot juice - fruit and vegetable cold press juice



Zen Chi Mk2 Machine / RelaxerciserZen Chi Mk2 Massager

Enjoy increased well-being by using the Zen Chi Massager / Relaxerciser Oxygen Foot / Leg / Back Massager.

The Zen Chi Massager is a very effective and robust machine that is easy to use and very relaxing.

>> Click for detailed information.  Zen Chi Mk3 Massager / Relaxerciser - Zen Chi Machine - Oxygen Massager >>

Relaxes muscles and relieves aches and pains naturally. Improve energy levels, body appearance and well-being.

Just 15 minutes use is equivalent to a 4.5 km walk! Easy to use and very relaxing.



Blenders - industrial / heavy duty blender

Blenders - Super Smoothie Blender

LexSun Professional BlenderLexSun Professional Blender

Powerful multi-mixer blenders that can process any food in a short time. Mixes, pulverizes and kneads with multi-knife blades (no blade changing necessary.)

The LexSun Professional Blender is a heavy duty, high speed, commercial quality super blender.

  • BPA free jugs!
  • Smoothie blender
  • 3HP blending power!
  • Patented Multi-knife
  • High speed blending power
  • Perfect for Raw Food enthusiasts
  • Fast to ultra fast blending speeds
> > Raw Food Super Blender > >

Dehumidifiers - desiccant & compact

Desiccant & Compact Dehumidifiers

Desiccant DehumidifiersIonmax ION632 Dehumidifier - office
Desiccant DehumidifiersIonmax ION612 Dehumidifier - home
Compact DehumidifiersIonmax ION681 Dehumidifier - compact

A dehumidifier is a must for optimising the humidity levels in your home.

Indoor air that is too humid can cause problems such as:

  • mould and mildew growth,
  • and attract pests such as fleas, cockroaches and dust mites.
Ionmax dehumidifiers are efficient, easy to use and highly portable with added features such as negative ionisers, filters, and heaters to give you more function and convenience. Ionmax desiccant dehumidifiers have also been rated by consumers as the top choices for efficient moisture removal.
Desiccant and Compact Dehumidifiers

choice recommended July 2015


Meat Mincer / Grinder

Stainless steel Meat Mincer / GrinderMeat Mincer / Grinder

Now you can mince your own meat at home, knowing that there are no questionable chemicals and ingredients added to your food.

Also, the hand operated Meat Mincer / Grinder is made of stainless steel, not cast iron.

Multipurpose Meat Mincer / Grinder - stainless steel - hand operated

The stainless steel Meat Mincer / Grinder is multifunctional too, as it can also easily make: Meat Pate / Nut Butters / Fruit Sorbet / Baby Food / Bread Crumbs / Cheese Crumbles...

There are endless possibilities - stews, spreads, chili, humus, and as many ideas as you can imagine.

Heavy duty and dishwasher safe.


Juicer - high speed

Champion JuicerChampion Juicer

The Champion Juicer is great for customers requiring a tough, reliable old fashioned 'high speed' masticating juicer.

As used with the Gerson Therapy.

>> High speed Juicer - Champion Juicer >>
(Note: Champion Juicers are not cold press juicers.)



Portable Saunas

Far Infrared SaunaFar Infrared Sauna

Incredibly low cost personal portable Far Infrared Sauna and Steam Sauna that are ready to use in minutes, anywhere!
> > Portable Saunas > >

Amazing Alkaline Water Flask

Amazing Micro WaterAmazing Alkaline Water Flask

The Amazing Alkaline Water Flask is a portable stainless steel water dispenser that converts regular water into alkaline and ionized water that anyone can drink anywhere, anytime.

> > Amazing Alkaline Water Flask > >
The Amazing Alkaline Water Flask uses 13 types of minerals in its filter including Tourmaline, Zeolite and Maifanshi stone. These have been scientifically combined to give the optimal effect to the source water...


Shower Filters

Shower Filters

Sprite Shower FilterSprite Shower Filter

Enjoy refreshing chemical free showers with these proven Shower Filters.
> > Shower Filters > >

Removes: chlorine, iron, arsenic, mercury and hydrogen sulfide etc.

When Chlorine turns to steam, it forms chloroform, which anaesthetises you, hence the drowsy feeling when showering...


Olive Leaf Extract

Amazing Immun Boosta with Pomegranate & Fermented PapayaAmazing Immun Boosta
     Olive Leaf Extract with Pomegranate &
     Fermented Papaya

Olive Leaf Extract is an all-natural product that has been used as a traditional remedy for thousands of years. Only recently has research begun to uncover the full potential of this remarkable well-being product.
> > Olive Leaf Extract - Immun Boosta and Amazing Immun Boosta > >

Today, the health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract are now being published widely throughout the world. You can now order 'Immune Boosta' directly and save.


The best water in the world comes from vegetables and fruits - Max Gerson

Video - Cold Press Juice Extractor - top

Watch the LifeSpring Cold Press Juicer in action Juicing Pineapple
54 seconds

'today tonight' Show Anchor Claims that Fluoride is a Poison - July 2010 - top


6.33 minutes

The news anchor from Australia's 'today tonight' show opens the introduction to the clip by stating "..the truth is, fluoride is a poison and adding it to our drinking water is an evolving social experiment started 40 years ago. Now, one of the world's top fluoride experts has issued a grim warning about what it could be doing to our health and that of unborn children..."

Solution - video
Video -

Watch how easily the Divine High Speed Mk3 White Countertop water distiller /
water purifier makes fluoride free, ultra pure water! - Easy to use and very economical!
5.15 minutes
[Update #1 - 1st December 2015: includes stainless steel Post Filter Cup. Update #2 - 20th September 2016: 1 x 'On' switch]
Water Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as:
  Water distillation removes... bacteria
  Water distillation removes... dissolved solids
  Water distillation removes... heavy metals
  Water distillation removes... chemicals - fluoride / chlorine etc
  Water distillation removes... sewage - toilet paper / tampons / faecal matter / hormones as found in tap water of many towns across Australia
  Water distillation removes... pesticides
  Water distillation removes... insecticides
  Water distillation removes... crytosporidium
  Water distillation removes... giardia
  Water distillation removes... much more...

Divine Countertop Testimonials - Reviews

Solution continued...

2010, August. Ms Elizabeth & Erin Singh, Ravenshoe, Queensland, Australia.
"Dear Juicers Australia,

It's only been 2 days since we've started using the Divine Ultra Countertop and so far my mum and I have been impressed. Even our cat Bella went back for seconds yesterday when she tried the water for the first time.... we stood back to watch her and she kept on drinking, drinking and drinking!

We had a cup of herbal tea last night. It was so smoothe on our palate. Last night we cooked with the distilled water and noticed a big difference in the flavour in our vegetables. This morning we ate boiled eggs using distilled water (for cooking and cooling them down). I was amazed by how clean the egg whites tasted. Prior to using the distiller, the egg whites tasted heavy and just wouldn't sit well in my stomach.

I can't get over what residue had been left behind each time we distilled the water from the tap. Even the smell of it was disgusting!

I wished we had of known about this a long time ago. Thanks JUICERS AUSTRALIA and for providing us a great book [The Choice Is Clear] on distilled water to read by Dr. Allen E Banik. All the best."

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
Testimonials - see what our customers are saying - in their own words

Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne - Adelaide - Perth - Darwin - Townsville - Brisbane - Auckland - Wellington - Christchurch - Dunedin...
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